Trent Waskey

Director of Marketing

Leesburg, VA, United States of America (-05:00 UTC)from Washington, DC, United States of America
Technology and Tools

Tools can be both a blessing and a cure to marketers. I'll help you build a system to automate time-consuming daily tasks, find actionable data from your efforts, and create a marketing stack that works seamlessly together.


To me, SEO is both an art and a science. While technical optimization is table-stakes, content strategy is the true driver of long term success. I'll help you build a process to discover interests, write content, and rank for valuable industry keywords that ultimately convert.

PPC Strategies

I've managed eight-figure spend across Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Twitter. I like to work from an LTV based, bottoms-up model to determine the buying strategy. I regularly run campaigns with 10-20x ROI.

Mentor Toolkit
over 3 years of experience

Every marketer NEEDS to know Zapier! There is no end to the use-cases I've found for it. Everything from automating leads into a CRM, to building complex bots inside Slack to manage website tickets, lead attribution, and so so much more! I consider myself a power user, often building custom integrations and using the API.

over 5 years of experience

SEMRush is one of my favorite SEO tools along with Moz. I've mostly used it to track the technical health of sites, research keywords, and competition, and manage the ranking and promotion of new content. I think other tools are better suited to manage paid advertising/Google Ads spend.

over 3 years of experience

Intercom (or Drift) is a must-use for any marketer. I've utilized most, if not all of the features across all use-cases: email marketing/campaigns, live chat/bots, product walkthrough, and support documentation.

over 3 years of experience

Autopilot is one of my favourite marketing automation platforms. I've built out many journeys across every part of the funnel: lead acquisition, customer onboarding, referral, and client retention. I also have experience using the API for more advanced functionality.

Google Webmaster Tools
over 6 years of experience

Using Google Search Console, or webmaster tools is foundational for all SEO work. I have experience with all the usual use-cases like submitting sitemaps, research spam actions, disavowing backlinks, tracking keyword rankings, and verifying mobile compatibility.

over 5 years of experience

Pipedrive is my favorite CRM! I've built out an entire instance from the ground up to manage $50m+ in pipeline for a B2B startup. This included setting up pipes, integrations, automation, rules, and internal adoption processes.

Google Tag Manager
over 5 years of experience

I implement Google Tag Manager in almost every web project I run. I have the most experience with building custom triggers to fire conversion events for Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Insights, Google Ads/Doubleclick, etc.

Google Data Studio
over 3 years of experience

I've used data studio for everything from SEO dashboards, to social-media influencer tracking. In particular, I have experience with the Salesforce integration, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Search Console, and SQL database.

over 7 years of experience

Love it or hate it, Salesforce is everywhere. I've built dashboards, automation, advanced reporting, and integrations that support $20m+ in sales pipeline. Also have created internal processes for data hygiene, lead assignment, and lead flow.

Director of Marketing
Metricly (acquired)
Reston, United States of America
- present

Metricly is a B2B SaaS that helps organizations monitor and manage mission-critical workloads in the cloud. Notable stats: improved inbound LTV/CAC from 1.3 to 3.9, increased inbound signups by 300% in 6 months, developed content publication now contributing 70% of overall SEO traffic and signups, managed 600k+ advertising spend.

Co-founded Startup
Jan 2015 -

Co-founded and ran marketing for a startup that is transforming how people work in open office environments.

Reviews (1)
Sheldon Chi
1 session
7 Jan 2020

Trent was great. He helped me sort out how to get started and even shared with framework to think about the whole strategy.