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Implemented SEO practices thanks to technology, some results going over 200% SEO growth year over year. It isn't only about the keywords and link building strategy, but how the products and pages are being built, their structures and the hacks to make the pages rank higher.

Marketing Automation

I have built Marketing Platforms with some of the top technology advertisers in the industry. From creating dynamic ads at scale, automating entire workflows and processes to building time sensitive alphas with Facebook or Google.

Mindset Coaching

I'm a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner, I coach entrepreneurs on changing their mindset through different techniques. Whether to get over fear of public speaking in front of a large audience, setting goals that stick or approaching challenges to find new solutions through specific questioning techniques.

Technology and Tools

I've built some of the most innovative product in the Marketing Technology and Travel space. From an engineering team of 2 to 9. I've experienced and tested on Lean Methodology, Agile Approach with Scientific Mindset, always. I've pioneering Meta Search Products for the Vacation Rental Space with Google, Trivago and Kayak. I've built World-class SEM, Social Media & Display Products with Google, Facebook and other Partners.

Mentor Toolkit
Google Tag Manager
over 3 years of experience

Google Analytics lets you measure your advertising ROI as well as track your Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications. Use GTAG on over 10+ brands to manage the white-labelled site, rebrands and managing over 6 figures budget.

over 3 years of experience

SEMrush is the go-to SEO tool for SEO optimization for both SEO managers and product teams to build the right solutions. In general, if you're interested in optimizing your site through SEO I can help not only from a keyword perspective but from a product and engineering perspective. While keywords matter if you do not have the correct structure and optimizations for SEO on your site, it is as good as pointing your finger in the air.

over 4 years of experience

I have built entire teams reports with data science teams to enable key operational teams to executive faster and better with the most appropriate data they needed.

over 2 years of experience

Worked with Sales team to automation and optimize lead generation, lead capture and tracking. Common goals are to make sure we can track back the channels that brought in the leads, as well as which leads are the most qualified. Leverage the SalesForce platform to create an automated lead qualification enabling the sales team to focus on the leads with the most considerable estimated revenue. Automation cross-platform (website, landing page capture, typeforms, etc...)

over 6 years of experience

Used asana with teams for project management, with product teams for roadmaps, engineers for product management (lean approach with scrum and kanban), automating entire marketing processes (brand marketing, SEO, content, project management, stakeholder, product, engineering, creative team).

over 2 years of experience

Hotjar is one of our best practice to install with new sites. It's necessary to understand users behaviors, what matters to them, and coupled with User Research can be a very effective tool to create new hypothesis and tests. I've improved conversion rates by over 15% on landing pages using this approach. While Hotjar is heavy on your website speed, after working with many clients and multiple sites, I've worked out a setup and process to reduce speed impact.

over 4 years of experience

Experienced in building wordpress sites and landing pages for speed, and heavy amount of traffic towards lead capture and e-commerce conversions. From plugins, to CRO, tracking to pixel capabilities without engineers being involved. To providing clear indications to engineers to optimize data, speed, stability.

over 6 years of experience

Automate entire tech teams through Zapier. Implemented key automations in million dollars startups, companies as well as smaller ones including automation of leads capture and push through databases (SF, typeform, sheets, etc..)

over 2 years of experience

Segment is a tremendous tool for world-class data collection and marketing automations without the budget of Billion dollars companies. Coming from a top tech company I've had experience going around Segment limitations and challenges to fit startups specific requirements and needs. Combining Segment with other tools such as GTAG.

over 6 years of experience

Jira/Trello/Product or Project Management Tools. I have built products on both agile for Scrum and Kanban methods managing from small to bigger teams of engineers. I can help you get the best set up that will work for your team to deliver better, faster within proven frameworks.

Google Analytics
over 8 years of experience

I have been using Google Analytics for a long time. I can help you with Traffic Channel Analysis, Goal Conversion, Ads Analysis (Keywords, Facebook, etc...)

over 10 years of experience

I have built entire tableau analysis with data science teams to enable key operational teams to executive faster and better with the most appropriate data they needed.

over 5 years of experience

Facebook is one of the most efficient ways to advertise online. I have built some of the most innovative products on Facebook including Betas. Retail & Travel specific products. Think DAT, DPA, ...

over 7 years of experience

Managed and grew 8 Figures Budgets Portfolio. Worked on some of the most advanced Alpha and Beta Products provided by Google. I've been helping startups with very small budgets on optimising their landing page and ads to get the most out of their small budgets.

Reviews (14)
lauren casgren-tindall
1 session
20 Aug 2020

Vince was friendly, patient and helpful. He had great, actionable ideas to help me define my process.

Weina Scott
3 sessions
17 Aug 2020

Great job!

Phani Kumar Yadavilli
1 session
7 Aug 2020

Vince was fabulous. He helped me get a different perspective w.r.t UI/UX and design. Overall I got great insights. Thanks to Vince.

David Kellerman
1 session
9 Jul 2020

Short, but very valuable chat. Vince is fast and agile, and provides indepth, practical detail to the question I had on a no-code solution . He even offered me to send him some questions by e-mail for further analysis.

Tam Nguyen
2 sessions
2 Jul 2020

Vince gave me so much valuable insights to analyze data with Google Analytics and show his mindset in using the data to help with marketing. He also taught me some context of how data might be incorrectly recorded and how to debug it. It's super inspiring. I highly recommend him :)

Mark Cann
1 session
29 Jun 2020

Vince was a super helpful mentor, expert on building ecom brands and some great tactical advice around growing our instagram account.

Canberk Arslan
2 sessions
29 Jun 2020

It doesn't matter if you have questions from very basic to advanced. Vince has strong insights, knowledge, and recommendations at every level of your business growth. He patiently answered every question I had in mind and does not hesitate to extend the call for more tips. Thanks for the great session again!

Weina Scott
3 sessions
18 Jun 2020

Talking to Vince was mind-blowing. He has so many good ideas. It was a great conversation. He is very smart. I learned a lot. He is really good at what he does.

Shubham Sharma
1 session
15 Jun 2020

Vincent is an amazing mentor, he is straight to point gives of actionnable advice take clear examples which resonates with me I definitely recommend Vincent as a mentor

Canberk Arslan
2 sessions
15 Jun 2020

Amazing session with Vince. He was highly eager to help me and answer all of my questions. I am definitely going to take another session. Don't think twice if you have any questions and need support regarding your affiliate program.

Sammy James
1 session
24 May 2020

Vince knows a lot things about a lot of things. He gave me practical advice on the issue I am currently struggling with regard to onboarding new free trials. Very patient and insightful. I hope to have another chance to explore more topics with Vince. Highly recommend Vince - he knows his stuff!

Tina Louise
1 session
21 May 2020

Vince was patient and very creative when coming up with a solution for my automation - he surely know what he’s talking about! Highly recommend his friendliness and willingness to help.

1 session
18 May 2020

Vincent was really impressive in the way he was able to explain various paths I can take to grow my magazine. I was able to take a bucketful of action items to implement, track, and measure in the coming weeks and months. I would recommend him to anyone looking for growth ideas.

Victor Seth Hansen
1 session
17 May 2020

The session with Vince was amazing. We had initially scheduled 30 min, but he ended up staying on the call for 1 hour and 15 min showing me how to optimize my current system using Airtable. Would strongly recommend to anyone who needs help with systems building, Airtable and automation!