Tina Louise

International digital marketer | Startup Growth Mentor | ex MyFitnessPal

Barcelona, Spain (+01:00 UTC)English, Portuguese, Spanishfrom Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
$30 / hour
Technology and tools

"There's an app (and tool!) for that" used to be my tagline in an agency I worked at. From organizational tools such as OKRs, to apps, to mind maps, to specific marketing-related tools... if I don't know one, I can definitely help you find it!

Remote work

I've worked remotely for many years now, making it a way of life. From dispersed teams, to a virtual organization, I've done it. Felt really great, independent, alone, free, happy and frustrated. Let's talk and share experiences!

Growth marketing

How can I grow my user numbers? Are my tactics correct? Anything I could do more, or differently to sell more, acquire users and customers, or reduce churn?

Conversion rate optimisation

It's all about conversion nowadays. There's no reason why spend money or use a tactic if you're not measuring conversions. So I use Optimizely, Unbounce and other tools to help companies improve conversions, by doing A/B tests.


SEO is essential for companies of all sizes today, and it's based in great content coupled with a personalized approach to acquire valuable links. Let me study your site before we speak - send me your URL and will see if I can help you with some insights that will deliver value to you and to your business.

Content marketing

How can you use content to deliver results? Use social media, email, website, app and UI to deliver the best experience to your customers and prospects. Find out what they are looking for and from that create new products and services with such probability of success.

Email marketing

Planning, strategy, execution of email and campaigns. Automation of customer support emails, advanced email responses and campaigns with multiple branches, google search leading to com software leading to sales people's emails and final reporting.

Marketing automation

One of the best ways to generate results in digital marketing - reducing time wasted in repetitive tasks, and improving conversions and results. Can be used to generate growth, less, improve customer service, and in many other ways.

Mentor Toolkit
over 13 years of experience

Very specific targeted audiences, coupled with good optimization and a well-defined strategy, and you have a great tool in your hands. Done a few campaigns with great results - but we'll need a designer to do the images, photos and videos ;)

over 12 years of experience

great project management tool, with a focus on teamwork. Have used this tool in different projects and companies. Management of diverse teams and deliverables

over 3 years of experience

Marketing automation! Automation! Automation! Zapier and IFFT are tools every marketer should know. They automate not only boring tasks, but also could generate leads and growth from ways you don't even expect!

over 3 years of experience

A/B testing - if you're not doing it yet, you should!! For keywords, tagline, colors and content in your site, you'd be surprised how much you can learn about your target market from testing, testing, testing! "Never take your customer for granted" is what I learned - the hard way!

over 16 years of experience

Great way to track mentions, competitors, and what your prospects and clients are talking about! social media monitoring is an essencial part of marketing today, but most brands don't bother - and the ones who do, are ahead!

over 11 years of experience

Best way to quickly analyze whether a site is well ranked / SEO friendly is using Ahrefs. Other measurable factors include search volume, Keyword Difficulty, Clicks and Cost per Click (CPC). You can then grow search traffic, research and monitor competitors.

over 14 years of experience

Have created and managed Mailchimp emails, campaigns and automations. Great experience internationally, with many languages and integrations with different websites.

Mentor - Digital Marketing

I've been mentoring and teaching students in this online digital marketing course for many months. It covers everything from buyer persona to an actual Google Ads + Facebook Ads campaign, and in the final project students have $10K to optimize a Google non-profit organization.

Real Estate
Fin Tech
Web Hosting
Digital Agencies
CMO / Head of Marketing
Fleksy / Thingthing
Barcelona, Spain

All-rounder role covering strategy & execution for SEO, ASO, social media, customer service, email marketing, digital strategy, PR and communications for this next-generation mobile keyboard.

Marketing Director

MyfitnessPal is the largest digital platform for nutrition and fitness in the world - with over 150 million users globally. Increased user numbers over 600% in less than 2 years #health # nutrition #healthtech

Sr Account Executive

Strategic Consulting, including digital marketing & sales strategy development Comercialisation of Adobe's Digital Marketing Suite in Brazil, a fully-integrated platform for online business optimisation: - web analytics, including mobile and social channels (previously Omniture) - search - social media ROI - digital marketing personalisation - data analysis and optimisation

Digital Agencies
Account Director

Digital brand strategy and development, web site content management, digital advertising and activation. Manage digital activities for the following Unilever brands in Brazil: Dove (products for hair, skin (soaps and liquids), deodorants, etc), Hellmann's mayonnaise, AdeS, Hellmann's Ketchup.

Digital Agencies
Business Administration
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

business administration with enphasis on marketing

Strategic Marketing
Chartered Institute of Marketing

Senior marketing KPIs and integrated strategic marketing and communications

Yoga Instructor
Yoga Alliance

After 20 years practicing, have decided to go for it and became a teacher!

Reviews (28)
Mike Shahbazi
1 session
10 May 2021

Had a good conversation with Tina on GTM and action items to move forward.

Raitis Bullits
1 session
16 Apr 2021

It was a great session. Tina shared really good ideas about possible marketing strategies for our Startup. She is radiating a lot of positive energy and inspires others to grow.

Elvin Picardo
1 session
7 Apr 2021

While my initial need was different, my conversation with Tina took a different turn in a very positive way. She listened to my ramblings and constructed them into a wonderful summary. She asked very pointed questions that were very revealing in itself. Tina's examples and metaphors were very apt and made comprehension a lot easier. We had a wonderful conversation and Tina provided very good insights into my next steps. She provided me with some good direction on where I should most likely be focusing on next. Overall, I enjoyed my conversation with Tina and look forward to some more of them.

1 session
16 Mar 2021

It was a good call. Thanks Tina!

Barry McDonagh
1 session
9 Mar 2021

Tina came up with some clever approaches for us to gather more valuable information from our users. She has a really positive energy. -Her cat gave some good input too!

Christina Leigh Morgan
2 sessions
1 Mar 2021

+1 for Tina (second review since we extended our session from 30 mins to 1hr)

Christina Leigh Morgan
2 sessions
1 Mar 2021

In 1 hr, Tina helped me structure a best practiced technical setup on Mailchimp email automation for a service provider client with events as lead gen and nurture. We talked through comparing workflows vs. Customer Journey, leveraging "date added" filters to segment users and getting the foundation right for a scalable tagging system. Super tactical and helpful session, and very friendly Tina! Highly recommend.

Jon Santangelo
3 sessions
11 Jan 2021

Tina is just great. Enthusiastic and experienced, she'll help put things into perspective easily. I've met with her twice and plan to again someday soon.

BJ Wright
1 session
1 Dec 2020

Tina was great! Very kind and knowledgeable about the topic of our discussion.

Josephine Tse
1 session
25 Nov 2020

Hopped on a call with my colleague to chat with Tina and she was helpful at telling us her personal experiences as a digital nomad and her financial tips and tricks, what apps to look at, etc- very knowledgable as she's been living abroad for years, thanks for adding more into our knowledge banks!!

Sabrina Carpenter
1 session
18 Nov 2020

Tina reached out to me and was flexible to find a time that worked for both. She was very knowledgeable and kind, offering additional help above and beyond the call. Thank you!

Khushi Lunkad
1 session
14 Oct 2020

Tina is great. She offered friendly and detailed advice for all the points I raised. Really enjoyed talking to her. She gave me an advice and ideas on how to develop my role and skills further. Most likely will book more. Thanks Tina!

1 session
14 Oct 2020

Tina has great energy and was good at throwing some ideas at me for marketing to other groups, that I hadn't thought of. Thanks!

Vijay Chakilam
1 session
2 Oct 2020

Great talking to Tina. Very friendly and responsive.

Nishat Husain
1 session
11 Sep 2020

Tina is very helpful. She shares a lot and gives good insights.

Olga Baranova
1 session
6 Aug 2020

Had an amazing call with Tina, she's very nice and friendly, she shared a lot of strategies and tips to optimize and automate my work process, attract clients, outsource. Definitely going to implement the strategies we discussed!

Matt Murthy
1 session
26 Jul 2020

Thank you Tina. Gave me some clarity of thought and a good idea of how to approach and plan marketing campaigns.

Max Corbeau
1 session
2 Jul 2020

Tina is great. She's really forcing us to take a step back and think real hard about positioning and distribution. More sessions to come for sure!

sowmith mandadi
1 session
13 Jun 2020

Tina was very helpful by asking several questions about the value proposition and target customer. She gave great insights to email marketing and growth.

Tassilo Vogel
1 session
9 May 2020

Helpful & energetic with good insight into B2C and what marketing + product strategies one could use to gain traction.

Ben Guez
1 session
24 Apr 2020

Great talk. Tina gave me great advice and ideas to explore for the future.

Ben Guez
1 session
24 Apr 2020

Great talk. Tina gave me great advice and ideas to explore for the future.

Ashley Porciuncula
1 session
21 Apr 2020

Tina was a great help brainstorming some product challenges. She was very insightful and prepared. I definitely recommend her!

Stephanie Houng
1 session
15 Apr 2020

Tina had some great ideas and gave me inspiration for even more ideas for my challenge!

Spyros Tsoukalas
1 session
3 Apr 2020

Tina was really inspiring, sharing various ideas related to our current status. Our communication was very smooth. I felt like we spent only 2'-3'. Highly suggested!

Jamie Frew
1 session
4 Mar 2020

Tina was super helpful. Shared relevant experiences and gave some great advice on our market strategy!

Nuno Pereira
1 session
2 Mar 2020

Had a great call with Tina! It was a pleasure speaking with Tina, we talked a lot about different localised marketing initiatives and as well of what could work well in London. It was also my first call in Portuguese - it's always good to meet other people from the same area who speak your native language. :)

Julia Wilk
1 session
28 Feb 2020

My session with Tina was amazing! I went into it with a list of questions about a project I was working on and I got thorough answers and some great new ideas that I'm excited to try. It was good to put some of my doubts to rest and run my ideas by someone with more experience!