Michelle Lia

Growth and Product Consultant

Sydney, Australia (+10:00 UTC)Englishfrom Sydney, Australia
Product Management

Looking to validate features, delve into customer insights or develop a product? I've built products and know how to get inside the mind of the user..

Marketing Automation

Whether its email automation, building bots or making a process repeatable and automated, I can help advise on a range of tools and software to help achieve this

Technology and Tools

I've built marketing stacks for a range of clients that can help them as they scale up and can help advise you on a stack that suits your budget. I also know of many little tips and tricks that may help solve certain problems

Mentor Toolkit
over 3 years of experience

Part of my main toolkit I can help you set up your Facebook business manager, set up remarketing campaigns, verify your pixel and create the appropriate set up depending on the style of startup.

over 2 years of experience

I use autopilot with a few of my clients - some use salesforce which natively integrates and others do not (we use zapier to manage connections). I can help with setting up flows, writing ad copy and helping to create journeys that have touchpoints across multiple channels.

Freelance Growth Hacker and Product Manager, Founder
Pzella Media
- present

Clients past and present include: Code Rangers, Minds Wide Open, Stillness Project, Masterly, Arctic intelligence, FThree, findmyrecruiter.com, craveable foods, TomCronin.com, eInvest, Perennial Value Management, Daintree Capital, HNH Accredited Training, Sydney Soirees, Space Gorilla, Time Chi, Miss Athenas Closet, Ariane Bingham Sparkles, Product Rise, Tribe Theory Academy and Binary M. While each client is different, here are some of my overall achievements that I have achieved: - Instituted a Remarketing Campaign for Minds Wide open with an ROI of 20:1 ($5000 revenue on a $250 ad spend) - Instituted conversion campaign for Code Rangers – averaged $13 CPL - Reduced bounce rate for Code Rangers down to 0% - Built the digital branding for Einvest, Daintree Capital and Perennial Value Management across social channels. - Created the digital marketing and branding strategy for Einvest IPO campaign which lead to a 24:1 ROI (600K on a 25K Adspend) averaged $70 CPL - Increased Traffic for Daintree Capital’s website from averaging 20 per month to 1000 hits per month - Increased Traffic for eInvest’s website from averaging 20 per month to 1400 per month - Helped drive IPO Campaign creating 20:1 ROI - Halved CPL from $70 CPL to averaging $30 CPL - Brought in $100,000 worth of leads for HNH Accredited training on $500 ad spend - Brought in 37 leads averaging $27 for Arctic Intelligence on $1000 adspend - Built marketing and automation stacks for Arctic Intelligence, Time Chi, Perennial Value Management, Daintree Capital, Stillness Project and F3. - PM'd delivery of internal accounting API for Mindswide Open from Eventbrite to Xero (including drawing up tech specs, user stories etc) - Helped Pivot Code Rangers from to Professional Development courses for teachers and build and Product Manage the new product for teachers (including undertaking user research) - PM'd delivery of Arctic Intelligence Website - PM'd delivery of Stillness Project Website

Digital Agencies
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Jodie mlikota
1 session
11 Feb 2020

Had an excellent session with Michelle who was able to provide great insights & suggestions around best approach for growth.