Tamas Szuromi

Growth Product Manager | Building analytics and product-led growth teams

Budapest, Hungary (+01:00 UTC)Englishfrom Budapest, Hungary
Data science

I believe many times companies don't need data science, they need a much simple solution for the given problem. Happy to give you guidance for your given problem. It's also true for many problems data science is applicable so I can give you hand for A/B testing, Recommender systems, Churn detection, marketing experiments, measure offline campaigns, predictions, or forecasting.

Product analytics

Data is the new oil, you see this headline everywhere nowadays. With great analytics you can fuel your product growth and it's necessary to measure your success. I started to build out product analytics at multiple startups and scaleups. I know exactly how to provide value out of new analytics initiatives that can empower ppl with insights. Also, today the analytics landscape is too broad but I can help you navigate between the right tools!

Remote work

I started to work remotely before it was hype or mandatory during COVID. I worked at Gitlab that has the largest remote workforce today, and currently, I'm also working at a remote-first company. I can help you with processes, best practices, or how to manage a remote team.

Conversion rate optimisation

In the past, I improved dozens of funnels or customer journeys and run hundreds of experiments to validate the right solutions. Even though I mentioned funnels I believe every product is a system, so I can help you to connect the dots and pick the right north star metric, identify input and output metrics that will drive your business.

Growth marketing

With some creativity, you can accelerate your growth. Sounds cool? Actually, for me, it's not about applying growth tactics blindly, my perspective is you need to implement your own growth strategy. So you have to start experimenting with growth loops, communities, campaigns, etc. Well, this can be overwhelming but I'm happy to assist you with this journey.

Product management

I'm an accidental product manager. Before I stepped into product management I supported great product teams from the analytics space, then turned to build things with fantastic engineering teams. Used to build out the growth vertical within the product team. I can tell you how to improve ceremonies, be a remote PM, interview users, lay down roadmaps, storytelling, or anything else connected to product management.

Mentor Toolkit
over 3 years of experience

I've been using Looker for a while, in the past, I worked on integration of 3rd party data, LookML, advanced visualizations, analysis of funnels/metrics etc. It's my favorite data visualization platform and believe it's the most powerful one.

over 2 years of experience

Are you looking for insight that can fuel your product growth? Great insights start with proper telemetry and usage tracking. Segment unify your customer’s touch points across all platforms and channels and deliver valuable information to your own systems. I can give you guidance from tracking to how to find relevant insights with a huge blast radius using Segment.

over 3 years of experience

Do you need to build a roadmap or manage your product ideas? Asana is extremely useful to communicate and collaborate on your product iterations. Let's organize and prioritize your list of ideas, workload, or tasks and be more effective and productive.

Google Data Studio
over 2 years of experience

I've been using Goole Data Studio at early stage startups as it's almost free if you're relying on Google in some way. You can build out reporting capabilities quite easily and there are so many integrations for your own tools. It's easier than you think.

over 2 years of experience

Product analytics is crucial for every product. You can empower many teams with data and I can help you get the most out of Amplitide. Including, setup, what matters, or what should be your approach if you would turn your sleeves on and you would like to write SQL to understand your users' behaviour captured by Amplitude.

Data and Product-led Growth
- present

Leading data and product-led growth projects.

Advisor (Product-led growth)
- present

- Building an analytics stack from scratch that will scale - Own experimentation - User segmentation - Focusing on activation and engagement (e.g.: personalization improved retention by 13%, better value proposition increased trial signups by 10% ) - Fixing user pain points based on hot spots in the data

Head of Product Analytics
eDreams Odigeo & liligo.com

- Analytics enablement for product teams - Telemetry - Leading a team to optimize and improve the product (2 PMs, 2 Analysts, and an Engineer ) - Own the product metrics space in BI

Product Manager, Growth

- Started to build out a Growth function in the product team - Analytics enablement to support growth initiatives (event tracking, exploratory analysis, and telemetry) - Identified hot spots in data ( e.g.: 13% of users stuck in registration) and drive users to Gitlab values or the aha moment (CI/CD)

Product Data Scientist

My main challenge was to help product teams to reach their business goals and understand the user behaviour, ecosystems, and long-term trends covering the full cycle of data - Investigated the whys and solved the relevant problems within a cross-functional team - Listen to users, validate and introduce delighting changes to games - Supported growth from soft-launch, throughout the full lifecycle - Led the way of tracking features and define relevant KPIs to measure success - User segmentation - Churn prevention and recommendation systems for ads and in- game assets (reduced d7 churn by 34%, improved game asset sales by +11%)

Data Science Manager

Joined as a first data scientist to the liligo team, led data initiatives from day 2, and I scaled the data team to a 3-person team. My mission was to teach and coach people in the company to be data-driven and utilize our data to enable better business and product decisions. - Managed several analytics related projects, initiatives ( experiments, TV optimisation, forecasting, budgeting, etc.), and the data platform - Product manager for internal analytics tools

Data Engineer
various companies

I led data integration and business intelligence projects

Google for startups accelerator
Google for Startups Accelerator

Google for Startups Accelerator is a global series of programs for growth-stage startups to get technical, product and leadership training from experts, tailored to their business.

Reviews (9)
Harry Ng
1 session
22 Jul 2021

We went into some implementation details on attribution software for mobile apps. I'm going to dive deeper on the topic and reach out again for follow-up questions.

Henrique de Melo
1 session
19 Jul 2021

Tamas helped me understand the website analytics landscape and pointed me in the right direction. We spoke mostly about multi-channel attribution. I definitely feel more confident about this area of my business now that all of my questions have been answered.

Jana Saljic
1 session
25 Jun 2021

It was quick call, Tamas was very friendly and helped by sending some resources that would be useful for me.

Sneha Mehrin
1 session
19 Jun 2021

Tamas was amazing! In just an hour he gave me quick insights on how to analyze product data and gave me helpful tips

Peter Antonov
1 session
8 Jun 2021

Session with Tamas went fantastic! He guided me on what tools I should use when it comes to analytics based on my startup needs. He even got into the nitty-gritty of how to set up the reports as well! Both on the front end and backend! Really helpful! :)

Amy Woodward
1 session
21 Apr 2021

Tamas was extremely helpful in helping show me how best to prepare the data and set up a report for my specific use case in Google Data Studio. Thank you!

Suvasini Raghavan
1 session
28 Feb 2021

Tamas - you're the best! I'd given him a problem statement before our call and my analysis of that problem. He'd created a detailed framework for me even before our call and took me through the gaps in mine. 5 stars (and more) for you!

1 session
19 Feb 2021

Tamas is a really nice guy with a lot of experience to share about analytics. I leaned some key lessons that have shifted the way that I measure performance and I'll also be implementing a great tool (Heap) that I'd never heard of. He was also really patient with me whilst I asked him questions related to lots of different things. Thank you Tamas! :)

Hal Zeitlin
1 session
18 Feb 2021

Tamas is a genius and saved me from choosing a short-term technical decision for a customer, that may not be in their best long-term interest. Now I can communicate this. Deeply grateful. So many marketing analytics tools, so it's very valuable to get the plan audited by Tamas.