Oz Merchant

Sales/Customer Success Consultant and Mind Hacker

Raleigh, United States (-05:00 UTC)Englishfrom Raleigh, United States

After having worked in a number of early stage startups during the pre-funding days and having bootstapped my own company, I have gotten a few lumps along the way. Happy to share where things went right and where things went wrong.

Venting frustration

Having spent many years coaching individuals, I know life in general can become frustrating. I offer 5 min of venting and the rest of the time will be focused on getting to the crux of what's going on. The feeling "behind the feeling". It's laser like and cuts to the heart of the matter. The ego sometimes doesn't like hearing it, but it'll make you a better leader, hence having a rippling effect throughout your organization.


From door-to-door to retail sales and from outside to inside sales, I've done it all. I've been in B2B SaaS sales in some capacity for the last 15 years, whether selling directly or building sales teams or training sales teams. From quick transaction selling to longer enterprise sales, the philosophy is the same, the execution differs. In enterprise sales, you just have a million little sales to get to the big one.

Mindset coaching

In the Art of War, Sun Tzu states that "Every battle is won before it is fought." The idea alludes to the impact of a mindset and its impact on any endeavor. The startup journey is full of ups and downs and requires a level-head to navigate the waters. Ping me when the waters become rough.

Customer success

While the field of CS is relatively new and growing, I was fortunate to get an early start and help build multiple teams. Customer Success can comprise of account management, best practices, implementation, NPS management, renewals management, expansions management, and even customer support in some cases. CS is at the heart of every successful organization connecting many different departments together as the customer advocate internally to ensure their success.

Mentor Toolkit
over 3 years of experience

Freshsales and Freshdesk and Freshchat make for a wonderful suite of products at a great price. Using all three helped me keep all customer channels of communication tied to the CRM for deeper and more meaningful insights.

over 4 years of experience

I've used it for a few years with several companies. Great solution for starting out and scales quite well. They keep adding features to make the solution more robust without impacting usability.

over 10 years of experience

Hubspot has grown a lot over the years moving into many markets. My experience has been specifically on using it to build out newsletters and email marketing campaigns and landing pages.

over 10 years of experience

Basecamp is a very simple PM tool and I used it exclusively until I moved to Trello. Basecamp is still a fantastic tool and can be the right solution for many organizations.

over 11 years of experience

I see ZohoCRM as Salesforce lite. I've been impressed with the robustness of their offering and for a far better price. I've implemented it at smaller companies.

over 9 years of experience

I love Trello so much that I use it as my own personal to-do tool. Works great with teams and individudals. I built out implementation boards, marketing boards, go-to-market boards, product planning boards, etc. A great tool with a simple UI.

over 14 years of experience

Salesforce is a beast. My experience is with their Sales and Service Cloud. I can make it do a lot of things without being able to code in APEX. Admin-focused not Developer-focused.

Founder and CEO
Wellistic, Inc
Raleigh, United States
- present

We are creating a wellness platform built on trust to bring all integrative healthcare providers under one roof for members to easily access, review, rate, and recommend.

Mind Hacker
Raleigh, United States
- present

​Oz has been a Mind Hacker since 1999, helping clients throughout the US achieve their personal and professional goals. The essence of his work is to facilitate self-growth by helping you identify the core challenges and setbacks in your business life, so that you can overcome them with confidence. He specializes in creating personalized plans and providing tools to guide you forward and achieve your desired goals.​ When he wasn't working directly one-on-one with clients, he was coaching employees and building teams that delivered results. These hacks can be used with anyone to help them get to the next level. His current focus is specifically Entrepreneurs/Startup Founders, Coaches, and Sales Professionals.

Cary, United States

Director, Sales/Sales Ops (USA) Global Director, Customer Success (Worldwide) Director, EMEA &APAC (Netherlands)

Business Coaching
Coach University

Attended a four-year program to become certified as a coach.

BS Textile Management
North Carolina State University

Focused on Apparel Management and got a minor in Business Management, Psychology, and French. The most important lesson I learned at school is that the University system is a business organization with a hierarchy and I'm the customer. With this knowledge comes power. Building networks with peers isn't enough. I learned to build key relationships with faculty and staff and was amazed what all was possible by just asking. It fueled my desire to continue learning and forging new relationships.

SPIN Selling
SPIN Selling

A fantastic question asking model to drive the sale further.

Neuro-linguistic Programming

A fantastic tool to understanding human psychology and the "how" of people tick. I have trained with trainers all over the world and am a trainer myself.

Sandler Hi-Tech Selling
Sandler Institute

I was fortunate to have spent time with the infamous Guru Ganesha. Sandler is the best structure of selling I've seen. This was the foundation of what I used as the internal Sales Trainer at Samanage.

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Reviews (24)
Harry Ng
1 session
26 Jul 2021

Thanks Oz for suggesting me a new perspective about re-arranging the priorities of work.

Celso Pedrosa
2 sessions
1 Jun 2021

Oz was able to assist in a timely manner, fitting a call into his schedule. He was able, once more, to provide very helpful information, strategic and practical.

Celso Pedrosa
2 sessions
26 May 2021

Had a good chat with Oz, he showed keen interest in assisting, was able to provide relevant tips and some orientations. We have set a second call to continue!

Arab Bazzy
1 session
3 May 2021

Oz has great insights on Customer Success. I really enjoyed our session.

Noel-Edouard Chenu
1 session
14 Apr 2021

Awesome session with Oz who really took the time to understand my project and my business and helped me on my go-to-market strategy.

Ashok Kola
3 sessions
20 Feb 2021

Mr. Oz is the best. All Sales-related suggestions, he will be the one you might be looking for.

Fayez Rawas
1 session
15 Feb 2021

I'm about to start a new job in a sales SaaS role so I booked a session with Oz to get pointers from him on how to succeed in my new endeavor. Oz was extremely helpful, friendly and knowledgeable and was very generous with his time. We ended the session with an eye-opening mind hacking session that shifted my perspective and my approach to the challenges ahead. If you get the chance, connect with Oz. You'll be happy you did. Thanks Oz! :)

Jonathan Berkowitz
1 session
24 Jan 2021

Oz asked all the right questions and maximized our 60 min session with tons of value. He gave clear context for my problem and scoped out various solutions for me to look into. His experience is plain to see and is a wealth of knowledge on sales and sales processes.

Walter Scalzone
1 session
8 Dec 2020

Oz is incredible, he is helping me manage a challenging situation at work finding the right words to communicate and keep my value high. He also made an extra mile by literally seeking the best way to say things in order to come out of this situation successfully.

Nicolai Rehn
1 session
24 Nov 2020

Had a simply pivotal session with Oz that left me with an ear-to-ear grin afterwards. His guidance has been a real catalyst for unlocking opportunities and approaching situations with curiosity, confidence and earnesty. Sometimes you just have to get out of your own way and Oz can lead you straight to that realization with practical tools and hacks that are mindbending in their effectiveness. Genuine, empathetic and attentive mentor that will get to the crux of the problem with tailored advice and transformative perspectives on growth.

Henrique de Melo
1 session
7 Nov 2020

One of the best GrowthMentors calls I've had to this date. Oz guided me through a Mind Hacking session where we explored the hidden causes of my lack of consistency in my business. Certainly helpful and highly recommended to anyone struggling with mindset. Thank you Oz!

Ashok Kola
3 sessions
2 Nov 2020

Great Session with Mr. Oz as always.

Marco Munoz
1 session
12 Oct 2020

Oz really understands numbers and my meeting with Oz was so helpful, he helped me to see that I was simply going after a niche that I was thinking would automatically work for me but Oz helped me to put things into perspective and to step back and think about the details about the type of customer I'd like to target by first gathering information and asking questions to find out if there is enough market for my business to be successful. I recommend Oz, he's a really good mentor.

Sarvy van Maris
1 session
26 Sep 2020

Oz had a tremendous amount of insight. I took a ton of notes. He really got me thinking, and excited about the possibilities. Thank you Oz for all the help.

Jiten Madia
1 session
15 Sep 2020

Oz was quick to understand the issues, asked the right questions, and had some great suggestions. Most importantly, I could validate some of the thoughts that I was really confused about. Our discussion went on bit longer than the scheduled time and Oz was completely patient about it. Thanks a ton.

Rishabh Bhandari
1 session
1 Sep 2020

Helped me how I can generate leads for my new service. Had clear understanding of SaaS businesses in US, EU and Asia.

Ashok Kola
3 sessions
28 Aug 2020

Mr. Oz was very kind and generous in answering all the minute things I asked about sales. If you are struck with sales or getting started with sales I would recommend you to have a call with him. 100% he will add value to your company.

Brandon Hadden
1 session
24 Jul 2020

Oz was great. Really got to know me and my role in order to best apply his experience. This was just the first call but I'll definitely work with and recommend him in the future. Thank you for your time!

Brian Stevenson
1 session
8 Jul 2020

Thanks Oz!

Victor Seth Hansen
1 session
13 May 2020

Oz was a fantastic help with figuring out how to structure Trello for PM. He helped me streamline my process on Trello, while recommending useful resources to help overcome my current challenges. Would recommend Oz strongly to anyone that needs help with Trello or PM in general!

Paul Grosso
2 sessions
10 Apr 2020

very nice talk opened my eyes to new ideas and I way of thinking about goals

Duncan Hamra
1 session
21 Feb 2020

Another full page of notes! I know I still have a lot to learn, but I feel better about so many things after this call. Time to get to work! Thanks, Oz.

Michelle Evans
1 session
18 Dec 2019

Oz has been very patient and supportive in offering his free help on my query. I was looking for advice on starting a new career as a Customer Success Manager and was able to confidently express my current situation and hear an unbiased opinion. With Oz's expertise, I was able to hear first hand what it is like to create a CSM team and manage. Oz demonstrated examples of true success based companies and has since introduced me to a contact who could further help my journey. Thank you, Oz. You are awesome!

1 session
29 Dec 2018

I needed Project management advice, as I found myself getting stuck unable to push through the stress and anxiety surrounding the task at hand so I reached out to Oz for help. I was not prepared for what followed, I was expecting advise limited to organisational techniques and perhaps time management related techniques - instead I underwent what I can explain as interior design of the mind. Oz reached into my subconscious to discover what it really is that's holding me back with his almost meditative like guidance, almost as though with surgical tweezers removing the negative thoughts and their source from my being. After working with Oz I felt clarity, a weight lifted off my shoulders and I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in finding what it is that's holding them back from being their ultimate best self. He's incredibly friendly, patient, and genuine in his approach and desire to help. Everything and more that I was looking for from Growthmentor, thank you Oz!