Growth Product Manager

Minsk, Belarus (+03:00 UTC)English, Russianfrom Minsk, Belarus
$50 / hour
Technology and Tools

I love tools! They help to build a company and remove the stress of handling many small questions that are not allowing you to focus on the most important job you have to do - delivering value with your unique product to the customers :) Happy help with tools & technologies needed for your startup from the ground up: to develop, product/project manage, setup design, research, support & customer engagement processes and boost your sales process!

Design / UX

I'm being passionate about good design and user experience from the very start of my career. I have worked as a UX designer/researcher for several years, now I'm a product manager but I still pay a lot of attention to good design. I can either help you with expert evaluation of your designs, or advise you how to check your designs experimentally (user testing, A/B testing etc.)

Customer Success

Customer centric companies win the market :) I've been driving customer centric initiatives for the last year in PandaDoc and happy to share my experience - from setting up ground rules for your CS team to analyzing metrics & finding the bottlenecks in your CS processes.

Mentor Toolkit
over 2 years of experience

Know a lot about Intercom and how you can use it for sales, support and user engagement. Ask me anything! It may be pricey, but there're ways to handle that :)

over 6 years of experience

Expert in using Asana for managing work in big and small teams & projects. Love how this tool can simplify your workflows and don't take a lot of time from you (unlike Jira).

Product Manager
United States of America

Helping to grow & manage LensCulture, from a small team into an internationally recognized platform for professional photo competitions with audience of 1mln people.

Product Manager
United States of America
- present

At PandaDoc I've been involved in setup of customer feedback collection & decision making processes, improving user experience and specifically onboarding, user engagement and monetization.

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