Sergey Keller

🧚‍♂️ Growth Product Manager | Product & Solution Architect

Minsk, Belarus (+03:00 UTC)Russian, Englishfrom Minsk, Belarus
Data science

I have expertise in data science, tech stacks, and business, which allows me to come up with a solution for such topics as churn, conversion optimization, PLG, and improving revenue funnel. Feel free to call me for advice or brainstorm session. Happy to help and spread the good vibes.

Product management

I set roadmaps, prioritize features, build a data-driven culture for the rest of the organization, and set the vision for the future. I manage the business of a $25M ARR product. My role is to enable Revenue Funnel with our product-led growth initiatives.

Conversion rate optimisation

You have a product. Leads are not converting. The next step is to look into your funnel, find the gaps, and define hypotheses based on the research you did with the dropped off users.

Growth marketing

The 'Growth Hacking' term nowadays is used like a hype train. I prefer focusing on Growth Engineering. It is a set of rules consisting of design & UX principles, baked with data analysis, some stats knowledge is required. And don't forget to put your custom ideation sauce on top.

Customer success

When we created product funnel for PandaDoc I was involved in a strategy for churn. Another word for churn is success. Winning at churn is not possible without setting the right process for the Customer Success team. Looking into starting your own success team? Simply start polling your customer base offering free help, call them.

Product market fit

Looking to analyze the initial pre- and post-release strategy for your product? Let me know your thoughts and ideas, I how to look for the signals before wasting your time. Also, some say PMF is a myth. I believe it's just a matter of marketing requirements, user research and data analysis

Design / UX

I follow simple rule here: one-click action — hide complexity behind the scene. I apply new techs to enable this rule. This is especially important when you create product-led growth — replacing a step in the critical path increases conversion rate. Why adding cognitive load on a human?

Technology and tools

I specialize in full-stack web development and architecture. I outline 3 main directions: Python, JavaScript, Data Engineering. For external 3rd party SaaS tools, I've had worked with CRMs, BI and Analytics, Project Management, Data pipeline, Tooltip systems.

Mentor Toolkit
over 4 years of experience

In general, most event-based analytics help easily navigate into SQL-less data-driven world. I prefer such tools and now using Amplitude. It helps to build cross-cutting analytics

over 7 years of experience

I built many interfacing using modern frameworks like Angular or React ecosystem. I can tell that lots of UX depend on how performant your web-app is and that depends on following modern frontend technologies

over 8 years of experience

Python is a powerful language that can help you to bootstrap your startup in a really fast way. Python can also deal with a variety of data science and machine learning projects, having a strong open source community behind.

over 4 years of experience

Some tools are just created to help your relief the pain of data engineering and Segment is one of those. Write code once, setup via admin the destinations, it's not cheap at the beginning but will help you to kick-off to try multiple tools without the constant need to re-implement or add new scripts

Growth Product Manager
United States
- present

Building a PLG organization.

Product Analyst
United States

First to become a product analyst in the company. Various topics covered and learned how to build a data-driven culture (not alone for sure)

Software Engineer
Minsk, Belarus

Building web services for WG games. Focusing on optimization for signups.

Reviews (5)
Peter Antonov
1 session
9 Feb 2021

The call with Sergey was exceptional and much better than I expected! I originally only had 1 main issue to go over but he sorted me out on that pretty quickly and proceeded to hammer me with more value based on the exact questions I asked. A great privilege to have this guy on Growthmentor!

1 session
6 Jan 2021

Even if we just talked 15 minutes, Sergey was able to provide me some insights and a direction on where we should head with Amplitude. Thanks.

Edward Tark
1 session
14 Aug 2020

Sergey has very good ideas and proposals. Highly recommend!

Jan Kuzel
1 session
28 Jul 2020

Had a great chat with Sergey about SaaS pricing and growth.

Foti Panagiotakopoulos
1 session
11 Jul 2020

My talk with Sergey was just amazing. He was very generous with his time and you could tell that he genuinely enjoys mentorship. To be more specific, I had a bunch of questions about product management for him, and by the end of the call, I felt a lot more confident moving forwards with what my gut feeling was. Always good to get some validation from someone with Sergey's experience!