Nurkan Kirkan

Head of Growth & Analytics @Ticketswap | SaaS, Marketplace Growth | Advisor

Amsterdam, Netherlands (+01:00 UTC)English, Turkishfrom Istanbul, Turkey
Product analytics

I eat numbers. Frankly, I do not see my self as typical Head of Growth, I am coming from an engineering background and it makes my life easier and approach problems differently.

Data science

My background will tell an untraditional story about a young guy gaining unique experience and abilities at an early age. Entrepreneurial and results-driven growth guy with a through the understanding of all marketing funnel, Data Analysis, Analytics, BI and Big Data.

Social media

I have started my career at Galatasaray and had a chance to build a community with more than 10M fans in Turkey. I did a lot.. When to engage with followers? What to do for them? We can find some cool answers.

Product management

How to make a prioritisation? What's RICE? Are we measuring it correctly? How can we scale up? Many questions... Many amazing puzzles. Let's take a look.

Marketing automation

I am a huge fan of creating automation about almost everything. It can help you to think more creative and do less manual job. Since I do have enough knowledge about API's (FB, Google etc) I do think would be nice to talk on this.

Conversion rate optimisation

My biggest strength. I do love to try more and more, fail more and more... We can create many ideas (more than you can imagine, believe me) because every idea can create another opportunity, It is like a chain and there is always another chance to do more.

Product market fit

Biggest puzzle in the world. It brings many different questions. I have been there before, our biggest problem was product market fit and we tried many things and had a chance to learn also many things as well. I did not crack this problem but maybe this time we can? :)

Technology and tools

I do like to use different kind of tools and since i had a chance to build many products from 0 to 1, I do have quite good experience regards different tech stacks and tools. One thing is super important in the world, everything starts with curiosity.

Advice on funding

I am a strong entrepreneurial character and it comes from my past experience. I was a founder for my company between 2016-2018 and had a chance to get investment from a few capitals. Therefore, I built quite good relationship from all over the world on this. That's also why I am 500 Startups Alumni. :)

Growth marketing

That is primarily my job since i have started my career. I have been always trying to find a way to hack things. It could quite small but also significant. Just experiment, try, learn, adapt and try again... Fail again, till find a way to hack it.

Mentor Toolkit
over 5 years of experience

I have been using Segment +5 years. I am also one of their partner in Europe. Integration, Recipes etc. I do have extensive know-how about their product as well as company wise too.

Google Analytics
over 10 years of experience

Since I have started my career, I have used it. I have had a chance to use also Premium Version of GA. As you can see my Title, i have to know and use it daily basis GA too. No problem about any questions.

over 3 years of experience

Since I have started to work for my current role, we choose Hubspot for various reasons, I do not have day to day experience but I do know all their API and connections :) It could be helpful maybe.

over 4 years of experience

RJMetrics was one of the competitor of my previous company. Therefore we had to understand, how mechanism works, I have had a chance to use it for a while for some small things. I think end of the day except small differences, all analytics products are serving to same goal.

over 4 years of experience

Tableau was one of the competitor of my previous company. Therefore we had to understand, how mechanism works, I have had a chance to use it for a while for some small things. I think end of the day except small differences, all analytics products are serving to same goal.

over 4 years of experience

Kissmetrics was one of the competitor of my previous company. Therefore we had to understand, how mechanism works, I have had a chance to use it for a while for some small things. I think end of the day except small differences, all analytics products are serving to same goal.

over 4 years of experience

Heap was one of the competitor of my previous company. Therefore we had to understand, how mechanism works, I have had a chance to use it for a while for some small things. I think end of the day except small differences, all analytics products are serving to same goal.

over 7 years of experience

Since 2014, I have been using Mixpanel to understand funnels, user behaviours. For Instance: Last 1 year i have analyzed more than 1Billion events points on top of Mixpanel. I have used their API and i feel quite comfortable with JQL.

over 5 years of experience

I have used pipedrive for many different things while i was working for my own company. I do have strong knowledge how to set up and move forward, do cool things on top of it.

over 4 years of experience

I have been using Looker daily basis. I am one of their contributors for open source libraries as well. I am spending every week at least 15-20 hours and have strong knowledge API, LookML etc.

over 4 years of experience

My favourite email marketing platform. I have been using it for a while for many different campaigns, Also i do have some knowledge about their API as well.

Growth & Analytics Lead
Amsterdam, Netherlands
- present

Nurkan Kirkan is the first hire for Growth at Ticketswap. Responsible for managing the analytics, growth engineering and related people at the company. On their journey to becoming the world's favourite place to buy and sell tickets, he focuses user growth, activation and retention + data pipelines, product growth, conversion optimisation & experimentation. Basically all growth-related operations are covered with a strong focus on data and analytics.

San Francisco, United States

my role was to help define and execute the vision for the company as we navigate the exciting. I have pitched our product to various accelerators and incubators, ultimately taking part in 500 Startups (USA) and Right Side Capital Management (USA) got $250k+ in pre-seed funding.

Online Marketing Consultant
Riot Games

I was helping to Riot Games Growth Team for new strategies on certain marketing platforms.

User Acquisition Manager
Copenhagen, Denmark

Responsible for overall user acquisition and user growth.

User Acquisition & Digital Marketing
Moscow, Russian Federation

Increasing Turkey Market Share with managing user acquisition channels. (During that period, Google Search for the first time below 90% of market share in Turkey.)

Web Sites, Social Media and Development
Istanbul, Turkey

I was responsible everything at Galatasaray as long as it's digital related.

Big Data & Analytics
Harvard Extension School

I had a chance to get my certification from HES.

Computer Science & Programming
Istanbul Aydin University

I got my under and upper degree at Istanbul Aydin Uni.

Reviews (20)
Henrique de Melo
2 sessions
19 Jul 2021

Nurkan helped me understand the website analytics landscape and pointed me in the right direction. We spoke mostly about multi-channel attribution. I definitely feel more confident about this area of my business now that all of my questions have been answered.

Jana Saljic
1 session
19 Jul 2021

First call with Nurkan went great, he has great knowledge of Segment and Mixpanel which was very helpful as he explained some technical stuff very clearly and also helped with suggestions and resources that would be of benefit for me. I'm looking forward to more sessions in the future.

Sarvy van Maris
1 session
6 May 2021

Super understanding, patient man.

Mike Shahbazi
1 session
21 Nov 2020

The session with Nurkan was awesome and I can't say enough. We have a good conversion, He had a great preparation before we got started and he was ready to go. We got a lot of valuable feedback to improve our process in multiple areas. We got a good list to work on. We are very grateful for his time. We will bother him again :-)

Daron Mitchner
1 session
5 Nov 2020

Super helpful and was able to provide some very useful insight! I would definitely recommend speaking with Nurkan.

1 session
22 Oct 2020

You need to present a detailed and well-thought-through case to Nurkan for him to be able to help. But I'm sure his expertise in data science is there.

Vijay Chakilam
1 session
15 Oct 2020

Very informative session with Nurkan. He was very knowledgeable and quickly understood the things I need help with. Great actionable feedback.

1 session
8 Oct 2020

My first mentee session with Nurkan was awesome. Nurkan is a super nice guy and gave me invaluable insights into how I should address growth with the client's wider management team. I left our session with at least 5 actionable steps I can't wait to implement.

Blair Morrison
1 session
24 Sep 2020

Good advice on where to look for beta customers!

Todd Chambers
1 session
20 Jul 2020

Nurkan is a legend. A quick chat with him will quickly show you his vast level of intelligence and experience in growth. Nurkan took an hour at the end of his busy workday to give my team and me an intense knowledge session on growth frameworks and attribution. The talk was very inspirational and we are definitely looking forward to getting Nurkan onboard in the near future to formalize more of our company’s growth processes.

Reza Saeedi
1 session
8 Jun 2020

I really enjoyed my conversation with Nurkan on all things marketplace growth. Specifically, we discussed attribution (Markov Chain) and the idea of tailoring the growth model to the business model. Nurkan is a super passionate and knowledgeable growth leader and I'm looking forward to continuing the conversation with him.

Evgeny Korolev
2 sessions
11 May 2020

Nurkan shared his vision about 3 ideas I wanted to get feedback about, it was helpful to understand them a bit better

Christopher Rawlings
1 session
7 May 2020

A great session with Nurkan talking about funding for a startup. Nurkan was really friendly and helpful, clearly explaining the best route to go about getting funding. Not only this, but he also provided me with loads of really useful links. Great session.

Evgeny Korolev
2 sessions
19 Apr 2020

We couldn't make a call, wait for the next time to connect

Luis Camacho
1 session
3 Mar 2020

Nurkan was great! Super knowledgable and really pointed me in the right direction when it comes to product analytics, choosing the right tech stack (thinking at scale). And shared some VERY actionable tips. Thank you so much for the time.

Michael Taylor
1 session
4 Feb 2020

Nurkan was extremely helpful, even staying over for an extra 20 minutes when we ran into trouble with Jupyter Notebook. He knows a lot about the topic of data science and growth, and even shared some specific projects that I would find helpful. I would highly recommend him for any mentoring in analytics.

Rod Nunes
1 session
30 Jan 2020

Nurkan has a great experience with b2b customer acquisition and brings to the conversation great (and very creative) tactics that he applied in real use cases. From the chat, I was also able to collect really useful resources. Very talented and inspiring.

Adam Moncrief
1 session
8 Nov 2019

Nurkan was a great help and friendly guy. Will be reaching out to him for more assistance and expertise in the future!

Christoph Schachner
1 session
31 Oct 2019

Nurkan was very helpful and included a lot of his previous experiences which made it even more practical. Can definitely recommend him!

Marta Egídio Pereira
1 session
24 Oct 2019

Nurkan was very helpful in providing feedback on my product and gave very practical and actionable advice of hacks I could implement to achieve my goals :)