Growth marketing CMO

Llndon, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (+00:00 UTC)from London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
$25 / hour
Marketing Automation

I build marketing automation growth engines for mostly tech B2B companies. The stack we most often use is comprised of inbound & outbound strategies including: - Hubspot - Autopilot - Reply.io - Clearbit - Drift - Intercom - Convert flow - Wordrpess - Buffer And a sleuth of other tools.

Growth Hacking

Growth master certified by growth hacking. Check out my Skillshare video on growth hacking for an introduction to the topic - https://skl.sh/2Wqw3eg I'm best used here for helping to formulate strategy, educating on the most common mistakes, providing clarity on effective resources & growth hacking frameworks. I'm not interested in helping out on contemporary 'hacks' in terms of anything that violates other business terms & conditions and a 'do anything to win' attitude.

Product Market Fit

Lots of experience working with bootstrapped > funded > scale-ups > corporates. I'm best used here for helping to formulate strategy, educating on the most common mistakes, providing clarity on effective resources & frameworks. My background and day to day mostly comprise of marketing so I take a market-first approach, a blend of marketing & product-mindset.

Mentor Toolkit
3 years of experience

Big fan of mix panel for in-product, although nowadays if I can convince the internal data team I'd go with Segment.com. Big fan of their cohort viz and the simplicity of the interface.

4 years of experience

The go to for big biz data viz. I wouldn't consider myself a Tableau pro so if you wanted info here I'd make an intro to my BI guy I go to with questions.

5 years of experience

Slemma is a nice middle weight option between Tableu and Google data studio. It isn't suitable for external reporting but has some nice integrations with other kit.

11 years of experience

Currently my fav mid-large size option or for teams of >50 sales reps. Prior to that size I prefer Pipedrive/Hubspot depending on the marketing automation suite the business is using if any. I've used it when acting as senior product managing a team of 8 liaising with 150 sales reps.

6 years of experience

Fond of Pipedrive and Hubspot as lightweight option alternative for Salesforce. I've used Pipedrive across 6 different clients and I've worked with their branding agency who has partial attribution for their success (not bad considering there's 220 CRms in the market!).

9 years of experience

Setup MailChimp campaigns, including automation / mail merge tags and newsletters with over 2.5mil subscribers. It's my fav B2C option for small-to-large volume. I'm also fond of mailgun for transactional emails.

7 years of experience

Hubspot certified. Fond of the CRM but not nearly as powerful as Salesforce. I like the marketing suite for B2B, but often see it used ineffectively and over-invested with wrong expectations. Not a fan of the CoS as I like the variability of wordpress in terms of plugins. I've used it for Kurve as well as around 4 different businesses.

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Reviews (4)
Filip Firkal
1 session
31 Jul 2019

Oren gave me his inside on our product and show some hints about how to carry on initial traction.

Bogdan Pol
1 session
18 Jun 2019

Insightful and helpful conversation. The discussion with Oren helped me look at​ the organizational problems we have from a different perspective. Thank you, Oren.

Egle Zuzeviciute
1 session
18 Jun 2019

The session exceeded my expectations! Oren was very attentive to understand the business and main challenges in the first place, then he gave the best practices for B2B, shared his own experience and specific tactics I can apply in my Go-To-Market strategy. The session was useful not only for me but all my team as I immediately tried different approach. Also, Oren has a great way to explain complicated concepts in a very simple and cheerful manner, it helped me so much when I discussed it with my tech colleagues :) I absolutely recommend Oren to all Growthmentor memebers!

Foti Panagiotakopoulos
1 session
31 May 2019

Oren is an incredibly intelligent growth practitioner. Great call, very honored to have him amongst the ranks here at GrowthMentor. An asset to whoever has the privilege to speak to him.