Patrick Thompson

Co-founder @ Iteratively | Previously led teams @ Atlassian | Growth Specialist

Seattle, United States of America (-08:00 UTC)Englishfrom Los Angeles, United States of America
Design / UX

I've helped many teams by reviewing their customer experience and providing recommendations based off of qualitative and quantitative analysis. I validate my recommendations through early signal testing or large scale growth experiments to ensure that changes are moving your business forward.

Product Market Fit

I've co-founded multiple startups, worked on an internal incubator at Atlassian, and led the design team for Jira Software. I've been in both product management, design and growth roles throughout my career.

Customer Success

I've driven customer success initiatives focused on improving engagement and retention resulting in a massive impact on business financials. Retention is the key to successful SaaS business and understanding your customer journey and helping them discover their Aha moments is critical.

Mentor Toolkit
over 9 years of experience

I was the designer manager for this product for two years. I know my way around a workflow and scheme. There are heaps of best practices that I'm happy to share.

Seattle, United States of America
- present

We help teams who rely on data to capture clean, consistent product analytics they can trust.

Design Manager
Sydney, Australia

Worked on the growth team for two years. Then led a team to help shape how teams plan, track, and release software. Relaunched Jira Software to make it easier for modern Software teams to use.

Reviews (6)
Mitch Kessler
1 session
20 May 2019

Patrick was a great source of insight as a founder and product manager. He quickly helped me see things from another perspective and it added a tremendous amount of value to me and my product.

Emile-Victor Portenart
1 session
13 May 2019

Patrick was super helpful and gave me a lot of insights to improve a specific part of our application. I appreciate the exchange and was happy to do it!

Katerina Bojkov
1 session
13 May 2019

Patrick totally understood our problems in organizing the design process and shared practical tips on how we can do better. We will definitely chat with him again. Thanks, Patrick.

Alex Teddi
1 session
9 May 2019

Interesting chat !

Meet Chopra
1 session
2 May 2019

Best meeting ever! After talking to him, I'm super motivated to launch my product. Grateful to have a meeting with him!

Henry Hernandez 👍
1 session
1 May 2019

Patrick is full of wisdom. Great feedback, & he cares. He knows the SAAS space inside and out. Thanks so much Patrick for your insight, it was second to none.