Theola DeBose

Content Marketing Strategist

Washington, United States of America (-05:00 UTC)Englishfrom Brooklyn, United States of America
$85 / hour
Public Relations

I've been a journalist so I know exactly what they want and how to engage them. I also have led national PR campaigns and have pitched to journalists. Whether it's a PR launch strategy, or new/ongoing reporter relationship building, I am a media value add.

Social Media

Social Media can be totally overwhelming! But it doesn't have to be. Especially if you're feeling stuck on where to start or how, I can coach you on how to strategically to dip your toe into the digital water. You'll get strategy and tools for a doable effort that can get you started on building some social media momentum.

Content Marketing

How to figure out what topics to write about | Creating your message | Message and content review | Structuring the article | Promotional ideas | Creating an overall content strategy plan that meets your business goals

Venting Frustration

Listening with a compassionate and strategic ear | Getting to the heart of the issue | Finding the opportunity in the pain point | Putting a plan together for next steps | Being an empathetic partner to the difficulties since I'm on the startup journey too

Mindset Coaching

Figuring out what's in the way | Addressing limiting beliefs that keep you stuck | Giving your goals an identity | Setting up rhythms for success | Separating the essential from the non-essential

Mentor Toolkit
over 8 years of experience

Use this tell stories via email that are visually appealing with strategic messages so that a company an/or organization can meet its communications and overall strategic goals.

over 8 years of experience

Using this public relations software to search for media on a topic, create a media list, engage with the reporters on the list through email and digital platforms for relationship-building and pitching.

Cohort Member, #BFF Labs
Black Female Founders
Washington, United States of America
- present

#BFF Labs is a 10-week accelerator program for aspiring early-stage entrepreneurs creating tech-based and tech-enabled businesses.

Founding Partner
GraySide Media Group
Washington, United States of America
- present

We teach storytelling with purpose that moves others to action so that startups and founders in tech and social impact ventures can change the world through their work. Creator of Life After Journalism, a 10-week online for journalists to launch new careers.

Director of Communications
National Endowment for the Humanities
Washington, United States of America

Served in the Obama Administration as the chief communications officer at NEH, the government's culture agency. Led the agency to grow its use of digital platforms to communicate to media and to the public the importance of the humanities. I also served as agency media spokesperson.

Director of Communications
DC Public Charter School Board
Washington, United States of America

I served as agency media spokesperson and as a member of the executive leadership team. I managed the staff responsible for government relations, outreach, and communications, and supported the 7-member board with legislative advocacy and strategic communications.

Staff writer
The Washington Post
Washington, United States of America

The journalism job that let me travel the world (Haiti, England, France, Iraq, Jordan) and led me to win an award for my reporting work in Baghdad. Back home, I interviewed thousands of people and wrote stories on the topics of crime, education, police and other issues that affected people's daily lives. As an interim editor in community news, I edited local stories from freelancers and staff and planned section pages. I was an NPR contributor. I also helped represent the Post at community events, and served as a reader on grant applications for the Washington Post Charities, a fund of the McCormick Foundation. It was a great run with amazing colleagues, but I chose to leave journalism because after so many years of observing and remaining neutral, I wanted to be able to become an advocate.

Reviews (8)
1 session
7 Nov 2019

My session with Theola was simply great! I left our chat with a solid plan for how to approach my marketing and how to integrate myself and my goals more fully. I'm very grateful that she took the time to understand me and my business and tailored her advice to my specific situation. 🙏🏽

1 session
24 Oct 2019

Theola understands the needs and struggles of a self employed solopreneur and can relate to the issues one has to face with starting on their own. She helped me realise that clients journey is more important than we care to admit, which is crucial for success.

Geoffrey Bressan
1 session
11 Oct 2019

I came out of my session with Theola with actionable insights and actions to apply to my PR strategy right away. Really loved her advice about identifying and building our key messages by using "We believe" statements.

Aidan Goltra
1 session
20 Sep 2019

Had a great session with Theola! She has a really unique and compelling way to approach content strategy by focusing on the essential and core human drives first. We also talked about brass tacks stuff, of course, but I'm really excited to see how much more relatable and human this approach makes my clients' content.

Jessica Lynch
1 session
9 May 2019

Theola was the storytelling maven I needed to review an investor-facing demo video my startup is producing. Her input was thoughtful, inquisitive, and creative. She gave both high level messaging feedback and tangible steps to improve our video.

Henry Hernandez 👍
1 session
8 May 2019

Theola is great! Excellent insight into story telling and overcome some roadblock / challenges that were arising. Thanks Theola so much for your time, insight, and wisdom. You've given me new insight and perspective that was brought to the forefront that is invaluable! Thanks so much!

Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré
1 session
23 Apr 2019

Theola provided very practical advice for a podcast I am planning. After my phone call with her I several takeaways/thoughts that I hadn't considered even though I've been thinking about this podcast for months.

Faheem Iftikhar
1 session
2 Apr 2019

The most important thing I would appreciate about Theola was that apart from being very knowledgeable, she was able to understand my challenges exactly as I had on my mind with some very simplified on spot ideas and solutions which seemed pretty easy to follow. It was a great session, highly recommended. Thank you!