Vineet Sinha

Strategic Growth - Marketing + Emerging Technologies

Boston, United States (-05:00 UTC)Englishfrom Boston, United States

I have bootstrapped my previous product startup to 10-employees over 7-years before raising funds from investors. I am currently bootstrapping my next one.

Technology and tools

I have been building Voice Based Apps/Bots and helping my employers customers rethink their businesses around them. These include Alexa, Google Home, and smart phone based.

Mentor Toolkit
over 9 years of experience

I have built multiple applications in NodeJS for employers. These include an analytics platform, an open-source framework, as well as a MEAN stack (Mongo Express Angular Node) based app.

over 21 years of experience

Set it up for my companies as well as clients. The primary use case has been for marketing functions (including homepage and blogging) but has also included membership sites and basic commerce.

Reviews (5)
Peter Antonov
1 session
20 May 2021

Vineet is a technologist, PhD in Computer Science, and a futuristic leader in Tech Innovation in the US. So I knew I'll be meeting an extremely smart individual! What surprised me, however... is how well developed his right brain was as well as his left brain! He has absolutely no problem using his knowledge to creatively brainstorm many permutations to go about a specific problem even assigning weight to each variable FOR MY SPECIFIC STAGE. This is definitely one of the smartest and kindest people I've met (he has both qualities at the same time). Very happy and lucky to know him!

Islem Rekik
1 session
3 Dec 2020

Excellent meeting with Vineet and lots of take-home messages! I gained a clearer vision of my start-up following our meeting. Thanks for sharing all the great tips and for the amazing practical feedback!

Jon Medlock
1 session
12 Nov 2020

Great chatting with Vineet! He was incredibly helpful and understood exactly what I'm trying to build. He was able to offer some really valuable advice and I have plenty to be going away and thinking about. Looking forward to keeping him in the loop and catching up again before too long!

Spyros Tsoukalas
1 session
7 May 2020

One of my best sessions. Vineet provided actionable advice and ideas, took time and understood our product and situation, and even shared perspectives that we hadn't thought till now. I highly recommend him. Book with him right away.

Oseitofo Amedu
2 sessions
19 Dec 2019

We chatted for a whole hour. Gave candid advice about technology and hiring tech talents and took the time to send me follow up messages.