Mentoring Opportunities

  • Marketplace growth


    I'm a founder of a two-sided marketplace Gathar ( = the destination to book chefs & cooks in your area for private dining experiences at home! We're currently embarking on a national expansion (Australia) and high growth phase and we look to raise our next round of capital to expand internationally. I'd love to get any insights and advise on how we can best spend our customer acquisition resources to increase our growth.

  • Help on SAAS marketing emails / marketing video script, for digital content creators


    My startup uses a model that proved in Chinese Podcast Industry to creates a payment automation tool for North America, like Patreon, but specifically for paid audio content. Would you like to help me look through a few of our short marketing emails and/or marketing video script? At the same time, give me some advice on our marketing strategies?

  • Google Ads Performance improvement


    Hi guys, We, at Flexiple, believe Google Ads would work out very well for us. I personally have educated myself around the various ins and outs of it over the past couple of months along with setting up campaigns + managing them. We have been making consistent improvements when we learn something new. That did lead to the campaigns performing better, however, over the past couple of weeks, the performance has dropped considerably. To be honest, our quality scores weren't the best even earlier. However, CTR has decreased significantly in the past couple of weeks, so I can see QS dropping further. I continue to read and make logical improvements. But, we are a bootstrapped startup and I can afford only so many experiments as the clicks are also pretty costly. So, just wanted to connect with someone who could help me with: 1. A review of my account and what might be troubling it. 2. Guide me around some best practices in the evaluation of performances (as I see myself spending too much time picking my brains each day). Thanks for all the help!

  • PMF new product


    Im also working to grow the user base in a different solution for our ride-hailing app. We are allowing users to book rides through WhatsApp, the opportunity seems massive, but I believe that we are not exploring it to the full. I have a shortage of resources to keep evolving the product as well.

  • Reactivation / Ressuraction


    A Sr. member of our team is leaving the org and is handing over the knowledge and current strategies. I would like to leverage my knowledge in strategies and be able to collaborate more.