Vlad Calus

Chief Marketing Specialist | Social Media Expert | Growth Hacker | Content Marketer

Bucharest, Romania (+02:00 UTC)Russian, Romanian, Englishfrom Chisinau, Moldova (Republic of)
$80 / hour
Link Building

Over the past year I grew our blog from 400 visits organic a week to 7k weekly with a lot of SEO strategies and effort, but primarily link building. I'd love to share any of my tips & suggestion on how you can do it for yourself.

Social Media

Over the past 3 years, I'm building a social media collaboration platform for agencies and freelancer. I live and breath social media daily by discussing this with some of the best experts in the world and also writing about this daily on blogs, guest posts, and other publications

Content Marketing

Over the past six months, I've focused all of my efforts on content marketing and LinkedIn Outreach. In just 3 months I landed 10 guest post opportunities and wrote for major publications like Entrepreneur, WeRSM, Hot In Social Media, FileStage, Subsign and soon Social Media Examiner. I can show you my framework and how did I do this.

Venting Frustration

Tell me all your problems, let me listen and let's take them one by one to see what we can do about them. I've dropped out of college and moved to another country to start a startup - I've had 100s of fights with my parents about the college, startup life and why I'm risking everything to do this - it was really hard

Mindset Coaching

I've built my own startup from the ground up, looked through the first customers, spammed every relevant community, took calls at 3 AM and 3 PM, wrote 1000s of pitches, spoke at 100s of events. I'm hoping to help you when it comes to growing your company especially in the early days.

Mentor Toolkit
over 3 years of experience

We're constantly doing Facebook Ads as one of our main strategies and I can help with building your funnel, understanding which targets better to use, what kind of posts to create.

Reviews (4)
Tyrel Johnson
1 session
18 Oct 2019

My call with Vlad was awesome! I was impressed with his background, and the advice he gave was exactly what I was looking for. I learned about price testing in a difficult marketing, and got a high-level understanding of the how/why, which has been a very big sticking point for me and the startup I work for. I loved this call, and recommend speaking with Vlad :)

1 session
8 Aug 2019

Great call with Vlad! He gave me a lot of helpful ideas for improving my team's content marketing efforts and some of the processes. It was very insightful to learn how the marketing team at Planable operates! Very inspiring. Thank you :)

Csaba Zajdo
1 session
7 Jan 2019

Vlad is really a great guy, with broad knowledge in entreprenurship, startups and growth hacking. I enjoyed very much talking to him, and got really great insights!

Foti Panagiotakopoulos
1 session
20 Sep 2018

Vlad's one of those people that you go into a call thinking you'll talk about one thing and it ends up transitioning into a completely different topic that you probably should have thought more seriously about a loooong time ago. Great call!