Walter Budzian

Product Manager and Growth Advisor

Asheville, United States (-05:00 UTC)Englishfrom Orlando, United States
Conversion rate optimisation

From the agency side, I ran CRO teams for some of the biggest names in SaaS. Today I lead the experimentation and CRO programs for the entire portfolio of eCommerce companies at the private equity firm, Digital Fuel Capital. I'm going to show you how to make sure you measure what matters and create experiences that lead to not only great customer experiences but great business outcomes.

Mindset coaching

See the venting frustrations specialty :). Getting through frustrations and getting in the right mindset to perform at your best are closely correlated and I've got the expertise to help you through either. Let's turn it up.

Design / UX

I trained for 5 years with the creators of the world's most utilized theory of human motivation. This translates directly to designing products that satisfy human psychological needs. I'm happy to walk through a landing page tear down or product flows and provide what I hope is meaningful feedback.

Venting frustration

I knew my master's work in psychoanalysis wasn't all for naught! Unload and we'll unpack and understand and other "un-s." I'm your sounding board and I've been through it all.

Mentor Toolkit
5 years of experience

I've implemented web and full-stack systems for dozens of companies and run thousands upon thousands of experiments in Optimizely. If your company has the budget, this is one of the best tools for experimentation on the market.

Product Strategy

Focus on frameworks for building, communicating, and executing a product strategy spanning multiple types of product work.

Product Leadership

Focus on developing leadership skills going from execution to strategic leadership in product organizations

Reviews (6)
Ed Leake
1 session
10 Sep 2020

Walter had the 'privilege' of being my first call on here. He put up with me whinging on for 25 minutes then gave me some solid advice... once I had come up for air. Thank you Walter!

Tess Kuramoto
1 session
8 Sep 2020

I had one call with Walter, he listened and was able to give me actionable advice. Would highly recommend a session with him.

Steve Birnhak
1 session
12 Aug 2020

Walter is super-friendly and really easy to talk to. He had some really useful insights about pricing strategy, tracking sources of traffic and understanding user intent. I really appreciated his enthusiasm.

Alan VanToai
1 session
28 Jul 2020

Powerful session with Walter. He quickly understood our context and went straight into insights and tactics that are going to move the needle for us.

Foti Panagiotakopoulos
1 session
7 Jul 2020

Great call with Walter! Got a lot of great perspective on my challenge and came away from the call feeling a lot more confident in how to proceed!

Tam Nguyen
1 session
19 Jun 2020

Walter created a video for me to watch with annotations for my blog post before the meeting. I found it very helpful. He also provided valuable career advice with examples. I highly recommend him!