Tony Freed

Founder of Binterly

Eilat, Israel (+02:00 UTC)English, Russian, Hebrewfrom Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation
$50 / hour
Venting Frustration

I feel you. I'm a solo founder, I was a remote consultant and remote co-founder. It's lonely and hard. You need someone to talk to. Someone who can 100% understand what you are going through. If you're bothered by anything startup/user/product related, feel free to reach out.

Design / UX

Increasing conversion is all about effectively communicating the value, guiding and motivating users and eliminating any frictions on their way to success. The fundamental needs and wants of people are universal, and once understood will support a strong core for innovation in any organization. I can help you to understand the basics and learn how to optimise UX for better conversion.

Technology and Tools

I can help you to choose the right tools, understand and integrate them. Analytics and support tools, customer success and emails products, in-app walkthrough widgets, knowledge bases, etc. I am all about empowering team members to be more productive using best of breed tools, integrated in a smart way.

Customer Success

I can help create the right funnels (in-app and emails) that are segmented and personalized based on user activity. I also have experience with chatbots, ticketing systems, and knowledge bases. Key to success here is providing context-sensitive help.

Mentor Toolkit
3 years of experience

The best tool (in my opinion) for landing pages management. Easily connects to other tools, built for teams, allows to create really nice and effective landing pages very quickly.

BS Economics and Management
The Open University of Iseael

The purpose of economic studies is to grant students broad theoretical knowledge and adequate tools to enable them to understand and analyze economic problems, both micro-level problems (single company level) and macro level problems (national and international level).

Usable Security
University of Maryland

7-week course by the University of Maryland.

Initiating and Planning Projects
University of California

Initiating and Planning Projects course by UCI.

Introduction to Marketing
Wharton University of Pennsylvania

Introduction to Marketing by Wharton

Reviews (3)
Amit Tewari
1 session
10 Oct 2019

Great session. Its hard to diagnose a problem and come up with relevant advise in a short time frame but Tony did just that. Stuck to first principals and got his point across in an effective way. It was great value for the short session we had scheduled. Highly recommended if you are struggling with on-boarding issues

Duncan Hamra
1 session
17 Sep 2019

Another wonderful call! I walked away with a clearer picture of my target audience, design inspiration that I'm confident will have a high impact, and a few new tools that should help us better understand how our users interact with our site. The call only took 30-40 minutes, and it easily saved me days of wishy-washy "Should I do this?" or "Should I do that?" I know what I need to do, and now it's time to do it!

Foti Panagiotakopoulos
1 session
13 Aug 2019

Tony is an onboarding genius. Had a great call with him. Got lots of food for thought. Would definitely recommend Tony for anything that's got to do with onboarding and product led growth.