Monika Khanna

Associate Design Director, IBM | Pluralsight Author

Delhi, India (+05:30 UTC)Hindi, Englishfrom Delhi, India
Product management

How to keep a balance between user goals and business goals is one of the important aspect of Product management and I can be of great help there. We can discuss whole product lifecycle and see the product fit and measures to be taken at each stage.

Product market fit

I can guide you about product hypothesis, ways to validate product to find if it is a market fit. There are multiple innovations like disruptive, breakthrough etc...and we can discuss which one can be appropriate for your product.

Venting frustration

I'm a good listener and know what it feels like when not getting expected results. Sometimes sharing your situations, problems with someone release that tension. You can talk to me and I'm sure you will feel better.

Design / UX

I can help you finding the right answers to the most relevant questions with a blend of research, user psychology and UX strategy. How to bring human dimension in design? Empathy helps designers to look deeper into situations in a way that helps them to think and create solutions for problems. Having users think aloud while interacting with the workflow of any system as they speak a lot about user needs and stories. You can thus gather more information from the target users.

Mentor Toolkit
over 6 years of experience

Basecamp puts everything you need to get work done in one place. It's the calm, organised way to manage projects, work with clients and be on the top of everything.

over 7 years of experience

Plan, track, and manage your agile and software development projects in Jira. Very easy to track design/development bugs with a proper collaboration of various stakeholders involved.

Reviews (15)
Lucy Walker
1 session
28 Jun 2021

Great session with Monika on UX/design. Tons of great advice on how to improve the website. I will be making as many as possible & then booking in again. Thanks Monika!

Carrie Weidner
1 session
1 Jun 2021

Monika was a wonderful mentor and very knowledgable about UX design and content strategy. She provided tips for how I can improve my website for my users which I am excited to implement!

Meredith Cain-Nielsen
1 session
26 May 2021

Monika gave very useful input/feedback that has already benefitted both me and my team, even without being specifically familiar with our product. She was friendly, approachable, and direct. Definitely worth your time!

Adam Fard
1 session
10 Apr 2021

I really enjoyed my session with Monika! Her knowledge and experience were valuable! Thank you and look forward to further collaboration.

Supriya Agarwal
2 sessions
21 Feb 2021

Implemented Monika's quick suggestions for my UX/UI and now looking forward to product improvements!

Supriya Agarwal
2 sessions
6 Feb 2021

Monika was great and already did her homework and made notes before our call. She was patient and explained things in detail. She provided a lot of actionable UX/UI feedback for my website and I am looking forward to connect with her again!

David Kellerman
1 session
21 Jan 2021

Good talk about creating desirability, got me thinking on how to uplevel our homepage. Thanks :)

Islem Rekik
1 session
20 Dec 2020

Great session with Monika! Thank you for walking me through the steps of UX design and bringing my attention to what needs to be done first. I have learned a lot! :-)

Foti Panagiotakopoulos
1 session
17 Nov 2020

Monika is such a great person! I contacted her to talk about what it means to be a "growth" designer and so much more. Thanks Monika!

Michael-ange ALV
1 session
13 Jul 2020

great experience !

Sibi Murugesan
1 session
19 May 2020

Monika was great to talk to! Her deep expertise in the world of UX was clear from the start. We discussed how she "broke into the field," her unique career path, and what those starting out should do to get their hands dirty faster. Awesome session!

Michelle Evans
1 session
5 Apr 2020

Thank you, Monika, I am blown away by your patience and guidance and advice in our call. Our initial call was delayed thanks to me but Monika still wanted to offer her help. Her guidance was on Customer Success. Monika expressed her personal and professional input and is very good at thinking outside the box. The notes I have taken will now point me in areas I may have overlooked. I look forward to talking to Monika in the future :D

Sammy James
1 session
31 Mar 2020

Monika is very sharp and to the point. She gave me sage and practical advice on how to hire a UX/UI team to rework our reporting dashboards. Because of Monika I avoided a potential misstep and am not on my way to achieving the desired result. Monika is very objective, rational and intelligent.

Nuno Pereira
1 session
15 Mar 2020

Great call with Monika! Got a few great nuggets for the project I'm working on, when it comes to what information we should display, how we should display and what to take into account. Got also a few great ideas for the future (bookmarks, share) that will definitely impact our results. Thanks!

Samy ben sadok
1 session
26 Feb 2020

I've had the chance to talk with Monika & it was amazing, thank you for all the valuable feedback you've provided me with. Her feedback was on point on everything, she could apprehend the website as a first time user but also provide super-precise & high-level advice (UI). I can't recommend her enough for anything related to design / UX / UI ! Thanks for your time :)