Philipp Wolf

Founder & CEO, Bootstrapped SaaS, Customer Success, Product Management, Market Fit

Bucharest, Romania (+02:00 UTC)English, Germanfrom Friedrichshafen, Germany
$99 / hour
Product market fit

Finding good product-market-fit can be hard and confusing in the early stages of a product. I have had several practical challenges in the past that I've solved successfully and can give you advice on how to verify you have PMF, or how you know you have PMF.


I've bootrapped my own startup (see for more information) with now more than 15 employees and a distributed team all over the world and can give advice if you plan to do the same (or not - as it's like with everything in life, it comes with pros and cons).

Technology and tools

I have lot of experience in building systems that can scale, always with a "budget mindset", meaning that even if you chose an expensive platform like AWS to deploy your services, make it in a way that it doesn't kill your budget. Also, I'm aware what it means to build state of the art systems and use state of the art technology for it.

Design / UX

First of all, I have been designing the UI and UX as well as all funnels for products that had been used by 50m+ users in my previous job. Since 1.5 years, I'm designing and setting the UI / UX for my SaaS, not just the product itself, but also the (marketing) website, landing pages and blog articles.

Customer success

I am the founder of Custify (, we offer Customer Success Software, so I'm very deep into any Customer Success best practices and things that can be done to reduce Churn via this channel. I can also help to setup a team and to help to differentiate Support from Customer Success.

Mentor Toolkit
over 6 years of experience

I'm just gonna list Node here, as our platform is build with it. I can only help with the high-level advantages of building your product on a complete JavaScript platform, but I can't give you coding advice here, as my level of coding is not (anymore) something I'd advice others with.

over 5 years of experience

Facebook Ads are a beast. While they can be super helpful, they are also a bit tricky to use, especially if you don't have crazy money to throw at it, but want a really targeted audience. Even though it might be less B2B relevant compared to LinkedIn, in my experience for almost any startup it can still be used.

over 5 years of experience

I have all the basic experience with Adwords, but I am not a pro in it to be honest either. In some businesses it makes sense to use it, in some it might be better to focus on SEO or other growth channels that are organic.

over 5 years of experience

Trello is a great tool for any management - project and product, even for private lists or other visualizations it can be used. I am using it every day and so does all my team, basically all our road-map, product, website planning happens in there.

over 7 years of experience

In my previous job I have been working with Mixpanel a lot - I did stop working with it about two years ago though. I don't know how much they changed in the meanwhile, but I assume the core principles are still unchanged (such as cohort analytics etc).

over 5 years of experience

Intercom can be a great help, but also has some drawbacks that you should be aware of. This is not just for Intercom, but for any live-chat solution that you think of implementing, as in the end, if you do so, you have to reply instantly (and have the resources to do so).
over 6 years of experience

Building drip campaigns is not something every business has to do, at least in my opinion, but if you do it, you should do it right. I have worked with for a longer while, while it's pretty straightforward in the UI these days, I can still help to answer potential questions. For what I have seen, almost all marketing-email tools work almost the same way, so the experience here might be applicable to other as well, as it's in the end more about how to set up your campaign anyway.

Google Webmaster Tools
over 7 years of experience

Besides Google Analytics, the Webmaster Tools are one of the first things to focus at when you start your website, which usually is the first thing you do before you do anything else (product wise). The Webmaster Tools are not too complex to understand, but still worth a view every day.

Google Analytics
over 7 years of experience

Understanding Google Analytics is core to your start of the business. Although some claim that the information is not always 100% correct, which I might agree, it certainly gives you enough input to start with: Along with GA comes the Search console, which has similar importance (if you go for organic traffic, of course)

over 5 years of experience

I have done several LinkedIn Campaigns already - some successful, some not so much. I can help setting up the pixel tracking, which is the easiest way to start with (re-target your website visitors).

Bucurest, Romania
- present

We provide Customer Success Software. Custify takes the pain out of Customer Success and allows agents spend time with clients rather than organizing data, clicking through tons of menus and being forced to use features that they never asked for. It's also transparent in pricing and fast to setup.

Executive Vice President Protection Labs
Tettnang, Germany

Setting and implementing the strategy as part of the executive management team, reporting to the CEO. Built up a department of more than 100 people from scratch, hiring only the best candidates and mentoring them over time to become successors • Guided strategic changes of the company from a purely licensed based business model towards mixed revenue models including indirect monetization. Drove the transition from a channel driven sales into an online company • Designed outstanding detection technologies to protect against malicious files and URLs. Brought Avira’s detection scores in independent tests from average back to the top of the industry, scoring as best product and being rewarded multiple times, resulting in +550m customers worldwide trusting the product • Supported a broad range of customers; consumers, businesses, as well as large OEM customers with >100m users that required a deep understanding of the security market, technologies, agile development, product management, and user interface (UX) design and engineering • Recruited, led and ongoing coached an international team of Product Managers and Designers. Helped the team to become successfully recognized • Developed and implemented a new product design vision for all Avira products • Represented Avira’s technical team towards press and media, spoke at various conferences, interviewed from online and print magazines as well as radio stations • Ramped up a new product from scratch, including budget- plus risk-planning as well as recruiting of more than 15 new employees within just a few months. Selected the best possible international candidates for team consisting of experts in "C"​, back- and front-end, Java-Script, AI research, malware analysis and reverse engineering, DevOps and more

Apply exponential technologies
Singularity University

Apply exponential technologies to address humanity's grand challenges and manage disruption

High Potential Leadership Program
Harvard Business School

Lead under pressure, champion change, build teams, and develop talent throughout the organization.

Master of Science in Computer Technology
University of Weingarten

German version of Master of Science in Computer Technology.

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Reviews (6)
Thomas Seidel
1 session
28 Sep 2020

Great call with Philipp. Got to the point quickly and was very helpful and open to support. His experience in product/market fit seems very relevant and I will take suggested action accordingly.

Apollos Hester
2 sessions
7 Aug 2020

Phillip was incredible! He gave me great insights and very, very knowledgeable and valuable. Knows what hes talking about and his advice has probably saved me months if not years of struggle and recovery!!!! WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Benjamin Liger
2 sessions
23 Apr 2020


Benjamin Liger
2 sessions
6 Apr 2020

Fantastic insights from Philipp, gave valuable advice on what I should be focusing on at the moment

Shalin TJ
1 session
24 Feb 2020

Philipp was awesome. He asked the right questions to make sure the conversation was all relevant, identified our objectives, and broke down action items to test our hypothesis. The call was super helpful!

Scott Fortmann-Roe
1 session
18 Feb 2020

Philipp was super helpful sharing his experience and advice.