Patrick Thompson

Co-founder @ Iteratively | Previously led teams @ Atlassian | Growth Specialist

Seattle, United States (-08:00 UTC)Englishfrom Los Angeles, United States
Customer success

I've driven customer success initiatives focused on improving engagement and retention resulting in a massive impact on business financials. Retention is the key to successful SaaS business and understanding your customer journey and helping them discover their Aha moments is critical.

Product market fit

I've co-founded multiple startups, worked on an internal incubator at Atlassian, and led the design team for Jira Software. I've been in both product management, design and growth roles throughout my career.

Design / UX

I've helped many teams by reviewing their customer experience and providing recommendations based off of qualitative and quantitative analysis. I validate my recommendations through early signal testing or large scale growth experiments to ensure that changes are moving your business forward.

Mentor Toolkit
12 years of experience

I was the design manager for this product for two years. I know my way around a workflow and scheme. There are heaps of best practices that I'm happy to share.

Seattle, United States
- present

We help teams who rely on data to capture clean, consistent product analytics they can trust.

Design Manager
Sydney, Australia

Worked on the growth team for two years. Then led a team to help shape how teams plan, track, and release software. Relaunched Jira Software to make it easier for modern Software teams to use.

Reviews (29)
Dmitry Landberg
1 session
9 Jul 2020

I got a lot from the 30 minutes call with Patrick. He is a very knowledgeable person and what is very important - he is a practitioner. Really appreciate the chance to talk to Patrick.

Shaikha Alothman
1 session
1 Jul 2020

Patrick was amazing, and EXTREMELY generous with advice. "Always give more value thank you want to get" is one gem of a takeaway I got after speaking with him. Thanks so much Patrick.

Sibi Murugesan
1 session
3 Jun 2020

Patrick knows his stuff, period. It was a whirlwind (perhaps the best call I've had on GrowthMentor)! in the best way. He shared tips, tricks, do/don'ts, resources to consider, people to reach out, and more. Fantastic session!

Roger Yelvington
1 session
15 May 2020

Very knowledgable and a great resource to bounce ideas! :)

Paul Kovalski
1 session
3 Mar 2020

Patrick answered some questions about retention for our product and added some insight in my career development. Very down to earth and knowledgable dude!

Yonathan Stein
1 session
26 Feb 2020

It was a pleasure getting advice from Patrick. In our short session, we covered things from the abstract high-level to the practical specifics.

Shalin TJ
1 session
25 Feb 2020

Patrick was absolutely amazing. He gave me quite a few actionable ideas and useful insights (I didn't think of before) on how SaaS companies think about demand generation. It was awesome speaking to him.

David Nguyen
1 session
25 Feb 2020

Patrick was superb. He gave a lot of helpful UI/UX advice to improve our website, including the website copy. Thanks for his recommendation on Webflow too :). Thanks Patrick.

Tomasz Braja
1 session
29 Jan 2020

Great session - a lot of feedback and useful advice.

Andra Coros
1 session
27 Jan 2020

Patrick was able to give me some insights that were very valuable to the challenges I am facing. Due to his extensive knowledge when it comes to Atlassian products and company, he pointed me in the right direction. Thank you.

Stan van Workum
1 session
27 Jan 2020

Great conversation: Patrick shared high value knowledge from his experience in our industry. I highly recommend working with Patrick.

Amy Baglan
1 session
22 Jan 2020

Patrick and I connected immediately. I loved his approach to reaching product/market fit, and his tactical ideas were great, too. Looking forward to following up with him soon and continuing the relationship. Thanks Patrick!

1 session
15 Jan 2020

Patrick was able to share relatable experiences with me, and give me valuable insight into the process I need to follow as a founder.

Oseitofo Amedu
2 sessions
12 Jan 2020

My session with Patrick was amazing. Gave me the best tips on structuring my cofounders' relationships. I look forward to speaking with him again!

MJ Amartaivan
1 session
12 Nov 2019

Patrick blew my mind. His insights had me totally re-look at my onboarding and UX. Thank you very much Patrick for your time and willingness to help!

Masood Raza
1 session
10 Nov 2019

Had a very useful 30 min call with Patrick. He shared a process for user research for me to use in the validation stage of our startup. He even sent over a list of questions to survey users with. Saved me a ton of time from searching around for the same info. Very friendly, courteous and knowledgeable in his craft. Would highly recommend!

Shelby Stephens
1 session
1 Nov 2019

Patrick was super helpful, providing guidance about how we can better organize our growth initiatives and ways we can move toward more of an experiment-based approach. Awesome!

Daniel Johnson
1 session
16 Sep 2019

Super helpful and patient with my stupid questions. :)

Susan Bogan
1 session
13 Sep 2019

Appreciate the insight Patrick provided my team. He was prompt and helpful.

Lilly Hanscom
2 sessions
29 Aug 2019

Just wrapped up my first call with Patrick. The conversation was incredibly helpful and instructive. Patrick has a wealth of knowledge about product design and strategy and is genuinely interested in sharing his experience and expertise to the benefit of mentees. As a career changer looking for advice on my job search, Patrick was both reassuring and inspiring as well as constructive in his feedback. Strongly recommend connecting with Patrick.

Saket Bhushan
1 session
14 Aug 2019

Super helpful chap, felt like talking to a friend. Look forward to more conversations from him.

Jan Kuzel
1 session
11 Jul 2019

Patrick helped me review my marketing strategy, gave me tips on things I should watch out for in my marketing targets and gave me a great idea that we will implement in our SaaS product.

Tarik Qahawish
1 session
7 Jul 2019

Patrick went through our new platform and quickly pointed our usability issues with the interface. Thank you for your patience and detailed advice.

Mitch Kessler
1 session
20 May 2019

Patrick was a great source of insight as a founder and product manager. He quickly helped me see things from another perspective and it added a tremendous amount of value to me and my product.

Emile-Victor Portenart
1 session
13 May 2019

Patrick was super helpful and gave me a lot of insights to improve a specific part of our application. I appreciate the exchange and was happy to do it!

Kate Bojkov
1 session
13 May 2019

Patrick totally understood our problems in organizing the design process and shared practical tips on how we can do better. We will definitely chat with him again. Thanks, Patrick.

Alex Teddi
1 session
9 May 2019

Interesting chat !

Meet Chopra
2 sessions
2 May 2019

Best meeting ever! After talking to him, I'm super motivated to launch my product. Grateful to have a meeting with him!

Henry Hernandez 👍
1 session
1 May 2019

Patrick is full of wisdom. Great feedback, & he cares. He knows the SAAS space inside and out. Thanks so much Patrick for your insight, it was second to none.