Sergi Garcia

VP of Corporate Marketing at Red Points

Barcelona, Spain (+01:00 UTC)Catalan, Spanish, Englishfrom Barcelona, Spain
Design / UX

I have lead 10+ SaaS web projects that have made me realize two things: 1. There are some universal design principles that work, as they are based on how our eyes read and how our brain works; 2. Nearly everything can and should be tested, including those principles. Share your web assets with me beforehand and let's go through them together block by block.

Product Market Fit

"Features work, why are users not adopting? Launch was great, why did traction go down? Users register, why don’t they convert?" You are not alone. The key is to ask the right questions; answers will drive you to success. Let’s talk and check some of the places where I’ve typically seen smoke (positioning, pricing, packaging), to find fires.

Content Marketing

This is not a writing skills thing–nor speaking, video, or design. This is all about understanding what triggers adoption, conversion or advocacy, and squeezing it. I have reviewed thousands of copy lines, landing pages, pitch decks, and success stories throughout my career. Let’s go through yours together and see how to take them beyond ordinary.

Product Management

On early stages, Product Management is typically in charge of both building and positioning the product. If you need advice on how to effectively understand your buyer, your client, and your user, and how to craft a compelling value proposition that can be taken to market, let’s talk!

Mindset Coaching

Sometimes it takes just a good conversation with someone that has been through the same team management, career projection, culture-shifting, or stakeholder alignment challenges to see things clearer and take better decisions.

Venting Frustration

Working in fast-paced environments really accelerates your learning curve also on how to handle conflict, manage different stakeholders, grow a team, and define measurable objectives that take a company to the next level. If I’ve been there, I’m happy to help you get through.

Public Relations

I’ve gone all the way from simply crafting media kits and teaching spokespeople on how to pitch to the press, to developing programs that turn journalists, analysts, influencers, partners, and customers into brand ambassadors. Public Relations can be your biggest demand-driver or your Achilles’ heel.

Mentor Toolkit
4 years of experience

Everything can be managed as a project –and probably should. I can share with you what has worked best for me when using this powerful tool and what processes I have built around it.

Product Marketing Director
- present

Leading the Product Marketing and Community Marketing teams, in charge of Market Research, Positioning and messaging, Go-to-market strategy, Sales-enablement, Customer Marketing, Partner Marketing, and Events Marketing.

Director of Product Marketing

Implemented and scaled the Product Marketing function within the larger Product organization. Directed a new business line, from product definition to go-to-market execution.

Red Points Brand Protection - Product page
Mar 2019 - present

Redesign of Red Points' core product web page. Doubled session time and conversion rate.

Reviews (11)
Helder Esteves
1 session
24 Jan 2020

Extremely detailed and caring. I could tell that he really wanted to solve my problem. My case was an extremely abstract one and he was really resourceful in giving me all kinds of options to help me out. Will definitely keep in touch with him as I continue to implement some of his ideas! :)

Alex Wagner
1 session
24 Jan 2020

Really enjoyed my call with Sergi and will book another in two weeks. He gave my precise and actionable info and we packed a lot into a 30-min call! I am super grateful to connect with him and highly recommend!!

Geoffrey Bressan
1 session
24 Jan 2020

Sergi is extremely knowledgeable about OKRs. He truly is passionate about this topic! We went together over my OKRs and he gave me lots of tips and advice. It was a pleasure chatting with Sergi. If you want to discuss OKRs, he is your guy.

Nancy Shenouda
1 session
23 Jan 2020

Sergi is just amazing. Our call was more than an hour where we covered so many things about the launch of my platform. Sergi has a lot of experience working with my target market which helped going through my business fast and efficient. He really understood my business and gave me great feedback! I look forward speaking with him again in few weeks!

Kacper Staniul
1 session
6 Jan 2020

Sergi's advice on positioning was invaluable. He over-delivered and was full of practical knowledge that I'll be implementing soon. 100% recommended.

Mike Shahbazi
1 session
24 Dec 2019

We had a great conversation with Sergi. His experience and insight helped us to get a better understanding of how to link our messaging to the website and our product marketing. We are looking forward to meeting with him again and review all of his suggestions.

Sharon sharon
1 session
23 Dec 2019

Sergi is very attentive and listens well before trying to come up with new ideas/solutions. The phone call has been very beneficial for my thought process regarding the design and UX of a new website. Hope I can call you again in the future!

Jordi Capdevila
1 session
10 Dec 2019

Sergi brought unprecedented insightful knowledge about Product Marketing and Management. His feedback and insights will boost how we shape these initiatives in our company.

sarah beardmore
1 session
6 Dec 2019

I left my call with Sergi feeling a ton more knowledgable in the SAAS space. Just to mention a few areas we covered, Sergi helped me to dive deeper and think strategically about our business models, revenue streams and pricing strategies. I'm super happy with this call and everything I learnt!

Christoph Schachner
1 session
22 Nov 2019

Sergi was on point with his answers and very professional. He gave very good hands-on tips that pointed me in the right direction and probably saved me hours.

Ophir Prusak
1 session
11 Nov 2019

We are currently going through an internal positioning exercise in our company, and Sergi was full of great ideas. After our session he provided links to some very helpful online resources.