Nelio Leone

Growth Marketing Black Belt

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (+04:00 UTC)from Napoli, Italy
Mindset Coaching

Growth doesn't happen because you suck at one of these things: 1) Product / Market 2) Growth Strategy 3) Mindset. I helped founders understand where they sucked (ex: micromanaging) overcome limiting beliefs (quote: "Not sure we're cool enough to do this.."). I've helped others understand what Growth Marketing is (quote: "I never thought Marketing was a hard skill") and do things they thought wasn't for them ("I am so bad at PR").

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is THE real hack... That's how you can get noticed and nail your name in History. That's how brand building happens these days. And I've learned a couple of valuable concepts that have worked over and over.

Growth Hacking

High Tempo Testing Build a LEAN Growth Stack that is able to scale Finding the right channels of Growth Avoiding Growth Traps and Hijackers All-in-All I'm a Badass Marketer ;)

Mentor Toolkit
2 years of experience

120+ startup founders asked me to consult them on how to go about growth. My cost per lead? 0$ - I got "inbound" requests every time I shook the tree... How? Through compelling Organic Content on Link.

5 years of experience

Built a Super Tight OnBoarding Conversion Funnel on Intercom that increased our activation rate from 16% to 41%. How I did that? By using "Creativity That Converts" ;)

4 years of experience

Scaled a startup from 20K$ to 104$ in Monthly Revenue by combining Paid Acquisition with Viral Content. This approach decreased our CPA by almost 15X and got Facebook so curious about how we did it.. they ended up building a Case Study:

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