Sebastian Gebhardi

Paid Media Strategies, Growth Hacking, Conversational Commerce with Chatbots and Marketing Automation

Zürich, Switzerland (+01:00 UTC)French, English, Germanfrom Montreal, Canada
Growth Hacking

Have you heard of tools like Linkedinhelper, Lemlist, Phantombuster, or take a look at the chrome extensions we build and deploy for ourselves and our clients? If the answer is no, time to get in touch and up your game here.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation can help you streamline processes which you don't do, or are too expensive to do manually. Tools like Intercom, Infusionsoft, Activecampaign and Zapier can help you automate, reorganize and reconnect with your audience on new levels. I use automations daily personally and within the business. It's something I couldn't go without anymore.


I believe good SEO is all about producing valuable content your users will live - whilst obeying the guidelines and best-practices in place by search engines like Google. Hence, offer amazing content on a blazing fast website, with the right structure, meta tags and technical SEO aspects in place to let you rank. Similar to PPC, SEO will require you to regularly improve, update and monitor your content. SEO is also social - it requires you to share, to connect and build beyond search.

PPC Strategies

Proficient at keyword research and optimizing campaigns to lower your ACOS. Can help you use different tools like Sistrix, Ahrefs, Moz etc. across PPC platforms like Google Ads and Amazon. However, PPC is not just about KW: Any click requires an appealing title/copy etc. Together with a post-click optimized landing page or well designed/written product listing with a competitive price.

Design / UX

This is a special one: As I myself am not a designer - nor a UI/UX specialist. But after running hundreds of campaigns, web-projects and creating my own brands and physical products I've had the luxury of conducting loads of A/B tests. This and the added awesomeness of being backed by professional team members within DCG gives me the ability to confidently consult you what works and what doesn't. It's definitely that orange button that has made the difference ;)

Technology and Tools

With so many options out there it can sometimes be challenging to choose the right tech which will help you grow your business. Trust in the KISS method and don't overcomplicate things. Most tools and technology I use today I haven't just tested to write a review about it and paste my affiliate-link. I can show you how to take the tools to the next level and really profit from them.

Mindset Coaching

The recent years have been heavily packed with "digital" and "content" and just general technology overload. Suddenly there are so many opportunities, so much advice and so many solutions. Time to take a step back, focus and create true value.

Mentor Toolkit
over 8 years of experience

Running successful Facebook ads is not something optional if you're trying to create awareness for your products and services. It's the digital billboard of today with endless tracking and re-targeting opportunities. I can help you drill down and identify your target audience to then create ads that convert.

over 4 years of experience

We've been using Asana for years. Long before it added all the super-awesome features today. If you're starting your business sure, I guess Trello is fine. For building a team, managing multiple projects, clients and employees mastering Asana is something you cannot forgo.

over 12 years of experience

I myself am not a developer.. But I have been working with WordPress websites since 10 years now. When you work with a remote team, and you have to get sh*t done for clients, eventually you get better at putting out fires than the developers themselves.

Google Analytics
over 8 years of experience

A chrome-tab which is open daily. As a matter of fact - we actually have a screen in our office space with the most important sites open. However, recently I have been working a lot with the FB Pixel too - a lot of the analytics can be done with the Pixel too.

over 3 years of experience

I use Hootsuite to schedule posts across multiple social accounts from brands to personal accounts. It's an essential tool as it lets you pre-schedule your week/month and use magic tools like zapier along with it.

over 3 years of experience

As a fairly new tool MC allows you to use Messenger marketing and chatbots to your advantage without any coding experience. They have clearly established themselves as a market leader within the messenger-marketing flow builders available. API calls to literally any software make this software an indispensable asset for messenger marketing campaigns.

over 5 years of experience

Ahrefs is part of my essential toolkit and will not be replaced anytime soon. It's essential for competitor analysis, keyword and content research to getting your websites ranked.

over 6 years of experience

I consider Zapier not to be an optional tool in your digital-marketing toolbox. I have been working with Zapier to automate my personal life, my business life and my dogs life. No for real, there's no way you would want to miss out on this powerful tool.

over 5 years of experience

Sebastian has been working with ActiveCampaign as email marketing software for B2B client acquisition, B2C drip campaigns and marketing automation for years - daily. If you are looking to automate processes via the API, FB apps and Zapier feel free to reach out to me.

Digital Commerce Group
Zürich, Switzerland
- present

DCG was originally an e-commerce business growing multiple brands and online stores, when we started helping other companies achieve massive success through online marketing growth-hacks we used on our own brands. Today DCG helps companies of various industries thrive through conversational marketing tactics and marketing automation.

Web Hosting
Digital Agencies
Wordpress Agency
Digital Commerce Group
Zurich, Switzerland
Oct 2018 - present

To acquire new clients for our lead-gen campaigns, DCG decided to start creating simple business websites AGAIN. Therefore we created the german-focused theme site.

Web HostingDigital Agencies
Open Universtiy Business School

Was studying at the OU because they provide distance learning degrees at the highest level. Was able to continue growing my start up and work for school side-by-side.

Executive Negotiation
London School of Economics and Political Science

Attended the LSE a few time to complete credits for my MA in Business and Negotiation. However never completed a degree at the LSE itself - so if you're an alum - you'll not find be.

Hubspot Content Marketing Expert

Had this phase where I thought it was necessary to collect certificates to showcase what you can do. Hence I looked for all opportunities to learn new stuff.

Facebook Certified Buyer & Planner

Officially part of the FB program too. Can't say these exams actually prove your ability to run a successful FB campaign. But at least they let you know the dude was playing around with the BM for some time to get the questions right.

Google Partner

Our agency is a certified Google Parter and we regularly go through the pain of completing the various basic ad-buying and planning exams.

Reviews (14)
Nicolas Sartor
1 session
2 Mar 2020

Sebastian was very straightforward, dynamic and active in dealing with my problem and gave me honest and much appreciated feedback. Looking forward to talking to him again soon!

Carsten Schaefer
1 session
1 Feb 2020

Sebastian took more time as planned and was very friendly and responsive. We had a high level overview of different kinds of Ad strategies and we talked about some examples to do things specific. We agreed to go deeper in future sessions. I am really looking forward for our next sessions. This guy knows the stuff he is talking about!

Phillip Ochola
1 session
20 Jan 2020

I cannot wait to try out the suggestions he gave. I will definitely check him out again, and follow up. He is very insightful and gave me useful help for my startup.

1 session
11 Jan 2020

It was a great conversation with useful tricks, tips, and tools. For the first go with GrowthMentor, it was just perfect and what I needed. I already have a few action points in order to progress. Sebastien is definitely knowledgeable and helpful. I am looking fwd to the next call.

Foti Panagiotakopoulos
1 session
24 Apr 2019

Great call with Sebastian. Talked about some out of the box marketing tactics!

Anna Pogrebniak
1 session
4 Apr 2019

Sebastian didn't try to understand me and jumped into conclusions too fast.

Konstantinos Gkovedaros
1 session
13 Mar 2019

Sebastian gave me a great mentoring session. A really insightful and helpful expert, that suggested a number of solutions for our case that will definitely save us time and money. Highly recommended and hope that we will be talking again soon.

Katerina Bojkov
1 session
5 Mar 2019

I was not available to have the season with Sebastian, but my colleague did. He was really satisfied with the tips that Sebastian shared about running Facebook ads and creating a strategy for paid advertising. Thanks!

Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré
1 session
27 Feb 2019

Sebastian is :awesome:. I feel like I learned more in 30 minutes from him than I would've if I spent the time researching everything myself. I highly recommend booking a session with him and/or hiring him if you're looking to meticulously track your campaigns, use re-targeting, set up integrations with Zapier, and much more.

Duong Nguyen
1 session
23 Feb 2019

Sebastian is very knowledgable and is an expert in digital marketing. His enthusiasm and expertise also got me excited. I learned more about marketing during a short call with him than 2 years studying in undergraduate school.

Jeff Gates
1 session
5 Feb 2019

Sebastian helped me see the users confusion with onboarding. He suggested a few examples of products that did a better job. What he pointed out was "A dash board of pain points" was needed soon after the user signed up for the service. Then the onboarding process was to provide a user a choose of a path based on "What do you want to do".

Tyrel Johnson
1 session
22 Jan 2019

My call with Sebastian went really well, as expected. He shared multiple strategies for marketing my business that I'll be putting to work very soon. I hope to have another call with him again real soon!

1 session
1 Jan 2019

Sebastian was really helpful! He took the time to understand well my situation and provided me with creative ideas to help my business move forward. Highly recommended :)

1 session
30 Dec 2018

Super useful mentoring session. Got insanely valuable advice on how to setup my Facebook messenger funnels the right way. Totally saved me at least a week of suffering reading through blog posts to figure this stuff out.