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Growth marketing

Do you have a limited budget and a small workforce but have aspirations to grow disproportionately? With 18+ years of growth experience, I understand the need of bootstrapping in this economic climate. I can help plug-in quick tactical hacks to extract growth from existing marketing, sales and operational infrastructure.

Customer success

Why spend on marketing if you can reactive past customers, increase purchase frequency or average order value with small tweaks and customer campaigns. Extract value from your customer base by using tactical customer programs. Customer programs can increase your base revenue by 30% or more.

Product market fit

Ready to conquer the world with your latest Saas or service offering? Let's get the market fit validation before we spend millions in marketing, sales and launch. I would love to discuss how to use no cost partner outreach campaigns and research to validate your product or service.

Technology and tools

According to Forester research, on average, organizations have 34 different tools. If you couple that with 34+ different sources of data and you get an expensive spider web of garbage data and negligible insights. With my award winning Martech and Salestech stack, I can help you build the right infrastructure to support your business needs without spending thousands of dollars. I will share my 1-page digital roadmap to help you save a minimum of $10,000 in agency fees and software costs.

Mentor Toolkit
over 4 years of experience

My personal website is built on clickfunnels. I have it to run webinars, lead gen campaigns, landing pages and more. Asl me anything about it.

over 9 years of experience

Tableau is my favorite data viz platforms and during my analytics leadership roles I have used it for all types of organizational reports including marketing, sales and operations.

Google Data Studio
over 5 years of experience

I led analytics organizations and Google Data Platform has been our primary tool for data viz. Between Microsoft Bi, Tableau and GDS we have developed hundreds of dashboards and reports.

Adobe Analytics
over 14 years of experience

I have been on advisory board of Adobe and have been using it's platform since 2007 when it was called Omniture. I played an important role in the product development for Adobe and it's analytics and attribution suite.

over 11 years of experience

I have been using Get response for my blog since last 10 years. Ask me anything on how to set higher converting lead magnets and campaigns. I have used combination of Get Response and Thrive tools to increase conversion

over 4 years of experience

Setting up a drip campaign is just the beginning of your marketing automation journey. The real fun starts when you you convert cold traffic to paid customers. The trick is to have proper list segmentation, right message, target persona and high quality content. I call this the Drip to Paid formula.

over 13 years of experience

15+ Hubspot implementations under my belt across various small and large organizations. I can help you identify atleast 3 opportunity areas to increase email marketing performance, improve MQL quality and fix marketing and sales hand-off issues. I have developed my own lead management process to solve most lead / pipeline issues.

over 16 years of experience

Do you have a leaky Salesforce? 650+ MQLs sitting in unattended sale queue for 4 months...ouch! That's just one example dozens of use cases I have come across in my journey. With 15+ years of Salesforce experience, I can pin point and help fix pipeline leaks, broken sales processes and gaps in sales performance insights.

Head of Growth
Direct Energy
- present

Leading team of marketing and inbound sales professional through $3.5bn acquisition by NRG.

CEO and Founder
Inspiring Insights
- present

Growth and business coach helping service and Saas business owners exceed growth goals.

Head of Marketing Operations
Alert Logic

Led team of marketing and inbound sales professional.

Master in Business Administration
University of Houston

Marketing and Finance

Reviews (6)
Scott Cowley
1 session
21 Feb 2021

Sameer was able to deconstruct my problem in greater depth than I had thought and approach it from a different angle. As much as I enjoy the strategic, high-level discussions Sameer picked up that I needed to get tactical and actionable during our call. So we went through a clear methodology I can apply (which even came with a pdf graphic to make it even more actionable). I do love a good framework to run ideas through. Also turns out our paths had semi-crossed almost 10 years ago. Amazing how the dots get connected looking backwards. Looking forward to our next conversation.

Foti Panagiotakopoulos
1 session
4 Feb 2021

It's rare enough to speak with someone with industry experience in DevOps/Hosting/IT, and even rarer to speak with someone as experienced as Sameer. Discussed industry trends and strategic positioning for long-term viability in an ever commoditizing market. Super call.

Lucas Mondora 💰
1 session
18 Jan 2021

Speaking to Sameer was awesome. He's extremely friendly and knowledgeable in running and scaling Facebook ads and helped give me clarity on the next steps I need to take. Without Sameer, I'd still be stuck wondering how to scale my campaigns.

Abhijeet Vaidya
1 session
22 Dec 2020

Sameer is very knowledgeable and helpful. Went over the 30 minutes and is open to meeting again. No upsell to paid services. Highly recommend speaking with him to get a lowdown on funnels.

Spyros Tsoukalas
1 session
15 Dec 2020

Great session with Sameer He drove me through all the critical parameters of assessing the resources we need to give our headcount & budget for a technical project By asking questions, he helped me define our next steps, "unknowns" & flags, and variables that we should take into account and succeed along the implementation of the project Great guy! Thanks!

Sergi Garcia
1 session
18 Sep 2020

Sameer is awesome. He is patient, structured, and very insightful. We went quite deep into intent data and helped me plan out my next steps!