Sam Collier

Facebook & Instagram Ads Specialist - Generated $50M+ Revenue Through Ads

Andover, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (+00:00 UTC)Englishfrom Andover, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Conversion Rate Optimisation

Without strong CRO skills you're only 50% of the way to becoming a successful media-buyer. I regularly carry out landing page spot checks, analysis, and CRO breakdowns that can help my clients generate an additional $1M+ a month in revenue. The biggest success I've had with CRO to date is helping a disruptor eCommerce brand increase their AOV by 189% by tweaking the checkout process and introducing some up-sell fundamentals. (This has resulted in $750k/mo additional revenue)

Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking is exciting, fast paced, and incredibly rewarding which is why it's such a passion of mine. I took a financial services company from $0 to $450,000/month in just 2 months from identifying, exploiting and capitalizing on some of their digital weak spots. A fully self-funded company (rare in this sector) we bootstrapped the company to generating $1M/month purely through digital marketing arbitrage.

PPC Strategies

I've been running paid media buying campaigns for the past 4+ years, and generated $50,000,000+ in revenue for some of America's leading brands, Fortune 500 companies, and most exciting disruptor brands. Golden State Warriors, MGM Resorts & Casino's, Ashley Furniture, and Snow Teeth Whitening are just a handful of the 100+ brands I've managed $1M+ a month Facebook marketing budgets for.

Mentor Toolkit
4 years of experience

The lifeblood of my agency. We literally benchmark all of our clients through the data dashboards and custom reports we build using Supermetrics. Couldn't be a bigger advocate for it as a software as it helps us cut data collection time by hours every single day!

4 years of experience

An incredibly high ROAS channel when executed right, I've helped many DTC eCom brands generate 6/7-figures through ManyChat messenger bots. One of the biggest wins to-date was selling out a 1,500+ seater live event solely through messenger marketing.

4 years of experience

I've managed all of the Google AdWords efforts for hundreds of clients, but most notably Golden State Warriors where we spent $1M+ a month in branded & non-branded search campaigns tactfully beating out some big-spending competitor brands (StubHub, Fanatics, SeatGeek). Facebook & Instagram Ads are my forte, but if I was to pick a #2 it would be AdWords.

4 years of experience

I managed all of the Bing Ads efforts for TiVo (along with FB, IG & Google) who had a monthly marketing budget of $2M+. I helped them get in front of a totally unique audience demographic that were high-converting at low cost. Definitely an under-utilised ads platform that with the right marketing can be incredibly lucrative.

4 years of experience

Having spent millions of dollars sending traffic to ClickFunnels landing pages... it's a love/hate relationship. But with that in mind I've spent hundreds of hours building funnels, creating sequences, and planning structures for clients to follow to build high-converting landing pages in CF.

Google Tag Manager
4 years of experience

Digital Tracking is imperative to any Facebook & Instagram media buying endeavours and Google Tag Manager is our #1 component for this. I've been setting up complex GTM's for years and still constantly tweaking, learning and implementing with the ever-changing data collection landscape.

4 years of experience

I've spent more time on the Facebook Ads platform than I'd care to admit. I've generated $50M+ in revenue through Facebook & Instagram ads and managed client budgets of $1M+/month for some of America's leading brands. (Golden State Warriors, MGM Resorts & Casino's, Ashley Furniture, TiVo + Many More!)

CEO & Founder
Andover, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
- present

A paid media buying agency trusted by some of the world's biggest brands. Generated well over $50,000,000+ in revenue through Facebook & Instagram ads. We help scale DTC eCommerce brands from 7 figures to multiple 8 & 9 figures through paid media buying.

Digital Agencies
Reviews (9)
Domenic Dawson
2 sessions
14 Dec 2020

Great session with Sam. Highly reccomended. Sam was able to provide the top-level advice and strategy I was looking for to begin scaling my FB ad campaigns. looking forward to working with Sam more.

Beshoo Sam
1 session
23 Sep 2020

My session with Sam about Facebook Ads was very helpful. He gave me some great advice. Looking forward to another session with him.

Walter Scalzone
2 sessions
15 Sep 2020

Sam knows a lot about Facebook ads and kindly provided insights about target definition!

1 session
13 Sep 2020

5 stars! Highly recommended!

1 session
7 Sep 2020

A very valuable call loaded with PPC Strategies many facebook ad gurus are not teaching. I walked away with actionable insights to help me improve my campaign right away. Thank you.

Walter Scalzone
2 sessions
1 Sep 2020

Just WOW! Sam spotted the issue in my ads which I was running since 14 days with no results. Patiently advised on the objective and tactics to pursue. Great knowledge and experience!

Marytere Solano
1 session
25 Aug 2020

I had an exploratory session with Sam, he was very friendly and open to answering any questions I had about managing, optimizing, and scaling multi-million dollar Facebook ad accounts. He has hands-on knowledge and it's very results-oriented, I'll probably follow up with him in the future ;)

Lloyd Lee
1 session
19 Aug 2020

My session with Sam about Facebook Ads was very helpful. He gave me some actionable insights that I've started implementing already. Looking forward to another session with him. Thanks again Sam!

Austin Ollar
1 session
17 Aug 2020

Sam has a ton of experience and some great insights into managing Facebook ads. Thanks again for your help :)