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Digital Strategist & Trainer - Passionate about Content Marketing and CRO

Sofia, Bulgaria (+02:00 UTC)Englishfrom Sofia, Bulgaria
Content Marketing

Building a sustainable content strategy that drives results is no easy feat, but I've helped dozens of companies do just that. Together we can discuss your target audience, build your personas, and use smart ways to find the right content topics, formats, and channels. Once the plan is there, I can give you battle-tested advice on long-form copywriting, optimization, reusing content, distribution, and measurement.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

I have experience with different user flows and funnels, short or long. I've helped companies increase signups, improve checkout flows, boost up ad efficiency by revamping key landing pages. Based on hundreds of experiments carried out to date, I can help you find the best solution for tracking, test setup, messaging, or user flow.

PPC Strategies

I've worked with companies across different industries and budget sizes. I can help you make the right choices about investing in social ads (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Quora, Reddit), Google Search, and Display (GDN, YouTube) - no matter if you spend $200 or $50K a month. Ad setup is not the only thing you need to pay attention to - we can dig into the whole funnel and optimize the full customer journey.

Social Media

I create winning social media plans based on a couple of components: engaging content, effective copywriting, deep understanding of target audiences, and substantial knowledge of the specifics that make Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and Quora so different from each other.

Product Market Fit

Over the years, and with lots of trial and error, I've developed a framework that covers the first steps of achieving product market fit. This starts with detailed audience analysis and building data-driven buyer personas. It's not just the numbers you can find online - but also conducting interviews and surveys to get to your customer's Why. I use this as a basis for creating a value proposition that aligns your offer with your potential users' pains.

Mentor Toolkit
10 years of experience

I've been a long time Buffer user and it can do wonders for small teams that want to scale content production on social media. An NGO's whole content process relies on a Trello + Buffer Zapier integration which lets us be consistent with content, although we work solely with volunteer content creators.

5 years of experience

Hotjar is one of the first things we install with new clients - I use it to get some behavioral data and see how we can improve landing pages. Recently, we got a 3x increase in conversion rate on a client landing page based on insights from Hotjar alone.

5 years of experience

Another great landing page builder, I've used Instapages with clients that need some standard functionalities and need a simpler tool to do that. You can leave your developers at peace and get landing pages out quicker.

4 years of experience

The beauty of Quora is that it gives you very detailed targeting options - something indispensable for niche businesses. I've found it especially helpful as a way of promoting content that then serves as a qualification method for new visitors.

5 years of experience

Unbounce is my favorite landing page builder as it provides even more options to do advanced stuff like adding scripts to your pages. It provides a lot of options for quick and dirty A/B testing of landing pages, so you can see what sticks and improve your user journey.

4 years of experience

The business platform works better when you have a high CLV to cover the expense. Clicks aren't cheap, but they can get you a highly qualified audience - especially if you're in B2B or provide business-oriented services.

4 years of experience

I've done quite a lot of tests on Twitter and while it lacks the expansive reach of Facebook, it's still a great tool to get people to your content. Click campaigns have done wonders for attracting cheap traffic to a site, which we qualify and remarket to in other channels later. There are a lot of other possibilities with Twitter, as well.

10 years of experience

If it's an ad format and it's on Facebook, then I've probably done it. I follow closely the newest developments on the platform and help my clients promote content, get leads, and acquire conversions through Facebook.

8 years of experience

I work on Google Ads projects for quite a few clients and we cover the full spectrum from awareness building to intent-driven campaigns to remarketing. I still prefer Search campaigns, but I have my fair share of GDN and video campaigns, too.

3 years of experience

Intercom is a favorite company of mine and their tools are well thought out and very helpful. I've created onboarding and retention flows for customers, worked on re-engagement campaigns and set up ways for triaging support requests.

Google Analytics
8 years of experience

I'm a data nerd and although Google Analytics falls short for some projects, it's still the best tool to start measuring. I've worked on the technical setup and troubleshooting, as well as the day to day use of GA to uncover insights. And I love it!

2 years of experience

I started using Ahrefs recently but it's a tool that has become a part of my daily work stack. I use it to discover content opportunities and build detailed content plans for clients - as well as to do a basic health check on technical SEO.

Google Data Studio
4 years of experience

I'm a great fan of Data Studio as you can easily create charts that bring data to life and keep your team on the same page. I use it extensively with clients to prepare reports and funnel dashboards that reveal what's working and what needs improvement.

Bare Metrics
3 years of experience

Baremetrics is an indispensable tool for a SaaS business in order to understand key growth metrics. I have used it over the past couple of years to follow the growth of SaaS businesses, so I have a good idea where it can be helpful and where it falls short.

8 years of experience

I have worked with Mailchimp on a number of projects with clients, not just sending one-offs, but creating automation flows based on different behavioral triggers.

Digital Strategist

Enhancv helps you highlight your achievements, attitude, and personality to stand out and feel proud. The company has been featured at Forbes, Business Insider, Inc. Magazine, Lifehacker, The Hill. As part of my work there, I led the implementation of a full measurement strategy and helped implement the data-driven approach for the whole team. I set up and led the first growth experimentation process in the company. Together with a colleague, we planned and executed an extensive customer research project through the Jobs-to-be-done methodology and implemented the findings in a product repositioning.

Marketing & Communications Manager

I worked on the general communication and marketing strategy of the content reader Inoreader. Together with the Product Lead, we developed a product tour presenting key features to new users. As the sole in-house marketer, I communicated the launch of 4 key new platform features and created content that showcases features through everyday use cases close to the target audience. During my time with the company, the user base scaled to 300,000 users.

Marketing Manager
Sofia, Bulgaria

Over the course of 3 years, I developed the overall marketing strategy, marketing actions, and programs for the biggest leisure product e-tailer in Bulgaria. I managed all marketing budgets and a team of 5 content managers and 1 designer. At the start of my work there, I created marketing campaigns leading the expansion of the company portfolio from 3 to 14 product categories and worked on key initiatives of a major rebranding.

Digital Strategist, Trainer & Speaker
- present

As an independent digital strategist, I'm working with brands primarily in e-commerce to SaaS. I build digital strategies through hands-on customer research, data-driven persona building, and competitive auditing. As a resident trainer at Software University in Bulgaria, I've taught more than 2,000 students in Content Marketing, Copywriting, and Marketing Analytics. I've participated in more than 10 international events as a speaker on topics including measurement, content marketing, growth, and more. My blog articles have been featured as a 'Must Read' on

Content Marketing University Accredited
Content Marketing Institute

Finished the Content Marketing University training.

Growth Hacking
Growth Tribe Academy

Finished the 6-week Growth Hacking evening course

Google Analytics Certified

Google Analytics Academy Certification

Google Ads Qualified Individual
Google Academy for Ads

AdWords Search, AdWords Display, AdWords Mobile, AdWords Shopping, AdWords Video

Inbound Marketing Certification

Certification in Inbound Marketing

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Reviews (11)
Konstantinos Gkovedaros
1 session
11 Feb 2020

A great helper that gave out several directions on which i can go to. Many, many thanks.

Jacob Elbaum
1 session
11 Feb 2020

My meeting with Vassilena went great! We were a bit limited on time to discuss the relevant topics since it got a bit technical and was mostly trying to solve a problem in my technical setup for google tag manager and google analytics. However, despite the limitations, she did give me 2 tips that I didn't even think of, and it was much appreciated. She's really nice, clearly knowledgeable, and I highly recommend speaking with her to anyone needing help with their analytics or tag manager setup! :)

2 sessions
5 Feb 2020

Vassilena was very clear in her responses, she gave me simple, achievable tasks to carry out and made something that had felt impossible feel very manageable. Thank you so much!

Shalin TJ
1 session
5 Feb 2020

Had an outstanding session with Vass. She is highly experienced & qualified and comes on the call without pretentiousness. She asked some really important questions and suggested the direction I should explore further. Vass is a great listener and she patiently tried to understand the problem I'm trying to solve. Just book a session with her. You will find immense value.

Stasia Avet
1 session
31 Jan 2020

Vassilena was not only professional and helpful but also open, friendly and just pleasant to talk to. Before the session, she had taken some time to get prepared for the talk, had asked me questions helping her understand my issues better, and during the session, I didn't need to spend time explaining her the matter from scratch – Vassilena was ready for a full-fledged discussion right away. Highly recommended for getting pro advice on content-marketing.

Maria Sirotkina
1 session
31 Jan 2020

Vassilena has experience and knowledge overlapping with my sector (e-learning, for this specific case), so this definitely helped to get some common ground. Good conversation, thanks!

Liv Wu
1 session
18 Dec 2019

Vassilena was very encouraging and gave practical tips on implementation, thank you!

Carlos Courtney
2 sessions
11 Nov 2019

I implemented what Vassilena recommended for Facebook campaigns and started seeing results pretty quickly! She's a great mentor. I highly recommend booking a call with her.

Jonathan Strutt
1 session
7 Oct 2019

Vassilena gave lots of great and actionable tips on improving content marketing ROI. Her expertise was clear and I feel much more comfortable about my project after our meeting. I also now have actionable steps to take that I can monitor and report on, thanks to her. I'm confident that our meeting will give our content a big boost! I highly recommend anyone struggling with content marketing to talk with Vassilena, as I'm sure she can help you.

Meet Chopra
1 session
11 Sep 2019

I had a really nice session on content marketing, specially blogging. I also got some good pointers for my landing page. I'm more clear on the question I had. A nice session and a great mentor :)

Mark Patchett
1 session
10 Sep 2019

Vassy is an extremely knowledgeable marketer. She had some great ideas that put a fresh perspective on my approach. Thanks!