Nelio Leone

Growth Marketing Black Belt

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (+04:00 UTC)from Napoli, Italy
Mindset coaching

Growth doesn't happen because you suck at one of these things: 1) Product / Market 2) Growth Strategy 3) Mindset. I helped founders understand where they sucked (ex: micromanaging) overcome limiting beliefs (quote: "Not sure we're cool enough to do this.."). I've helped others understand what Growth Marketing is (quote: "I never thought Marketing was a hard skill") and do things they thought wasn't for them ("I am so bad at PR").

Content marketing

Content Marketing is THE real hack... That's how you can get noticed and nail your name in History. That's how brand building happens these days. And I've learned a couple of valuable concepts that have worked over and over.

Growth marketing

High Tempo Testing Build a LEAN Growth Stack that is able to scale Finding the right channels of Growth Avoiding Growth Traps and Hijackers All-in-All I'm a Badass Marketer ;)

Mentor Toolkit
over 3 years of experience

120+ startup founders asked me to consult them on how to go about growth. My cost per lead? 0$ - I got "inbound" requests every time I shook the tree... How? Through compelling Organic Content on Link.

over 6 years of experience

Built a Super Tight OnBoarding Conversion Funnel on Intercom that increased our activation rate from 16% to 41%. How I did that? By using "Creativity That Converts" ;)

over 5 years of experience

Scaled a startup from 20K$ to 104$ in Monthly Revenue by combining Paid Acquisition with Viral Content. This approach decreased our CPA by almost 15X and got Facebook so curious about how we did it.. they ended up building a Case Study:

Reviews (21)
Lucas Mondora 💰
1 session
25 Jan 2021

Nelio provided a substantial amount of value and education regarding how to manage and grow a Facebook Ads account. There was a lot of drilling down into data, strategic insights and experiment prioritization done in this call.

Oskar Söderlund
1 session
21 Jan 2021

In a very short amount of time, Nelio managed to produce a new insight for me - which could have taken months (if not years!) for me to discover on my own. Thanks a lot!

Stephanie Houng
1 session
22 Dec 2020

I had a great call with Nelio! He gave me really great advice with actionable plan and steps to find my product market fit. It was exactly the kind of guidance I was looking for.

David Kellerman
1 session
17 Dec 2020

Kickass meeting with Nelio. He was fly, fast and out there. I approached him for a different question, but he was quick to catch that something else was more pressing. He showed me the ins-and outs on how to build a brand on social media. Highly recommended!

Alvaro Valdivia
1 session
6 Dec 2020

Great session with Nelio. He went straight to the point by providing clear guidance and feedback. He was very knowledgeable and help mapping out some elements I needed help with. We even went beyond time to wrap up the session and identify next steps to follow. Thank you!

Anthony Giordano
1 session
3 Dec 2020

Through a structured set of questions and review of previous content, Nelio provided clear guidance on how to improve social media ads. 30 mins with him helped to advance my thinking significantly. Thanks Nelio!

Spyros Tsoukalas
1 session
24 Nov 2020

Mentors, please don't take it personally. I think that Nelio is my favorite mentor. I keep contacting him for matters that include Growth, Marketing or actually ANYTHING that is related to my activities and are important enough to request his advice. Mentees, I was looking for a youtube song but I think this is good enough to make my point:

Akshay Sahani
1 session
10 Nov 2020

Very Knowledgeable and extremely empathetic. The ability to understand and articulate my needs and channel them for me on the call was incredibly useful. I would love for the opportunity to work again with Nelio in the future.

Sammy James
1 session
23 Oct 2020

Nelio's session went by very fast! I needed more time. He gave me specific, simple and productive ideas to improve our home page to increase conversions like adding our business address to the top header, and making the 'play' button on our video more obvious and suggested we add a human aspect of our business and tell our story about why we are excited about our product and why the prospect should be too. Lot's of growth hacking ideas! Thanks Nelio!

Omar Sarieddine
3 sessions
15 Oct 2020

Great Mentor

Omar Sarieddine
3 sessions
15 Oct 2020

Nelio is brilliant. He is very detail oriented, listened carefully to my requirements and mapped out a plan that included all the elements i needed help with. I have already had two meeting with Nelio and i am planning to meet with him regularly for mentorship.

Vijay Chakilam
2 sessions
15 Oct 2020

Great follow-up session. Nelio had some really good suggestions on next steps for me.

Vijay Chakilam
2 sessions
8 Oct 2020

Very interesting session with Nelio. Easily the best so far for me here and I have had many now! Nelio was able to give me exactly what I needed and more. He was generous enough to go beyond the time. Looking forward to our next!

Nishat Husain
1 session
11 Sep 2020

Nelio was straight to the point. He is a professional with a solid plan and shares a lot. I had a good helpful call with him.

Michael Taylor
1 session
12 May 2020

Gave me a really smart hack for finding social content that works. One of the most insightful calls I had recently!

Konrad Cichawa
1 session
10 May 2020

It took a while to figure out time that would work for both of us, but when we finally hopped on a call, Nelio was super helpful. He knows a lot about agencies and growing your personal brand. Definitely recommend

Hector Hughes
1 session
12 Mar 2020

Amazing call with Nelio!! Brainstormed a full three month launch plan in just an hour! Such a nice guy and brilliant growth hacking knowledge. Could not recommend highly enough!

1 session
3 Feb 2020

Nelio was extremely helpful. Rather than trying to just take from me, he gave me tools necessary to do things myself. He was very open and clear and invited me to contact him again with any further queries. He was exactly what I imagine a 'mentor' to be. As much as we want to simply be handed answers, it is never terribly helpful in the long run. If you truly want to learn and get advice from someone who has the necessary experience, I highly recommend speaking to Nelio.

Timothy Keaveney
2 sessions
26 Nov 2019

Nelio is a rock star marketer. Feeling very lucky to be learning from you!

Timothy Keaveney
2 sessions
21 Nov 2019

Nelio has been awesome! He couldn't be more helpful with us as we gear up for launch he's sharing all his knowledge, experience and skills with us & we're really benefitting from it! Thanks Nelio!

Dan Carmel
2 sessions
17 Nov 2019

Nelio is amazing! Based on our common interests, I've asked Nelio for help in personal branding since while I love the work, marketing myself doesn't come as easily to me. Nelio helped me rethink the way I build my online presence, as well as my content strategy. I've been able to make some quick fixes that already showed positive results. I'd recommend anyone to have a talk with Nelio and get some tips on building online presence for their startup or personal brand.