Victor Eduoh

SaaS Content Strategy Consultant, Copywriter

Lagos, Nigeria (+01:00 UTC)Englishfrom Lagos, Nigeria
Content marketing

My research-backed content marketing frameworks: The SaaS content topic clusters' strategy, CTCS, and Product-Led Storytelling will drives growth for early- and growth-stage SaaS businesses. It'll help you to build topical authority and craft content pieces that engage and converts your ideal prospects.

Mentor Toolkit
Google Analytics
over 5 years of experience

You'll find Google Analytics in most content marketer's toolkit, and I'm no exception. If there's one tool I end up checking every week on a consistent basis, it has to be Google Analytics. It helps me to monitor traffic sources and visitor behaviors for my clients' businesses and mine.

over 4 years of experience

My CRM of choice, HubSpot, is also my inbound marketing engine room. Ever since I learned Inbound Marketing from HubSpot's Academy in 2017, I've gone on to use this product in every business I started. It's excellent for marketing, sales, and customer support - a holistic suite, if you may say.

over 4 years of experience

MailChimp is my preferred email marketing software. I've used it at my agency and now for my SaaS content strategy consulting business. It's excellent for email automation like welcome sequences, deliverability, and timely reporting.

over 3 years of experience

I use Trello to manage most client engagements. It saves my clients and me the email back and forth and helps us to laser-focus on specific tasks. From project scoping to essential project documents, agreements, and allowing clients to comment on content strategy/content writing tasks, Trello comes good.

SaaS content strategy consultant, copywriter
Victor Eduoh Consulting
Lagos, Nigeria
- present

I lead the team at Victor Eduoh Consulting, a boutique SaaS consultancy that helps early- and growth-stage SaaS/B2B businesses develop authority-building SaaS content strategies. Our research-backed frameworks, the SaaS content topic clusters' strategy, CTCS, and Product-Led Storytelling, help us to deliver exceptional, cutting-edge work to every customer.

Digital Agencies
Co-Founder CEO
DigitalSprout Creative Agency Ltd
Lagos, Nigeria

I co-founded DigitalSproutNG, a customer experience agency based in Nigeria. Under my leadership, we grew from a team of two -- the founders, to a team of seven. In my position, I helped the company and its clients develop holistic online marketing growth strategies. I also developed the content marketing program we leveraged to attract and close clients through organic search.

Digital Agencies
Snr. Marketing Research Analyst, Copy-Editor
New York, Stati Uniti

I worked as an independent consultant in a freelance role, helping clients such as PwC, We Are Social, and dozens of other top companies with market research and analysis. During my time, I delivered over 500 five-star research projects, rising to the position of Senior Research Analyst and copy-editor.

Reviews (9)
1 session
13 Aug 2021

Was super excited to be speaking with Victor after reading his content on his blog about product-led storytelling. And he exceeded my expectations even more. He provided clear guidance and framework on how to think differently about product-led content and gave a roadmap of actionable To-Dos I can implement straight away. Would definitely recommend Victor and look forward to having more mentoring sessions with him.

Peter Antonov
1 session
5 Jul 2021

Wow! I never in a million years expected this. This was one of the best calls I've had hands down! I initially booked with Victor to hear a different perspective from someone all the way down in Nigeria and this guy is extremely smart! He listened and asked questions for 15 minutes and handed me down the best copy I've ever heard about my product nailing down the pain points, targeting, an extremely emotional narrative comparing with the competition, segmenting my content by lifecycle, and subsegments. My only regret is that we didn't record this call. Book Victor and even consider working with his agency! I think it's impossible to not get huge ROI!

Trine Steinicke
1 session
22 Jun 2021

I had a great chat with Victor about how to approach building a content strategy framework. Thanks for a productive session and a lot of good advice :)

Eyram Adjogatse
1 session
13 May 2021

I had a really valuable session with Victor. I can tell that the advice he gave came from deep experience, study and practice. I came to him looking for guidance with my content marketing strategy and that's exactly what I got and more. I now have a structure from which to start working from. Thanks, Victor!

Susan Goh
1 session
23 Dec 2020

Victor is very knowledgeable, and he actually personalized the strategies for my business by looking at my website and also what I need. I liked the mind-map that he has shown me, as it gives me a clearer picture of what kind of content creation I should look out for and how to plan it more systematically.

Mike Shahbazi
2 sessions
20 Dec 2020

Another great and packed with info with Victor. We are very grateful to him for his time.

Mike Shahbazi
2 sessions
15 Dec 2020

Our meeting with Victor was very productive, he had taken the time and reviewed our materials and website. He came prepared with helpful suggestions In the end, we had actionable tasks to take care of. Thank you Victor.

Rishabh Bhandari
1 session
25 Oct 2020

Victor is really good at copywriting. in my call, he helped dissect my home page with actionable advice. I particularly liked that most of his advice was evidence-backed. His blogs are good teardown of top SaaS companies and which element is relevant. If you're looking to improve your copy on your website, speak to him

Shankar Shethe
1 session
27 Sep 2020

Victor is great at Product-Led Storytelling. One just needs to read one/some of his articles to realise this. He has come up with his own frameworks to help create very good content 'that converts', that adds to user experience. Nice person, genuinely helpful; my session went way over the budgeted time. I did indeed get all the info I expected to get from this content marketing mentorship session. Thanks Victor!