Rob Turlinckx

Product Design Consultant

Bangkok, Thailand (+07:00 UTC)Dutch, Englishfrom Antwerp, Belgium
Design / UX

Over a decade of hands-on experience designing and implementing B2B SaaS products, marketing sites and user onboarding flows. Product Design • Onboarding UX • Information Architecture • Pricing Design • Landing Page Teardowns • Design and UX Audit • Product Metrics • Site & CMS Migration

Venting Frustration

To err is human. To vent frustration is too. We aren’t perfect, and sometimes it feels great to have a good chat to get it all out. Living abroad with my family in a rural part of Thailand, I experienced difficulties in finding a balance between work and life firsthand. I've been through ups & downs and I'm pretty familiar with impostor syndrome.

Mentor Toolkit
over 4 years of experience

I have been designing and building Hubspot landing pages for multiple SaaS companies to facilitate lead generation, convert leads, and close more customers.

over 4 years of experience

I've used Hotjar multiple times in my design practice and it's a very good tool to go beyond Google Analytics and uncover user behavior and make the right design changes.

Product Design Consultant for B2B SaaS
Bangkok, Thailand
- present

As a SaaS product design consultant, I'm fully focused on unlocking revenue growth for B2B SaaS companies through product-driven growth strategies. Described as a “game changer” who knows how to secure growth, this role has enabled me to expand my expertise in securing remarkable customer loyalty, reduction of churn and increase in conversions.

Fin Tech
Postgraduate Degree
Katholieke Hogeschool Mechelen

Web/Multimedia Management

Bachelor's Degree
Katholieke Hogeschool Kempen

Applied Computer Science/System and Network Management

Reviews (15)
Robert DuBois
1 session
20 Jul 2020

Rob was very kind and informative, and he was generous with sharing his hard-earned wisdom from over 10 years of design consulting. He stuck around past our end time to make sure all of my questions were answered. Thanks Rob – I learned so much.

Rahul Goel
1 session
17 Jul 2020

Rob was so awesome to chat with! We touched on a bunch of high level topics and I shared an early version of our new dashboard with him - some great little nuggets of advice. He also shared a bunch of great UX resources with me, and we had some awesome chats over Linkedin as well. Thanks Rob!

Pyry Takala
2 sessions
8 Jul 2020

Very helpful and patient mentoring on website design.

Tom Figiel
3 sessions
29 Jun 2020

Rob and I had a call with my lead UX/UI designer and Rob made the call feel as though he was an extension of our team. As a result we were able to have a productive and insightful discussion. I can tell Rob is passionate about working with web app UX/UI and shares our passion for product led growth.

Aggelos Mouzakitis
1 session
27 Jun 2020

Great mentor, amazing insights!

Pyry Takala
2 sessions
19 Jun 2020

Really helpful and knowledgeable! Highly recommended for design & onboarding :)

Jim Pawell
1 session
16 Jun 2020

Rob is great! He prepared beforehand for his session with us, gave us specific and practical advice that we implemented immediately, and was patient and friendly throughout our conversations. We plan on turning to him again as move further down the development path.

Stefan Debois
1 session
26 May 2020

Rob gave valuable recommendations to improve the UX/UI of our onboarding flow - after the call he documented these using screenshots of our actual app - this was clearly more than we expected!!

Foti Panagiotakopoulos
1 session
16 Apr 2020

Rob's a great guy. Super helpful and a joy to talk to. He gave me a lot of tips on how to better use Sketch and also gave a brief overview of Webflow as a secondary topic. Was considering pros cons of sticking with Wordpress or going to Webflow and this chat was exactly what I needed so I could make an informed decision.

Tela Andrews
1 session
9 Apr 2020

I had connected with Rob before he joined GrowthMentor, but we both felt that the GrowthMentor platform was the best way to continue our conversations. I scheduled my call with Rob while we were in the middle of a UX sprint, designing improved experiences before our launch. Rob was able to provide a user-focused outside perspective and suggest changes that will make the product better. He also, in advance of our call, reviewed the product and came prepared with suggestions. Some were new, insightful and will further improve our product in areas I wasn't expecting to get feedback. In a few instances, his suggestions were work that we had already done or were doing. It's always nice to get confirmation when you're doing some things right. Rob is a fantastic user-focused design collaborator with an uncanny ability to understand where users will encounter friction and opportunities to delight.

Nuno Pereira
1 session
18 Mar 2020

Great call with Rob! We talked a lot about content priorities and information hierarchy, and how important it is to get the whole design structure and layout well defined before involving a designer. Also, Rob shared with me a lot of resources, which is not that common, so I really appreciate that he put together a Notion file just for me. Thanks!

Jon Santangelo
1 session
10 Mar 2020

Rob helped give my site a quick inspection and provided ample feedback and action tips, as well as design / UX tips and knowledge.

Sammy James
1 session
20 Feb 2020

Time flew by too fast but in the time we did have I learned a lot and got several actionable ideas regarding our product dashboard UI. I am booking another session with Rob as soon as we complete our customer research and look forward to getting more direction to tighten up on onboarding and more. Thanks Rob!

Tomasz Braja
2 sessions
31 Jan 2020

It was my second session with Rob, and again, I got a lot of actionable feedback.

Tomasz Braja
2 sessions
26 Jan 2020

Great session. I got a lot of actionable feedback regarding my application's UX. Thanks Rob!