Nykki Yeager

CEO and Co-Founder

Oakland, United States (-08:00 UTC)from Pittsburgh, United States
Building a team

I’ve led and grown teams at a number of different companies, including one where I scaled the team from 6 to over 130 employees in just under three years. I'm now CEO of an agency business that I've grown to 26+ teammates in six months.

Product market fit

All the growth hacking in the world is no substitute for a product that people actually want to use. Easier said than done. I can help talk through how to identify your market, their needs, and how to communicate value.

Venting frustration

I genuinely enjoy being listener for when people need a safe space to vent — whether it's to brainstorm solutions or really just to talk it out, I'm happy to lend an ear. Working in startups since 2009, I've seen some sh*t 🙃I can relate, and help you feel like you're not alone.

Customer success

Great customer experience requires a solid strategy, the right tools, and well-trained and purposeful employees. I can talk through the infrastructure you need to build and grow your team, as well as how to engage with your customer base to increase value, satisfaction, and retention.

Mentor Toolkit
over 2 years of experience

I'm familiar with Intercom emails, posts, and campaigns. I'm happy to talk rules and conditions, basic design, and email marketing best practices. I've also used Intercom's inbox feature and can chat through pros of cons compared to other help desk solutions,

over 8 years of experience

I've got basic Mailchimp skills and can advise on campaign setup including design and targeting. I'm also happy to chat through general email marketing best practices.

Reviews (10)
Farzad Khosravi
1 session
2 Jul 2021

Nykki is the best mentor you could ask for. She is patient, kind, and enthusiastic. I've had the pleasure of being her mentee for years and was so excited to see her helping others on here. So I booked a call after not having talked for months. She is a leader in every sense of the term who listens and empowers those she works with. Whether it's running your personal brand, marketing, customer experience, or startups strategy, you can count on her to be a trusted advisor and mentor. And the cherry on top? She is a genuine and kind human who will make you feel confident in whatever direction you chose.

Peter Antonov
1 session
18 May 2021

I very much enjoyed my call with Nykki and am grateful for her time! Immediately after seeing the product she could connect who the potential customers might be and transferred her knowledge about them into targeted content ideas! All at the same time. Absolutely incredible! We then brainstormed different ideas on how we could tweak certain features to provide more value to users. Even touched on monetization! She has very high standards for the user and I loved this about her approach. Phenomenal mentor.

Meredith Cain-Nielsen
1 session
18 Mar 2021

Nykki was warm, approachable and honest. Her feedback was clear and direct as well as extremely helpful.

Harry Edmeades
1 session
15 Mar 2021

Good first call with Nykki, which she followed up with some Customer Success resources - thanks!

Moritz von Oheimb
1 session
10 Feb 2021

Great talk and support - good connect between worlds. Looking forward to talking again soon.

Kosta Panagoulias
1 session
23 Oct 2020

Had a great chat with Nykki. She's very knowledgeable and a great person to bounce ideas off and get practical feedback!

Laura Joint
1 session
20 Oct 2020

Nykki was very flexible in being able to fit me in across our different time zones. Great call with her, she very friendly and totally understood my problems and was able to give advice. My only regret was that it was too short!

Sam Y
1 session
20 Oct 2020

Nykki is a superb mentor! She is generous with sharing her experience and making suggestions. She has a great understanding in product business and knows what to look out for when searching for product market fit. Highly recommend to reach out to her for a chat

Matt Zeunert
1 session
23 Sep 2020

Nykki gave some great advice on how to reach out to customers more effectively.

Marco Munoz
1 session
21 Sep 2020

My Zoom call with Nykki went very well. Nykki is friendly and insightful. She helped me see something that I was overlooking in my agency plan and thank her for that advice. I don't think I would have discovered this oversight, on my own, and Nykki pointed this out fairly quick. I plan to schedule more meetings with Nykki, in the near future and highly recommend her mentor ship.