đŸ€˜Tauras Sinkus

SEO Specialist, Growth Marketer, Founder of @21DayHero

Vilnius, Lithuania (+02:00 UTC)Lithuanian, Englishfrom Vilnius, Lithuania

I never had a $1M budget. In fact, most of the times, I had max $1000 to invest in the project's growth. That taught how to maximize the budget using off-the-shelf solutions to reach revenue and how to invest into the further growth. Bootstrapping is an art and while I'm no Picaso, I've been painting on big canvases with a very little paint for some time now. Thus if you're thinking of going down the road of bootstrapping or already there and need further guidance, would be happy to chat.

Content Marketing

Producing great Content is an amazing way to show off your expertise to your potential clients. Do it right and your funnel will explode with leads while your conversions will get a healthy boost too. If you need advice and real-life strategies on how to use the content as your marketing tool - reach out.


Search traffic is FREE . And who doesn't love free leads? While it does take a bit longer to get results from SEO when compared to PPC ads for example, it's really worth to have the right SEO setup and strategy, to appear in front of your potential clients in Search Results Page, as often as possible. Happy to help with SEO Audit, Content Strategy, Keyword Research or Link Building.

Mentor Toolkit
over 6 years of experience

Wordpress...my love. What would I do without you? You make my dreams come true, you allow me to have freedom to do what I want, you allow me to test my crazy ideas and prototype without any development knowledge. And you're free. What more can I ask?

over 5 years of experience

Been using Asana since 2015 when it wasn't as good as it is now. Still love it, millions ways to use it and lots of free features. Great for team work and project management.

Google Webmaster Tools
over 5 years of experience

You mean Search Console?? :) All the other tools guess how is your SEO performance on Google, and Google Search Console actually gives you the real data. Set it up, monitor it, make decisions based on it.

Google Analytics
over 8 years of experience

How will you grow if you don't know where are you starting? Or when things work and when they don't? Correct GA setup is crucial to making your efforts not go to waste.

Google Tag Manager
over 3 years of experience

Do you want to track your conversion events or leverage amazing marketing tools without needing to get deep into the source code? GTM is awesome for that and I'd be glad to show you how to navigate and set it up correctly.

over 3 years of experience

One of the leading SEO tools I am basing most of my SEO decisions on. Heaps of information that if used right, can show you the shortcuts to take. If you need to make a keyword research, understand your competitors and get a good idea of where you stand, that's an amazing tool.

Chief Freealancer
Sinkus Studio
Zurich, Switzerland
- present

After freelancing for over 5 years, I've teamed up with few amazing freelancers to set up a boutique Marketing Agency operating from Switzerland - Sinkus Studio. We help small businesses and startups to up their game in digital marketing through SEO, PPC, CRO, Social Media, and Web Design.

Digital Agencies
Chief Habit Builder / CEO
21 Day Hero
Zurich, Switzerland
- present

21 Day Hero is an online platform that helps you transform your health through 21-Day Challenges. Whether your goal is to lose weight, reduce stress, learn how to meditate or get into a regular fitness routine - we got you covered.

BSc Business Economics with Finance
University of Surrey

Incl. 1 year exchange in Singapore.

Reviews (15)
Sammy James
1 session
8 Sep 2020

It was great talking with Tauras. He is very down to earth and a good listener. He helped my focus on what the priorities should be regarding our SEO and content strategy. He knows his craft.

Kamil KwiecieƄ
1 session
5 Sep 2020

Awesome advice which I will definitely implement.

Olga Baranova
1 session
6 Aug 2020

Had a great call with Tauras! Very nice, friendly, shared a lot of valuable information from his experience, gave actionable recommendations about growth, outreach, team building. Great ideas and advices I'm definitely going to implement!

Niels Zee
1 session
5 Aug 2020

Very humble guy. Tauras helped me with motivation, the important factors of starting a new content direction including tons of useful tips to start with. Thanks again Tauras :)

Samy ben sadok
1 session
3 Feb 2020

That was great! Thank you for your time & the precious advice, Tauras.

1 session
15 Jan 2020

Tauras was super helpful in getting me to zero in on the exact action steps I need to take to achieve my startup goals this year!

Sheldon Chi
1 session
14 Jan 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation! Tauras is patient, very knowledgeable, and friendly. His advice is nuanced which is a reflection of his expertise. I would definitely recommend Tauras to anyone needing help in growth.

Kalo Yankulov
1 session
6 Dec 2019

Tauras has helped me and Encharge to understand our organic traffic potential. This was crucial for us, as we've been investing a lot of time and effort but getting little results. He provided a strategic overview of our situation, as well as concrete examples of how to approach our SEO efforts. Highly recommend talking to him if you need help with SEO.

Maria Sirotkina
1 session
15 Nov 2019

Taurus was super transparent about his business - can't appreciate it enough! He didn't only talk about stuff, but also shared some of his processes and docs - and that's gold. Probably my favourite part of the session was hearing critical comments - whether I actually need to be doing what I'm planning to do? If it's the right path for me and my business? and if not, then what are the alternatives? Thanks, Tauras!

Ben Chiriboga
1 session
26 Sep 2019

Tauras, was stellar with helping me thinking through my content/SEO strategy. We work through keyword strategies, how to build out content and making sure I was tooled up and watching the right metrics. Thanks Tauras!

Andres Cajiao
1 session
5 Sep 2019

Thank you Taurus for patiently going through my interests and concerns, taking the time to review our general context and providing actionable advice. Looking forward to more conversations!

Jacob Elbaum
1 session
5 Sep 2019

Tauras deserves a 6-star review! He was very friendly and it was a pleasure speaking with him. Moreover, his depth of knowledge and insight was impeccable. He listened very closely to my long explanations of context, and gave extremely useful action items as a response. I highly highly recommend speaking with him with regards to startup marketing & more specifically, SEO. Thank you Tauras!

Kevin Zhou
1 session
26 Aug 2019

Tauras gave some great feedback for SEO tools in the space. He was patient and answered all my questions, without overstepping. Would recommend!

sudarshan ashok kumar
1 session
31 Jul 2019

My meeting with Tauras was insightful! he outlined marketing strategies specific to my context. His knowledge on SEO, growth and ads is extensive and you can really get a ton of actoinable takeaways even from a short meeting with Tauras!

Jane Cohen
1 session
25 Jul 2019

Tauras was great! He answered all of my questions and gave me great advice. I especially appreciated his specific suggestions and step by step instructions on how to move forward. Time well spent!