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Customer Success

If you're building a business, you're really building a process for customer success. Since a business at it's core is about creating and delivering value so that you can capture some value in return. Profits. That's why at the heart of everything I do, I ask... what's in it for the customer. This keeps sprints focused on the things that matter in any business. Creating more happy customers.

Venting Frustration

Paragliding over long distances without an engine requires a delicate balance of skill, patience, fear management, mental strength as well as the occasional 'lucky save'... since the weather gods do have a say. This sport has taught me a lot about effective decision making even when things don't go your way. How to ride strong emotional waves in situations where there is ZERO room for error. Keeping cool headed when the going gets tough.

Technology and Tools

A hammer, chisel, file, rasp — all humble tools. In the hand of a master like Antoni Gaudí, though, they are the instruments used to create a world wonder. Just like Gaudi, I craft unique experiences using combinations of digital tools and some creativity. Strategy also plays a vital role if we need to build an agile tech stack perfectly suited for lean experimentation and growth sprints.

Mentor Toolkit
over 1 year of experience

I create streamlined tracking stacks which allows you to (1) build a single source of truth and (2) accelerates performance marketing activities. Don't take my word for it. Here's what Corey, CMO at Trueself, had to say. "I've hired Rhys to set up precise tracking with a single source of truth across marketing channels. He's doing great work - this is the kind of stuff often overlooked by startups that can be a game-changer."

over 3 years of experience

I shared 9 Amazing Growth Hacks With Zapier, in a blog post. 1. Get Your Team Focused On Customer Insights 2. Boost Website Conversion & Retention 3. Manage & Curate Content Like A Pro 4. Super Charge Your Influencer Marketing In RealTime 5. Know Thy Twitter Audience 6. Become An Email Marketing Ninja 7. Get Unique Content Created Automatically 8. Motivate Your Growth Team With Sprint Digests Read all nine tips here https://medium.com/unvanity/9-amazing-growth-hacks-with-zapier-359389d46615

Google Analytics
over 8 years of experience

Onboarded and trained 10+ marketing professionals and audited many more Google Analytics implementations. Understand the features and limitations enough to advise on best practise setup as well as the more tailored use cases.

Google Data Studio
over 2 years of experience

I create dynamic dashboards with DataStudio. Don't take my word for it. Here's what Julian, CMO at Somnox, thinks about the dashboarding I've helped them with. "It is very impressive to see how concise you can pinpoint the bottlenecks of future growth."

Adventures Unbound
We kickstarted a new brand
Pyrenees, Spain
Jun 2017 -

In the summer of 2017, Rhys Fisher, Mark Baldwin, and Fons de Leeuw, venture south on a mission to go bigger than any of them had ever gone before. From sea to summit, and then back to sea. These three friends attempted to cross the entire length of the range, from the Bay of Biscay to the Mediterranean, powered only by the elements. We used this adventure to create an interactive media project. We also developed a live tracking platform with a telegram bot to replicate an athlete social feed.

Nordic APIs
Nordic APIs
Gothenburg, Sweden
Jan 2015 -

This was my first job in marketing... joining when they were little more than a tiny event organiser with a blog that had exactly zero traction. 8 months later they were the industry leaders in their space, owning many of the winning SEO terms thanks to a great content strategy I helped mastermind. This fuelled an event scaling initiative where we caught the eye of some bigger software companies who became sponsors.

Gothenburg, Sweden
Jun 2019 -

After rebuilding their entire front end, we (Unvanity) were brought in to audit their analytics. Primarily to ensure they provided their advertisers with basic analytics capabilities and spot bugs. We were able to suggest some analytics work which could improve their customer success... which has us in an ongoing conversation. Can't say more at this point, but we're discussing a Customer Data Platform (CDP).

Scandinavian Executive
Scandinavian Executive
Stockholm, Sweden
May 2019 -

The Scandinavian Executive were generating new leads but with limited visibility into ROI or how each segment of their multi-sided model interacted with their brand real-estates, so progress with the growth model remained static, in some cases showing signs of a decline. The project involved providing analytics strategy consulting as well as the development of tracking and reporting solutions. Good documentation and collaborative workflow served to align management on a clear and understandable tracking solution.

Reviews (12)
Michael Blackwell
1 session
16 Jun 2020

Today Rhys consulted with me about how to build up my authority website. Even better, he expanded on my initial concept to find additional ways to validate my business idea, discussed multiple ways to monetize revenue streams, and referred me to online tools that are immensely helpful. He is an excellent mentor and I highly recommend Rhys.

Vincent Tresno
1 session
28 Apr 2020

Great talking to Rhys. He is very knowledgable on data-driven marketing and it was great to bounce back and forth some ideas and experiences. Looking forward to speaking again soon :)

Veronika Cervenakova
1 session
17 Jan 2020

Call with Rhys was great! We went straight to identifying problems why the GA goals are not working. He took me through a step-by-step process of debugging and identifying the flaws in the setup. I definitely recommend a call with him if you want to learn something new and get some more technical knowledge!

Maria Sirotkina
1 session
8 Jan 2020

Loved the session with Rhys. Rhys actually looked behind my shoulder, took his time to understand the business and did an amazing job helping me to identify the priorities and set an action plan for the nearest period. Bottom line: ATM I'm implementing what we discussed and see the value flowing my way. Brilliant.

Corey Cleland
1 session
15 Nov 2019

I've hired Rhys to set up precise tracking with a single source of truth across marketing channels. He's doing great work - this is the kind of stuff often overlooked by startups that can be a game-changer.

1 session
9 Sep 2019

The conversation with Rhys was an amazing experience. He truly is Data-Driven Growth Advisor as he says. He suggested me to be more hands on, when it comes to data and analytics, which can tell us everything we need to know about where our audience comes from. Above all, he took a look and interest into my brand with different set of eyes and gave me many ideas from different points of views, which I would never have even thought about. This was the thing that was of most value, as I can learn the theory, but not to apply it to my brand and my needs. Thank you Rhys for your time and honest opinions.

Bartosz Pielaszek
1 session
25 Aug 2019

Rhys made me think a lot about the infrastructure of my customer data, after a call I've started working on integrating all data management systems in my company

Matias Klenz
1 session
2 Aug 2019

Great talk with Rhys, that resulted in some very tangible possible actions regarding my challenge in relation to working with onboarding and retention on on mobile app.

Foti Panagiotakopoulos
1 session
25 Jul 2019

Rhys is super knowledgeable when it comes to business intelligence and analytics. Also really friendly and keen to help. Will definitely schedule a follow up!

Tom Figiel
1 session
22 Jul 2019

Rhys was kind enough to share his approach and methodology to resolve similar issues that he faces with his clients. The advice was not only informative but also practical and actionable that I could walk away and implement.

Jeff Cheng
1 session
19 Jul 2019

Rhys has given me so much valuable insights during the call, very knowledgable in the areas of analytics and data. I will be scheduling a follow-up call in a few days time. Thank you so much for your time and effort again. Highly recommended mentor if you want your business/startup to grow!

Dale Broadhead
1 session
18 Jul 2019

Rhys is super knowledgeable and gave me some awesome and actionable advice that I can test out going forwards. Hoping to book a followup call.