Tomek Duda

Entrepreneur in Residence

Wrocław, Polonia (+01:00 UTC)Polish, Englishfrom Wrocław, Polonia
$60 / hour
Content marketing

Leading one of the best blogs on growth marketing - and the overall growth of Ladder has taught me numerous things about content strategy, creation, promotion, and using it during the sales process. Happy to share those insights with you.


Building a new project? Maybe you can learn from my journey where I've built an agency that grew to 10 people and sold within a year, while working full time. Did that through freelancing, doing meetups and teaching for free.

Mindset coaching

When it comes to running companies, teams or growth - mindset is the key element. If you have the wrong approach then the entire project might be doomed to fail. Seeing the positives in your day-to-day as well as focusing on factors that you are in control of help build the right mindset. Complaining won't help you, action will.

Venting frustration

I have done 100s of 121s with employees, I've experienced lots of frustration but also a lot of positivity too. You can count on me helping see the light in the tunnel - regardless you're a founder, manager or an employee as I've been all 3. Now for the motivation quote of the day: It doesn't matter how many times you fall but how many times you get back up. Also in theaters: A mistake is not learning from failures to get better next time.

Mentor Toolkit
over 5 years of experience

Worked mostly on search campaigns. The whole thing starting from keyword research, to campaign structure (SKAG!) and optimization. Have also built strategy for clients to use YT and Display ads.

over 5 years of experience

Used them for B2B lead generation, not the most user friendly platform but has unique targeting options. Also not a very cheap one either. Happy to share my insights.

over 5 years of experience

Been building, auditing, briefing and using Unbounce for Landing Pages. Either for lead generation or recruitment purposes. The traffic went there from Facebook/Google campaigns most of the time.

over 4 years of experience

Using Asana for growth marketing projects and managing a team. We've built a pretty non-standard setup and been expanding on it over time - fields like sprints, priorities, parts of the funnel, task stage and others.

over 5 years of experience

Total spend over $1m for a number of agency clients as well as for Ladder as a part of recruitment and lead gen. Worked mostly on B2C product, B2B service. Capable of building the strategy, designing entire campaign architecture, building it out, briefing to others if needed, optimizing, reporting.

over 4 years of experience

Been using it to make use of the subscriber list that we've built. Sending newsletters and analyzing the reports mostly. I don't have much coding experience to help with the templates, either worked on standard templates or something built by a designer/front-end dev.

Entrepreneur in Residence
Brainware Ventures
- present

I help the companies within the portfolio find efficiencies and growth opportunities. Then I run the project and build standard operating procedures around it in order to hire and onboard a team once the project matures and hand it over to them.

Director of People
Ladder Digital
Wrocław, Polonia

Responsible for: - recruitment (rarely using any recruiters, built my unique process and funnel), - HR (people management, career opportunities, designing and building the infrastructure) Helping with: - growth of Ladder (took on our marketing focused on lead gen), - company strategy

Digital Agencies
Growth Engine
Growth Engine
Wrocław, Polonia
Feb 2017 -

First Growth Hacking agency in Poland, grew to 10 people to be sold and become a part of Ladder Digital which I currently help run.

Digital Agencies
Master of Arts in International Business
Wrocław University of Economics

I got my BA and MA in International Business. BA from Poznań University of Economics and MA from Wrocław University of Economics. I've been an exchange student in Universidad Complutense de Madrid for a semester too.

Reviews (20)
Łukasz Olek
1 session
26 Apr 2021

Tomek, thank you for your inspiring insights!

Guy Hobbs
1 session
2 Nov 2020

I spent weeks agonising over a plan for what I should do next for the business. Tomek literally gave me a strategy for moving forward in under 30 minutes! Clear, friendly advice that I cannot recommend highly enough.

Hal Zeitlin
1 session
30 Oct 2020

Tomek hooked me up with the inspiration and Hotjar knowledge bombs! Thank you Tomek for guiding me to better understanding/testing landing pages.

Marytere Solano
1 session
7 Oct 2020

Tomek has a lot of experience on what it is like to build, run, and grow a marketing agency. I reached out to him for guidance on how to improve my writing (you can read his articles on He was very friendly, gave me feedback about an article I wrote, and even suggested a list of resources to continue my journey. Thank you Tomek!

Nathalie Nayman
1 session
5 Sep 2020

Tomek was absolutely great and super helpful!

Andrei Tudose
1 session
6 Aug 2020

30 min, right to the point. Valuable info and advice. Thank you Tomek!

Shahpour Shapournia
2 sessions
3 Aug 2020

Tomek is an experienced entrepreneur. Learned some valuable and practical points from him.

Ichizu Wakabayashi
1 session
12 Jun 2020

Tomek took the time to help us with our positioning and guided us towards resources that are relevant to us as an agency. Highly recommended.

Usman Farooq
1 session
5 Jun 2020

Tomek was great to speak to. It was my first chat and afterward I felt a bit more confident to discuss my idea more and to take it further. I will be doing more sessions with Tomek.

Kamil Kwiecień
1 session
22 May 2020

Tomek is a great expert, he gave me some good hints on how to proceed with paid ads. I will book the next session soon!

Tina Tan
1 session
8 May 2020

Tomek was very friendly, patient and extremely well prepared for our call. He read through my concerns and was able to kickstart our sessions by asking the right questions. Going to be rethinking some of those KPIs now ! :)

Ayhan K. Isaacs
1 session
4 May 2020

It was great to chat with Tomek. He gave some amazing advice on how to move upmarket in the agency world. He also shared a few references which are great. Great guy overall - highly recommend scheduling time with him.

Konrad Cichawa
1 session
25 Apr 2020

Tomek was great, he prepared beforehand and gave me answers to all my questions. Definitely great mentor knows a lot about digital marketing agencies and their business models.

Paweł Kaczyński
1 session
16 Apr 2020

Tomek was very calm despite my massive list of questions. He promised to send me some materials after the meeting. Nice talking to him!

Bartosz Pielaszek
1 session
10 Apr 2020

Tomek gave me tons of insights on growth marketing e-learning market opportunities and shared ready-to-implement tips tailored to my challenges. Very competent and friendly

Stephanie Houng
1 session
20 Mar 2020

Tomek gave me some detailed advice on how I can implement OKRs in my startup. He also gave me great feedback on my value prop.

Jared Gold
1 session
3 Mar 2020

Tomek was very generous with his time and gave me a ton of awesome ideas to think about. He has a lot of direct valuable experience - specifically around growing and selling an agency. I look forward to future chats with him!

Vigdís Segatta
1 session
24 Feb 2020

It was great to speak with Tomek, he gave me a lot of tips for my website and funnel! Just what I needed :-)

Shalin TJ
1 session
6 Feb 2020

Just wrapped up my first call with Tomek. The conversation was incredibly helpful and action-oriented. He patiently listened to our problem and gave very specific insights on how we can go about solving the problem. I'll definitely chat with him again. Thanks a lot Tomek.

Tim Cakir
1 session
31 Jan 2020

I can not thank and recommend Tomek enough! As a mentor myself, I had some doubts about my next steps for my career and projects and Tomek was able to listen well, analyse my doubts and give me clear tips and recommendations. Right away, these tips and suggestions made me come up with my next steps and cleared a lot of stress that I had for a while. His knowledge of agencies is extensive, and that was what I needed! Thanks again Tomek, I now have a clear path and for sure will be reaching out again!