Mentoring Opportunities

  • Mentorship on starting out a new role in a mar-tech SaaS company and getting traction


    I've started out a new Growth marketing role at - data connection and attribution modeling SaaS. The expectations are high from the very beginning, so kind of having a lot on the plate, and things became overwhelming a bit. Have some traffic, lead, and MRR goals to achieve, so balancing between long-term and short term. However, the short-term doesn't work so well now. LinkedIn outbound is underperforming; ad budgets are low (+more expectations on organic from me). So what I'm looking for is another perspective on things. A person who started from scratch a few times and can recommend something on mindset as well as some fresh ideas on tactics to implement

  • product marketing/inbound marketing/outbound marketing


    I'd like to speak with someone about small businesses that have product risk (not market risk), and they're bootstrapped (very limited resources).  These organisations generally have 1 to 3 people, their technical capabilities high, but marketing and sales capabilities are low. In these circumstances, how they should approach marketing and sales. For example; product marketing/inbound marketing/outbound marketing etc...

  • Customer Success


    I'm interested in starting out in the world of Customer Success. I'd love to hear other's experiences and sort out if this is the right move for me. If you'd like to talk about this with me, please apply :)

  • Product market fit and traction


    My name is KeMonte' Jones. I recently launched a Tab Management Chrome extension called MyTabs: I've made posts on Reddit and launched to Product Hunt as well. I got this idea from OneTab, a popular tab manager extension(with over 2 million users) that are experiencing issues ( users losing tabs with no way to recover) and is not supported since before 2017. There are other tab management extensions as well but none with the userbase OneTab has. I'm not certain if there is PMF, though I think there could be. We essentially cloned and innovated on OneTab by adding features it doesn't have with more planned in the near future. The main request from users is cloud storage/backups and syncing which we have in MyTabs. I believe our UI is nicer as well. The term tab manager trends well in Google trends also. Most of our potential users, I have no way to communicate with them. It seems we'll have to wait for them to find us organically through Chrome Webstore. One issue I have is not knowing where I should focus my attention next to get more signups/traction. Would you have any insight?

  • I'd like help figuring out what's the best way to validate a new business idea.


    What kind of questions should ask and how should I phrase it to get the accurate picture of demand for the product/service? How many people should I ask? Where can I inexpensively collect such feedback?

  • Urgent Request: Need help with Paid Ads, especially Facebook ads


    I am running FB ads with a significant budget for my company. We are a startup based in Amsterdam and have a physical product which is sold online through our web platform. I am running the ads primarily on Facebook but this christmas the performance has been not upto mark and I think I need a second pair of eyes of an expert to just have a look and see if what I am doing is right or something needs to be changed.

  • Setting up a customer advisory panel


    We are looking at setting up a customer advisory panel, with the objectives of: 1) Learning more about our customers challenges 2) Developing a more trusting relationship with our customers 3) Building our customers into product champions, who can kick start a positive viral co-efficient within their large organizations. I am hoping there is a growth mentor our there who has experience setting up a customer advisory panel and would be willing to share some best practices and /or tips and hints. Fingers crossed!

  • Ad budget forecast for 2020 for softwarehouse


    I'm just forecasting ad spend for my software house client for 2020 (per Q and per each of 7 countries) and as we scale a budget from the past year and we include paid social (mostly brand awareness and warming up leads) to primary Google Ads--I really want to be sure I'm delivering reasonable and achievable numbers. I'd like to jump on a call with someone with extensive knowledge in that field to be able to asses CPL after adding multi-channel synergies. Markets: UK, France, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, US, Denmark

  • Launching an online event


    I've recently assisted GrowthMentor's online summit and really like the idea. Since then, I started thinking about an online summit for Failory, my side-project, related to failure and mistakes on entrepreneurship. Recently, HeySummit, the tool used by GrowthMentor and other businesses to create such a summit, has launched on AppSumo at a great lifetime deal and I acquired it. I'm now looking to move on with it, but I would like to first get some advice from anyone who thinks he/she can help me with this.

  • Raising a pre-seed round.


    Hi there! My co-founder and I want to raise a pre-seed round of ~$500k to build out a team. We've been focused on product for the last few months, but are starting to crack under the weight of customer support, feature requests, etc. Here's the product: We've never raised money before, but we've had several successful "pitch" calls over the last 2-weeks. We'd love to chat with someone who makes pre-seed investments or who's taken on investment in the past for advice, warnings, feedback, and possible connections. A few key metrics from the last 8-months: - $10.8K MRR in 8-months (April 2019 launch) - ~34% MoM growth rate (compounded monthly) - Currently a team of 2 Thanks! Duncan

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  • Marketing & Growing a Baby Business That's Working


    I tried a lot of avenues of getting customers, but it seems like the best route for now is low-cost digital ads for, a private tutoring company. I am a one-man show, yet we have 70+ tutors on the platform and I want to get them more and more students. We are now doing both f2f and online lessons. I am trying to see if a) there is something super-obvious and savvy that I'm missing that someone more experienced than me might know more about and b) is it shrewd to focus on one marketing channel that's working or expand to two or three (same with geographical areas)? I don't want to lose on quality control, yet we are building more regular revenues and customers by pushing national. I am excited and I can "feel" the rabid demand, yet I don't want to make rookie mistakes (plus I would love to know if I should just say "yes" to everyone at a lower price point or if I should keep my prices medium). I have entrepreneurial experience, but not in building and sustaining a two-sided marketplace so this is new to me and I would love some insights from any mentors if at all possible. Thank you so much!! Happy Thanksgiving :)

  • Users reactivation


    Our user base today has more than 70% of inactive users as with a long period of inactivity (+180 days). I would like to have some ideas on which growth hacks I could launch to bring them back/keep then on the following month to not hurt our retention rate.

  • Rebranding!


    Our company is planning a rebrand and we want to make sure we hit all checkboxes before flipping the switch!

  • I need support in figuring out next steps for my business idea. I have a trademark, submitted a patent application and built a basic prototype.


    I need to speak to someone who can provide advice on where to proceed: - should i continue to build out my prototype? If so, do I self fund, get a grant or something else - Should I go for funding? If so, should this be seed funding or something else - If I get funding, then what? how do I set up a business structure? Should I go incubator or accelerator?

  • Needed:Long Term Mentor - Structure and Scale Growth Consulting Business from €10k to €50k+ MRR


    Hi Mentors, I am looking for someone to support me long term over the next 3-12 months with my goal of building a productized, done-for-you growth consulting service. We target corporates/old economy and startups (comfortable spending €10k+/month on paid acquisition), preferably without any marketing experience and without an inhouse marketing/sales team. We generate B2B/Corporate leads for our customers. We also consult on business development (for example: how to organise local events, what micro-products to launch) and sales (sales scripts, sales hiring & training). Thus we ensure that the client has a product which is appealing to leads and that the client can handle the leads and make business out of them. I have already some MRR (mixed from this and previous projects), an audience on LinkedIn (5,000 contacts) and through growth talks in Berlin (20+ Talks this year) and a partner who handles the technical side (running client ads, client calls) for me. What I need is someone experienced in building a Growth consultancy for B2B Clients to help me build my branding/positioning, assets, ads, sales and other systems. Looking forward working with you. Greetings from Berlin Daniel

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  • Google Ads for long sales cycles


    Hi everyone, I have been trying to run google ads for my company (we are in the B2B space). The idea has been to target high intent words to optimize the budget that we have. However, while we are getting forms filled, not many are actually replying to our mails or booking meeting slots with us. Our sales cycle, in general, is long (about a month) and I figured that might also be a reason. So, I was thinking of adding remarketing to our campaign. However, I am unsure what the composition of this campaign should be. I was thinking of running search ads on these specific keywords and to then run remarketing display ads to the users. Further, given the traffic on the google ads landing pages is low, I will have to remarket on the audience of our entire website and then just apply filters on geography, demography, etc. I am not sure if this is the smartest way to do it, because, I have also heard people say display ads is probably better for awareness than for closing the lead. What could be the best campaign to set up for a long sales cycle?

  • Pass my Clickminded Digital Marketing Bundle with flying colours and within 3 months


    I would like to have a push in the back going through all different topics of the Digital Marketing Bundle. Would need a person that knowledgable on digital marketing as well as good at motivating and helping me plan ahead ;-)

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  • Account Based Marketing


    Hi! My name is Wouter and I work as a online marketer in logistics startup called Quicargo. We are a digital freight forwarder that connects shippers with carriers in real-time. At the moment, I am leading a new Account Based Marketing (ABM) campaign. We are trying this out because we see that our current online efforts generate micro & small customers mostly. This is a new terrain for me so I would like someone to spar with. Kind regards, Wouter

  • Google Ads Strategy


    I'm relatively new to Google Ads (about 6 months) and I want to understand how to drive the most conversions the most cost efficient way.

  • Fix cold email process


    I set up two domains with gmail accounts and discovered they were blacklisted. The cold email process from how I understand it, involves setting up new domains and waiting 1-2 months to warm up the domain (i'm not sure if there is a way around this). I want to give it another try (without using my personal gmail account) what is the best process to set up a cold email account (the email addresses are already researched). My purpose is to get people to reply and set up a call for my productised service I'm aiming to get a pipeline built for January when budgets are available (my offering is B2B) Thanks, Mark

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