Mentoring Opportunities

  • Building a 30-60-90 day growth plan


    I'm one of 12 people in a small yet growing B2C fintech startup. I've ultimately been tasked with planning and executing strategies that drive growth for our userbase, and drive growth for the company into new markets with new products. The company is mostly divided between a dev team that fix bugs and occasionally implement new features along with UI/UX redesigns, and an operational team that handle customer support. As the first member of the team that's primarily responsible for growth, I wear a lot of hats -- I've assumed responsibility for content, positioning, launching new features, some biz dev here and there, and overall growth experimentation. I'd love to chat with a B2C mentor that has experience working with minimal resources, and can help me figure out what to prioritize, and build a repeatable process for experiments that drive growth. Our approach is not acquisition focused, but rather I'd like a mentor that has experience dealing with retention and engagement.

    Fin TechB2C
  • Growth marketing of a marketplace


    Launching a marketplace, don't know how to do marketing from the beginning

    Fin Tech
  • Facebook Ads


    I’m starting a Social Media Marketing Agency & I’d like a long term mentor

    Digital AgenciesE-Commerce
  • SEO Advice and Feedback


    I would love to share my overall content strategy for a Forex-related site and get feedback. Also, I would like to brainstorm/bounce on some link building ideas that I have.

  • Advice on how to start and grow a travel destination blog


    I recently joined GetYourGuide as a team in online publishers. I'm also a growth mentor here. I would love to talk to someone that has experience in growing travel or destination blog to a profitable stage working with affiliates.

  • developing my idea in a saas business


    I have an idea about the future of restaurants. I want to create a saas company that gives good cooks and chefs an opportunity to generated revenue by turning their kitchen into a digital restaurant. I want my company to be able to provide good cooks experience chefs and aspiring chefs the opportunity to generate revenue from there kitchen by turning it into a digital restaurant. I would like some advice and a structured plan detailing how I could turn this idea of mine into a great saas company giving users the best possible experience

  • I would like to get reviews and feedbacks about my Affiliate Program.


    I am about to start an affiliate program for our website. I want to learn from other Affiliate partnership experiences and any critical points related to affiliate programs. It would be good to know the struggles and any other tips on setting affiliate numbers and benefits.

    OtherStartupsFin TechB2BSaaS
  • Project Management


    I'm running a cold email agency and would like some help with building out processes, creating SOPs and streamlining the business to be able to outsource the delivery. I'm currently have mapped out the big steps, and created a workable system in Trello, but I still feel like I have a far way to go...

    Digital Agencies
  • Starting up, product development


    I’d like start up advice as well as finding and speaking with designers and suppliers for my product.

  • Feedback for outbound cadence


    I'm starting personalised email campaigns to promote to customer service professionals. I'm looking for feedback / ideas on my cadence. How can I improve it for maximal opens, clicks, replies, and ultimately conversions?

  • Paid Facebook Advertising


    I am currently an Amazon seller with one product about to expand into more. I have just finished building a website and would like to start the journey into paid Facebook marketing. Would be great to get some mentoring on the best way to approach this.

  • Marketing During Covid


    I would like to see if it's strategic to market more aggressively or preserve capital during times like this. I also want to see if pivoting might be a shrewd avenue of growth. I run a private tutoring business and I want to perhaps pivot to B2B English Education for Global Employees or perhaps pivot to teaching English online to global adults in India, etc. Alternatively, can a red ocean strategy ever become a blue ocean strategy because of black swan events like this? Thank you.

  • Google Dynamic Creative Optimization


    Looking for some who is experienced in creating DCO campaigns in Google Studio

    Digital Agencies
  • My SaaS startup and a virtual peer community / incubator - funding and growing both


    First, I just stepped away from a very emotionally charged collaboration SaaS platform startup that has been a passion project for over 5 years. I will be a shareholder and affiliate and want to make a great start on generating business for that. 2nd, I have been dabbling with a parallel executive peer community business that has been based around dinners and is now going virtual - it has potential to be a platform of its own to facilitate virtual networking and venture incubation for ventures arising from the dialogues. It would be very cool to plug it into 'potentially multiple' existing accelerators and incubators as a space for early stage founders and would-be founders to gather to share their challenges, source investment, discuss growth / scaling challenges. I need help around articulating the VP clearly, around early stage traction and investment, around developing suitable partnerships to scale it with. I'm a Bulgaria based Brit who normally spends alot of time in London. Been in and around 'startups scene' in London and Sofia for over 15 years.

    Fin TechDigital AgenciesSaaSB2BStartups
  • Growth Marketing


    I've worked at different companies mainly on their partnership/ sales side (4.5 years of experience) and I'm now looking to pivot into the marketing world. I would love any advice and guidance as I make this transition.

  • Facebook ads for ecommerce


    Hey, I have a Shopify store, currently only driving sales via isntagram influencers, selling merchandise, the website and all products are based on 1 fairly narrow niche Mandalorian, more specifically Baby Yoda, just starting with ads, goal is to hit $10k monthly revenue in May, this month was $4k. Have not used any Facebook ads yet, need help with that. It's currently 2nd day trying out retargeting fb ads and it doesn't seem very promising, I know I haven't done enough testing which is what I'm trying to do now. I have a decent budget of around $2k to make fb ads work. Would greately appreciate help with fb ads, retargeting and very soon lookalike audiences.

  • Industrial Design Market Expansion - from NYC to Europe


    Looking for a better strategy to find what sectors and Companies would be open to hiring an Industrial Design Company from NYC in Europe? I started using Corporate, Venture Capital, and Digital Design Houses as an entry door to sectors where we have expertise : Consumer Health Immersive Media Games & Toys Smart City Personal mobility Sustainable Packaging Luxury But I am having problems getting the right leads or interest. It would be great to have Brainstorming session to bring some ideas to my consulting case.

  • Building growth teams, growth processes, fostering growth mindset


    I'm looking for a sparring partner to discuss and challenge ideas and processes around: - building high performing growth teams and processes - transforming traditional department structures "silos" towards aligned growth and a north star metric - market fit frameworks - rapid experimentation cycles Background: I'm running a growth marketing collective:

    Digital AgenciesStartupsFin Tech
  • B2B Outbound Marketing - Cold Email - Scaling/Growing Lead Gen Agency


    Hey hooo Growth Mentors ! Gotta say this place is incredible and mentors here even more. Having said that, the abundance of choice gets a bit overwhelming so posting this, so relevant mentors can possibly apply :-) Briefly, I run team/agency (whatever you wanna call that) that does b2b cold email lead generation. After a lot of up and downs, grind, now I have a little bit of solid base - 3 clients. Don't have a niche yet, USP not fully developed, and biggest problem of all, not sure how to scale this...and which lead generation channel for myself should I pursue. If that's something you could help with, I'd love to have a chat. -Konrad

  • Launching a CBD brand


    We already have an eCommerce selling accessories for cannabis users but we are planning on launching our own CBD brand and would love to discuss this with an expert in CBD.