Neal O'Grady

Co-Founder/CTO of Demand Curve and Bell Curve

Vancouver, Canada (-08:00 UTC)Englishfrom Vancouver, Canada
Conversion Rate Optimisation

I've helped dozens of businesses change their landing pages, email copy, sign up flows, onboarding flows, and ads to improve their conversion rates. Improving what you already have is a much overlooked method of increasing sales.

Venting Frustration

I used to teach at a web development bootcamp which was more of a therapist role than anything. People were drastically changing their lives, doing something incredibly hard, and putting serious money down. I tried my hardest to keep them sane.

PPC Strategies

I've run Google Ads for a lot of big companies including Framer, Perfect Keto, Sentry, Envoy, and more. I've spent tens of millions in ad spend and earned even more back in profits.

Marketing Automation

I've set up all the automation for our business using a variety of tools like Zapier, Airtable, Segment, some server coding, and more. We're a small team and I'm the only one doing any tech work so I automate as much as possible.


We're a fully bootstrapped company since day one, and plan to make it as far as we can without raising money. We do this by focusing nearly completely on free ways of growing our business, and staying as lean as possible.

Growth Hacking

I've worked on nearly every aspect of growth, and as a bootstrapped company that's worked with dozens of other companies, we experiment constantly with new and interesting ideas on how to grow. Often for free.

Technology and Tools

I'm our companies CTO so I spend a lot of time sourcing and implementing new tools to make our lives easier and more efficient—and to hopefully help drive growth.

Outbound Marketing

Our marketing agency specialized in customer acquisition. We've run ads on every platform imaginable, as well as done plenty of cold emailing and direct sponsorships.

Mentor Toolkit
over 3 years of experience

We've used Hotjar to do heatmaps and user recordings for dozens of clients to help them improve their conversion rates and engagement. It's the best proxy you have to large amounts of conversion data, which new companies just don't have.

over 3 years of experience

Intercom is our main messaging platform. We use it for on-site messaging, and for doing automated and manual email campaigns to our subscribers/customers.

over 4 years of experience

I ran Google Ads/AdWords for our clients for years with Bell Curve. I managed upwards of a dozen accounts at once spending (and earning) millions per month across various industries. That's across Search, Display, Shopping, and YouTube.

over 3 years of experience

As the sole person on our team doing technical work, I've hacked together varies tools to reduce my coding burden. Zapier is the most important piece and I use it every day for nearly every part of our business.

over 6 years of experience

I've used this for nearly every project I've worked on for the past several. We use it for all our newsletter blasts, and for the occasional automated campaign we want to send outside of Intercom.

Bachelor of Applied Science
University of British Columbia

Mechanical Engineering

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Eddie Liggitt
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8 Oct 2019

He's awesome! Excited to dive in more