Scott Cowley

I help founders who sell, but aren't *sales*people, build repeatable processes that win

London, United Kingdom (+00:00 UTC)Englishfrom Sydney, Australia
$40 / hour

Quick clarifier - sales means growth via 1-1 conversations. If you've made it this far in my profile and are thinking anything other than "This guy likes sales" - please let me know so I can update the profile. Sales is my passion as it's often the key determination for a business succeeding or failing - would 1k, 10k or 100k more next month make your life much much easier? Sales is the fastest way to get it, and that's what I do above all else.

Productized services

Productised service businesses have the standard agency problems but with a natural inbuilt scalability. This problems are either people, process or pipeline based. I help people MOST with the pipeline problem BUT I just love productised businesses as they combine the way I like to do business - they're a high value product, with potentially long retention, in the services space. What's not to love?

Building a team

Building a SALES team. Most people miss what sales actually is and that it is hard to find good sales talent, it's expensive to pay them and then they wonder why cutting corners on either of the above means they missed their goals. I can help if you need support with team structure (eg pods, territories or a free for all), team composition (eg reps, SDRs, BDMs or onboarding) and the order to build it.

Mentor Toolkit
over 8 years of experience

Trello has been one of my go to's for many years, it's simple yet insanely powerful. The free version is ok, but the paid version is AMAZING, repeating cards, auto updating tasks and the beautiful kanban style layout make Trello one of the top productivity to-do list apps going.

over 2 years of experience

Close is great for a specific use case. If you're looking for something simple, for a small sales team, and you don't want to get bogged down in all the bells and whistles then Close might be for you. Personal I find it limiting once you have more than 2 people selling or if you want to add automation of any kind, plus the reporting must be exported. All in all I know a lot of people very happy with Close and I work with it often with clients.

over 5 years of experience

Hubspot CRM is POWERFUL, but can be expensive and the reporting is limited. I ONLY know about hubspot as a CRM and do not use the email marketing features. Happy to chat about workflows, sequences and all rough automation.

over 2 years of experience

I have been using Convertkit in my own business since 2019 and have experience with forms, landing pages and subscribers. Highly recommend their webinars.

over 3 years of experience

I have worked with intercom to automate onboarding and create a robust upsell process from freemium to paid user. I especially enjoy building webhook based triggers for additional support to automate the upsell process

over 8 years of experience

Having worked as both a rep and a manager within the salesforce ecosystem I can provide insight into the best set up and also help build robust reporting.

Reviews (40)
1 session
21 Jul 2021

Superb! You can tell he is a master when the advice is so spot on. Thanks Scott

Kishan Bhoopalam
1 session
8 Jul 2021

I had a great call with Steve. Steve helped me identify pain points I am trying to solve and emphasized the importance of this before thinking about a solution.

Jeremy Robinson
1 session
6 Jul 2021

Scott gave me some very specific tactics for engaging my audience that I was able to immediately implement and that delivered a tangible result.

Gilad Kahala
3 sessions
20 Jun 2021

Thank you!

Gilad Kahala
3 sessions
13 Jun 2021

Was awesome. Thank you!

Gilad Kahala
3 sessions
6 Jun 2021

It was great talking to you, Scott!

Bradley Hebert
1 session
20 May 2021

Scott was able to explain a sizeable amount of the core fundamentals of B2B sales to a complete novice with ease. Thanks to him I feel wildly more confident in dealing with the goals I have in front of me. Cannot express how grateful I am!

Johannes Radig
1 session
29 Apr 2021

Scott is an outstanding mentor. He asked really great questions and then gave very specific and actionable advice re: enterprise sales and pricing. I can't wait to book him again in the future! Thanks a lot, Scott. 🏄🏼‍♂️

Venese Lau
1 session
12 Feb 2021

Scott was incredible and gave me amazing tips and advice to help guide me forward. Thank you very much for the session!

Mark Quadros
1 session
9 Feb 2021

Solid advice. Hired Scott to be my sales coach. He's awesome!

Ia Lising
1 session
2 Feb 2021

The session went absolutely well. Thanks Scott for understanding the company situation, and the situation of the sales people, our current sales processes, and for the spot-on recommendations. 👍

Hannah Goldie
1 session
25 Jan 2021

Super helpful in guiding me towards the information I needed, very swift to reply to messages, appreciated his time spend.

Alkarim Shamsy
2 sessions
18 Jan 2021

Scott was amazing at detailing the best practices for onboarding salespeople. Really helpful.

Jan-Marc Verlinden
1 session
13 Jan 2021

Thin kis knowledge is amazing, only not for this phase for our company. For sure we will contact him later (again).

Mareike Popp
1 session
12 Jan 2021

Absolutely loved the session with Scott. Very efficient and lots of good tips, actionable advice and resources. Can only recommend talking to him when it comes to Email Outbound Marketing!

Alkarim Shamsy
2 sessions
8 Dec 2020

Scott was insightful and had some good recommendations.

Rachelle Uy
1 session
4 Dec 2020

Scott was very precise with what needs to be done given our situation. He also gave benchmarks and targets we should aim for, which, as a person with no sales background, I found to be very valuable, and saves me a lot of time. I was hesitant at first to book another mentor because I've been booking a lot of sales mentors in the past week, but I'm glad I did. With the super short amount of time, we were able to tackle a lot and I'm very clear on what my next steps are. Thanks so much Scott!

1 session
30 Nov 2020

Scott has great listening skills. He is open, clear, and has serious sales knowledge. His advice helped me a lot. Thanks, Scott!

Juan Sarrado
1 session
27 Nov 2020

Scott was worth every minute on the call. He have me insightful information about scaling our B2B sales strategy and pitfalls to avoid when building out a sales team. Thanks Scott!

Kamel Weiss
1 session
4 Nov 2020

Had a great first call with Scott on targeting corporate clients, got real and solid advises that we could add in our selling approach.

Jimmy Pewtress
1 session
20 Oct 2020

Great call with Scott who gave me, a technical founder, a good overview of how a B2B SaaS sales process needs to set up, along with lots of useful tips and things to look out for. Really useful and highly recommended.

Simo Elalj
1 session
14 Oct 2020

Scott has a down-to-earth approach to better grab the attention of prospects. Thanks!

Dan Ragan
1 session
6 Oct 2020

Scott is the man, still in touch on a regular basis via his mastermind group

Tony Talamas
1 session
29 Sep 2020

Scott was very quick to grasp the concept of by business so was able to offer great guidance for my launch in only a 30 minute period of time. He validated some of my thoughts, reconfirmed other ideas I had and provided me with a next step and short path to launching my MVP. He also provided some great advice on my pricing strategy and encouraged me to get the product out to market and to solicit feedback from users before spending too much time perfecting it.

Tammy Bjelland
1 session
28 Sep 2020

Scott did a wonderful job helping us focus the conversation on what would help me most. He is extremely knowledgeable about developing sales processes, and I gained a lot from our conversation.

Ed Wang
1 session
20 Sep 2020

Scott was extremely helpful. Really helped me understand how I was approaching the problem from the wrong framing, and offered some very actionable suggestions on how to reframe my sales outreach. One of the most useful information rich calls.

Grig Duta
1 session
11 Sep 2020

Scott is awesome! He took the time to find my current situation and he gave me great tips on how to improve my email campaigns. Definitely recommend getting on a call with him.

Paul Van Schie
1 session
3 Jul 2020

In only a short call Scott suggested an entirely different marketing/ sales approach. Great to get a fresh perspective!

Alex MacMillan
1 session
17 Jun 2020

Very much appreciated the call with Scott and his flexibility. Useful to get a sales perspective on marketing strategy and ways to connect marketing activity with the rhythm of the sales function. Cheers!

Konrad Cichawa
1 session
10 May 2020

Scott definitely has a lot of experience in b2b sales, so if you are looking for advice in that field, I'd definitely recommend him.

sowmith mandadi
1 session
1 May 2020

We had great time talking on how to approach outreach and strategies for outreach campaigns.

Pyry Takala
2 sessions
17 Apr 2020

Very helpful!

Peter Saghegyi
1 session
4 Mar 2020

Scott was very helpful and right to the point during our 30min meeting. He helped to put our current state into perspective and helped to act upon it correctly.

Nadiia Shevelieva
1 session
24 Feb 2020

We discussed pros and cons of live demos, and Scott gave me really helpful advice & offered possible solutions for our team. Thank you!

Teja Kocjancic
1 session
4 Feb 2020

Scott helped me with a lot of advice on a B2B sales email flow and was patient enough to review my draft and gave me some hands-on advice on how to improve it. 10/10 would recommend!

Aravindh Sridhar
1 session
23 Jan 2020

Thanks for the call Scott - you really helped us a lot with outbound marketing. I really recommend business owners to hit up Scott and seek his help for sales. He has a lot of experience helping other entrepreneurs sell more which is really HUGE.

Sammy James
1 session
8 Jan 2020

Scott gets down to business and he knows his business! He asks tough questions and knows how to separate the wheat from the chaff. We covered a lot of ground in 30 minutes and I walked away excited about our growth potential and eager to hit the ground running. I am looking forward to spending more time with Scott and putting his ideas into action.

Foti Panagiotakopoulos
1 session
7 Jan 2020

I booked a call with Scott to go over an outbound sales campaign I'm trying to piece together for GrowthMentor. Scott asked me super smart questions before the call just to make sure that we hit the ground running when it started. I sent him my email sequences and a bit of a brief about the buyer personas over a Google Doc. So when we started the call, it was right out of the gates value add. He started the call by asking me a couple exploratory questions to understand "high level" what the business objectives were (and why), I appreciated that. Then we transitioned to a screenshare and where he gave some great recommendations on how to improve the cadence. My head is spinning right now (in a really really good kind of way). Thanks Scott!

Mark Colgan 💰📈👍
1 session
12 Dec 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with Scott and he demonstrated his domain expertise around repeatable sales systems and processes. He helped me reframe my thoughts around a specific challenge I am having in my sales process. Approaching the situation with this perspective allowed me to overcome it. That alone is invaluable. Thank you Scott.

Ai Ching Goh
1 session
2 Dec 2019

Scott came thoroughly prepared and clearly knew how to set up sales teams from scratch. He spoke with conviction and was very helpful with practical advice to get it done. Would recommend a call with him!