Founding Entrepreneur, CEO, and Visionary

Madison, United States of America (-06:00 UTC)Englishfrom Madison, United States of America
Mindset Coaching

Having built multiple businesses from scratch, my experience can be applied to any business with growth mindedness. Founder's mentality and a sincere team communication method are necessary and together we can explore ways to move your mind to a place that matches what is needed to grow.

Advice on Funding

With experience of "pushing in all of my chips" to start three businesses, to pushing up against distracted angel and venture funds, delivering funding advice is natural for me. The success of a company is often made by getting fundraising correct from day one.

Customer Success

Defining the keys to optimize a customer journey from post-sale to implementation to deep use, experiences that I drove with our cloud-based solution gave customers a true sense of partnership. Success-mindedness starts with leadership, and it needs to start at the beginning of the business' life.

Mentor Toolkit
over 13 years of experience

General reporting and customer management, reviewing Sales reports and Marketing pipeline, and building new customer identifiers. Also oversaw teams doing integrations (Marketo, Live Chat)

Founder, Chair, and President
ThirdSpace, Inc.
Madison, United States of America
- present

From founder and first investor, to Chair of the Board and President, this business delivers a SaaS platform that helps drive a company to building an epic culture.

Rev360, LLC
Madison, United States of America

Founding partner and CEO of cloud-based software startup for eye care practices, through exit and four-year post-acquisition.

O.D. (Doctor of Optometry)
Illinois College of Optometry

Cum laude, Illinois College of Optometry

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