Sid Bharath

Growth Marketing Consultant

San Francisco, United States of America (-08:00 UTC)from Vancouver, Canada
Content Marketing

I've worked with numerous SAAS companies on their content marketing strategy. Content was one of our main channels at Thinkific. I've also helped companies like Gorgias, Plato, Eden and others create content that attracts traffic and leads.


I've worked with companies like Thinkific and Eden to build out their content and SEO strategies. In one instance I beat Neil Patel and achieved the coveted featured snippet on a high-value keyword. Contact me if you need help or suggestions with SEO.

PPC Strategies

I've helped companies like Typeform and Olark with their PPC strategies. If you need help with setting up a new campaign and ideas on how to structure a high-converting PPC funnel, contact me.

Mentor Toolkit
6 years of experience

I've been using Mailchimp for email marketing for a long time, back when it was still just an email platform. They also acquired one of the companies I worked at.

4 years of experience

I've set up Hubspot at companies like Gorgias and PlatoHQ. Hubspot is my top tool for B2B marketing automation. If you need help with things like setting up customer journeys and automations in Hubspot, contact me.

Reviews (9)
Tyrel Johnson
2 sessions
18 Oct 2019

My call with Sid was incredible! He provided a wealth of actionable tactics and information that could be applied immediately. If you are looking for growth marketing advice, definitely do yourself a favor and book a call with Sid!

Foti Panagiotakopoulos
1 session
16 Oct 2019

Great call with Sid! He got a preview of what we're going to release shortly at GrowthMentor and offered high value feedback on our direction.

Tyrel Johnson
2 sessions
14 Oct 2019

My session with Sid was fantastic. Highly recommend scheduling some time with him!

Gabriel Bujold
1 session
4 Sep 2019

I wanted to get insights on PPC related to our SEO strategy. Sid was able to give me a value-pack call with a handful of great resources. I recommend him if you have any questions concerning that or any other skills displayed on his profile. This guy knows what he's talking about!

1 session
19 Jun 2019

I had a super helpful call with Sid, who provided me actionable tips and advice on my new content & SEO strategy. He also came with an interesting alternative way to organize the site's content based on user's needs.

1 session
13 Jun 2019

Chatting with Sid was easy and powerful. He understood my business positioning and my challenges quickly, and proposed me a couple of solid solutions that I will implement shortly. Thank you so much!

Anna Pogrebniak
1 session
6 Jun 2019

Sid is very knowledgable in Google Ads, I shared with Sid concerns and challenges of our current paid search performance and got very good actionable advice on how to move forward.

Henry Hernandez 👍
1 session
4 Jun 2019

Sid was awesome. Great feedback and direction. Really helped make the complex simple and give actionable next steps. Sid's experience and people smarts are top notch! I very much appreciated the efficient time Sid and I were able to spend together. I highly recommend Sid.

Wes Bush
1 session
30 May 2019

Working with Sid was great. He's got a lot of experience helping B2B SaaS companies grow and it was great to learn from him!