Robert Anders

B2B Sales Expert

berlin, Germany (+01:00 UTC)English, Germanfrom berlin, Germany
$70 / hour

I can support for all matters regarding B2B Sales teams. Be it Hiring Process, Leadgeneration, Tool stack, compensation plans, sales trainings etc. etc.

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over 9 years of experience

worked with if for over 8 years now. have experience in choosing the right crm, and shaping it to the needs of the sales process. finding the right balance between data accucarcy and efficiency is key here.

NLP Master, Trainer and Coach

NLP Master, Trainer and Coach

Reviews (5)
Alex Wagner
1 session
20 May 2021

My session with Robert was a godsend. He helped me break down my sales process and diagnose what needed to fixed and how to do that. He also shared his lead gen template with me which was super helpful. If you have questions about improving your sales process, book a call with Robert–he knows his sh*t!

Mladen Vachkov
1 session
7 May 2021

I had a very helpful session with Robert. He answered comprehensively on all my questions. Recommended!

Veronika Cervenakova
1 session
27 Apr 2021

Call with Robert was amazing. Super insightful and hands-on and i was leaving with very clear next steps and foundation for the marketing efforts i was seeking. Definitely recommend booking a call with him!

Natalia Housse
1 session
16 Apr 2021

Big thank you to Robert - he reviewed my challenge very thoughtfully and deeply, and gave his honest opinion, and some tailored tips. The result of the session is highly beneficial. A great mentor!

Eric Acri
1 session
12 Apr 2021

I am a total beginner at outbound marketing and we were able to quickly build a process to help me stay organized and get out there more efficiently. Our session together was absolutely fantastic, and I went from thinking "how am I going to do sales," to "okay, I got this." Grateful for our time together, and would recommend Robert to anyone.