Trevor Fox

Building Growth Machines

Oakland, United States of America (-08:00 UTC)from Portland, United States of America
$10 / hour
Product Market Fit

I'm a little bit of a ruthless question asker. I question assumptions and I like to question users. I think doing both is critical to any success online.

Technology and Tools

I'm happy to talk tools. I have been working in tech long enough to tell a good idea from a bad one. I have implemented dozens of analytics implementations and have experience with a range of frontend analytics tools and data warehouse solutions.


I've worked on SEO at Postmates and with Snapchat and Instagram as a consultant. I love technical SEO and search experience and believe if you can understand the tech and you can understand the experienced SEO becomes a lot easier.

Mentor Toolkit
9 years of experience

AKA "30% of the Internet" it's one we have all been involved with at one time or another. I've gotten pretty familiar with the Wordpress "loop" and data models and even written some PHP to make it do interesting things.

2 years of experience

The ultimate 80/20 rule marketing tool. Depending on the use case, Drift can be 5x over-implemented but it can also be one of the most effective parts of a lead gen program.

Google Tag Manager
5 years of experience

I've watched the evolution of GTM closely since its first release. It can do almost anything on the front end, even a lot of things it shouldn't. Please, don't try and get too creative with it.

Google Webmaster Tools
9 years of experience

I built on top of Google Webmaster Tools so I ended up learning a great deal about the data and the API's (which are a whole lot less limiting than the web interface).

Google Analytics
9 years of experience

I started my career building out Google Analytics implementations and I've been working with it ever since. I know but the data model, javascript API, and reporting API well.

3 years of experience

Hubspot... it has its limitations but its API and numerous data integrations make it an effective tool CRM. I've made a lot of good mistakes with Hubspot and realized there are "good" ways to use it, even if they aren't the "right" ways.

Keyword Clarity
Jul 2017 - present

A visual keyword research and analysis tool for SEO and SEM

Reviews (7)
blake janover
1 session
16 Oct 2019

Trevor is a deep thinker with a robust background in data analytics and data management. The call was powerful and thought provoking. I look forward to speaking with him again.

Janez Tratnik
1 session
6 Oct 2019

Trevor is a really kind guy! He gave me great tips and was really helpful.

Gabriel Bujold
1 session
19 Sep 2019

Trevor gave me insightful ideas about our SaaS pricing page, took an interest in our business environment, and push me to think differently about the situation. This was value-pack call with him!

🚀 Jake Stainer
1 session
12 Sep 2019

One of the best chats I've had about SEO in a long time - Trevor gave me some actionable things to do straight away to have impact and backed up by real-life examples that I can refer to. Cannot recommend Trevor enough.

Oz Merchant
1 session
14 Aug 2019

Trevor went above and beyond on the call. We got into the weeds and back out. His range of marketing and technical skills helped me focus on how to leverage my engineering resources to help with marketing initiatives. Looking forward to round two.

1 session
28 Jun 2019

The best spent hour of the day and probably of the week. Trevor gave a lot of precise and actionable tips on SEO & content marketing, that helped me come with a more defined strategy. We discussed tons of different growth & monetization ideas, as well, which I'll be putting into practice soon.

Foti Panagiotakopoulos
1 session
10 Jun 2019

We had a talk about the pros / cons of doing a canonical or 301 redirect in order to deal with keyword cannibalization on the SERPS. Got all the information I needed from Trevor to give me the confidence to decide against doing the redirect for now, and instead focusing on dealing with the cannibalization issue by tweaking certain onpage things like title tag etc. Through the call also stumbled on some other low-lying fruit like JSON rich snippets. Loved that Trevor literally did not recommend any course of action, rather just gave me some data so that I could make the call myself in a more informed position.