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Koh Samui, Thailand (+07:00 UTC)Englishfrom Windsor, Canada
Venting frustration

When you are in business, there's always going to be some type of frustration to vent... am I right? We often underestimate the value in venting to clear up the mind. Wouldn't it feel better to get that off your chest? This is where progress can happen when you let go of those thoughts and as a meditation coach, I see this as a very important aspect of mindfully approaching life and work.

Technology and tools

We all have a love/hate relationship with technology and tools... we're always searching for the next best thing while still not fully benefiting from the ones we're already using. Having tried thousands of tools over the years, I've found that there's a lot more to the picture than meets the eye. If you are frustrated with the current tools you are using, searching for the perfect tools for your workflow or just want to optimize an area of the business - I'd love to talk with you.

Mindset coaching

Mindset is often the most important part of growth, a lot of people underestimate how much emotional intelligence plays a role in their success across their life and business. Mindset coaching can be the first step to some of your biggest breakthroughs, some might call it getting out of your own way :) It's often not the how-to that's the issue but the emotional kryptonite in the way, clearing that... that's your competitive advantage.

Mentor Toolkit
2 years of experience

Just recently made the decision to use Intercom for a project that I'm involved with. Now using it on a daily basis, I'm quickly understanding even more about why it's an industry-standard in customer support and success. I have been preferring it for years as an end-user and for user tracking in previous products but having transitioned recently from Zendesk -- I can say that I highly recommend Intercom over its competitors. There's some excellent integrations to level up your support!

13 years of experience

Trello is so simple yet potentially so complex at the same time as it can tempt you to over complicate it or get you stuck in a simplified "To Do, Doing, Done" workflow when your project would benefit from exploring alternatives... the optimal workflow is often somewhere in-between. My favorite use of Trello is often the unconventional ones, like travel planning, financial management, etc with a combo of Power-Ups and Addons. But of course, it can be a great tool for everyday use too.

9 years of experience

There's a lot of Project Management tools out there on the market but Asana has been one of my go-to recommendations for several years for a variety of reasons. I believe there's no 'perfect' tool but believe Asana has a rich set of features and excels above a lot of other options especially at the free level for teams beginning with collaboration, project and task management. Getting the most from Asana often means stepping back and looking at how your team works.

Windsor, Canada
- present

For almost 10 years, we've been involved in consulting work with universities, colleges, and enterprise clients who are looking to improve their collaboration and project management. I've helped teams with collaboration on various platforms more specifically ActiveCollab a self-hosted project management tool with the ability to extend via custom-built modules. Generally starting with best practices and non-development improvements then looking at how customization could further improve workflows from calendar tweaks for clarity to full custom brief functionality to better automate project creation. We've been involved in helping teams get more done with less hassle. Specializing in work with Marketing & Communications teams and their needs.

Digital Agencies
Reviews (93)
Victoria Barker
1 session
17 Oct 2021

Had a great call with Nathan, he gave me lots of food for thought and helped me to see the business from a different perspective. I would highly recommend booking a call.

Georgi Ganchev
1 session
12 Oct 2021

Wonderful person, Nathan has a very natural style of communication. He is very open, great listener and gave me a lot of valuable advice on personal and business issues I have. Highly recommended!

Ashley Bailey
1 session
12 Oct 2021

Solid meeting.

Swaathishree Sridhar
1 session
7 Oct 2021

After knowing my personality, Nathan gave me specific tips and workarounds, and I wish I had met him a few years back. I've already started implementing them successfully. If you're someone who has trouble focusing and procrastinates a lot, you should book a meeting with Nathan asap.

Will Jago
1 session
5 Oct 2021

Really concise advice from Nathan left me with some excellent action points straight after the call. His advice was very articulate and shows a very proficient understanding in a wide range of topics. The hour call was extrememly valuable

Myriam Mena
1 session
30 Sep 2021

This call was handled in an extremely friendly way, it is very easy to talk with Nathan, explain all doubts you can have. He comes up with great imaginative suggestions and is very honest about what he can and cannot help with which makes the conversation easy.

Harry Haines
1 session
2 Sep 2021

A top guy who is ready to share all his experiences in life, we got on extremely well and I would consider him a friend for life. Looking forward to quarterly meetings and catch-ups!

ercan Ozbelli
1 session
10 Aug 2021

Nathan is very helpful not only he knows the sector that we have discussed about but also he takes time and put effort to understand your business witha positive attitude. Strongly recommended and looking forward to chat again!!!Thanks Nathan.

Narayana Varhabhatla
1 session
8 Aug 2021

Nathan was fantastic to talk to and a great resource. He gave me some great insight into how to get past mental blocks. I highly recommend him.

Eric Acri
1 session
8 Jul 2021

Just had a fantastic conversation with Nathan! You can feel Nathan's positive energy through the screen and it's a real pleasure to be around. We spoke about mindfulness, and how to get over anxiety. I appreciated the unique perspective and the advice for my daily routines. Will book again and would recommend speaking to Nathan to everyone!

1 session
19 May 2021

Nathan was great. He gave me some very valuable insights and how to navigate delegation. Superb, thanks you!

Rob Turlinckx
1 session
6 May 2021

My chat with Nathan gave me the clarity I was looking for. I left the call with fresh insights and a new perspective on coaching. Nathan is friendly, patient and very helpful.

Rosalía Ramos Barragán
1 session
30 Mar 2021

Nathan was great, very friendly, full of fresh ideas and advices, he challenged me into re-thinking some of the concepts I have for my business which led to new ideas I am eager to puto into practice. Fantastic time with him, really worth it!

Spyros Tsoukalas
1 session
23 Mar 2021

This was a GREAT & INSPIRING call regarding my mindset, and the daily challenges that I face. If you need support with your mindset, procrastination, scheduling or other daily challenges, Nathan is the go-to person to share your thoughts and identify ways/approaches to improve your days & life. Nathan, thanks a lot!

Jamie Clarke
1 session
16 Mar 2021

Had a great call with Nathan. He kept things simple but by design and really helped me get some clarity. Thanks, Nathan. Really appreciate your time!

Matthew Aylmer
1 session
9 Mar 2021

simply brilliant. helped with advice on mindset, and business. Super clear. Full of good advice, and ideas. Will be booking again soon. Feels like I have found a great tool to add to my toolkit!

Matthew van der Merwe
2 sessions
9 Mar 2021

Absolutely amazing!! Thank you Nathan :)

Supriya Agarwal
2 sessions
7 Mar 2021

The session with Nathan was great as usual! He was very patient and shared his own relatable experiences and many helpful links.

Lucy Walker
1 session
2 Mar 2021

Awesome second session with Nathan, discussing working with developers, and a better approach to pricing. Thanks again!

Sammy James
1 session
23 Feb 2021

Nathan is very open to hearing whatever you have on your mind. He shared some great insights with me and gave me some new things to consider regarding a major decision I am about to make. I was inspired and uplifted by the conversation and look forward to a future call. BTW, he has lived in like a million places in the world and that's crazy but very cool.

Moritz von Oheimb
1 session
16 Feb 2021

Thanks for your time Nathan - great tipps and insights and really appreciated the very human viewpoint rather than the typical black and white management tipps.

Moritz Lang
2 sessions
16 Feb 2021

Great energy and extremely uplifting vibes from Nathan, super helpful! He gave me a lot of great inspiration on which things to think about and what to do in terms of building my business and improving my mindset.

Irina Poddubnaia
1 session
6 Feb 2021

It's been a good call - we brainstormed several ideas about a very specific issue I wanted to discuss. Thank you, Nathan!

Michael Ho
1 session
29 Jan 2021

My fault. I came into the session unprepared(this is my first mentorship session ever) so I didn't get the value I wanted.

Hannah Goldie
1 session
26 Jan 2021

Really great session, amazingly informational and learned so much. Would recommend completely.

Anthony Giordano
1 session
19 Jan 2021

I enjoyed my conversation with Nathan. We touched on a variety of career and life areas which were interesting and insightful.

Daniel Schrader
1 session
18 Jan 2021

Thank you Nathan. You gave sage advice for a big fork in the road. I felt much more certain about my career direction after our chat.

Edwin Plotts
1 session
14 Jan 2021

Nathan was a pleasure to speak with. I took away some actionable ideas.

Brian Stevenson
1 session
7 Jan 2021

Thank you my friend! I hope to speak again.

Carlos Courtney
1 session
27 Dec 2020

Nathan is great at getting to the root of your problem and identifying unique ways to solve it. His knowledge is extensive and very valuable!

Josephine Tse
1 session
22 Dec 2020

Had a really, really good call with Nathan. It felt like I was catching up with an old friend! He gave me advice on some work-related issues I was having and alternative problem-solving avenues I could approach in regards to my situation. Was also able to inject some travel talks in there too!

Ryan Long
1 session
13 Dec 2020

Nathan made a significant impact on me in just our first session. I felt super comfortable interacting with him. Instead of firing direct questions at me, it was a more casual approach of back-and-forth. He has a vast amount of experiences/stories/information that he shared that were inspiring to me. He affirmed that even though I had many interests, I didn't necessarily have to narrow things down into choosing one thing. I look forward to meeting with him again soon.

Carles Chorda Buendia
1 session
8 Dec 2020

Nathan is a great Mentor, he helped me reconcile my thoughts and put my ideas in order. He was helpful by giving past examples and ideas on how to move forward with what I want to achieve and helped with setting me in a better mindset. He is nice, friendly and knowledgeable, talking to him leaves you recharged and wanting to do good. You feel like you’re just having a normal conversation but then realize it’s much more!

Henrique de Melo
1 session
8 Dec 2020

The call with Nathan was extremely helpful. He's a very savvy business consultant that gave advice beyond what I was expecting from the call. Some of the things we addressed: how to stay productive without burning out, and how to leverage my time more by focusing on business strategy and delegating the implementation. Highly recommend Nathan as a mentor!

Nicolai Rehn
1 session
14 Nov 2020

'Actionable insight' does not to justice to a superb talk with Nathan. He helped dissect seemingly insurmountable challenges faced as an entrepreneur and walk through them in a entirely new perspective. Included were counter-intuitive tips & tools for productivity that have been uncanny in their effectiveness - coming from someone who has tried most. Authentic & empathetic person - highly recommend a session!

Jason Cane
1 session
13 Nov 2020

I came into my first session with Nathan feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and even a bit helpless after months of being unable to work through specific challenges regarding productivity, communication, and project management. Following a helpful conversation with him in which he quickly identified the challenges I described and offered his own insight into why they existed (and persisted) as they had, I came away feeling relieved, motivated, and ready to take on my next project using the actionable solutions he shared. Highly recommended and looking forward to future sessions.

Lynn Cu
1 session
11 Nov 2020

I had a very nice session with Nathan. If it were a longer session, we could unpack a lot more things. Overall, Nathan is very helpful and guiding me a lot in mindset and asking myself the right questions. :)

Matteo Mosca
1 session
9 Nov 2020

"I don't know what's happened... but I feel better!" This was one of my last comment :) Thanks Nathan, talk soon!

Evgeny Korolev
2 sessions
5 Nov 2020

Great conversation with Nathan helped me prioritize the tasks and inspired to continue development

Nathan Ma
2 sessions
1 Nov 2020

Nathan is a really knowledgeable guy! Had a great session!

Johannes Eklund
1 session
19 Oct 2020

Had a really great session with Nathan. My plan was to not prepare anything for the meeting to make the session "floating" and it turned out to be a really valuable session. Two papers full of points to research and pointers who have nudged me into a direction I didn't really think about before I entered the session. Thanks Nathan!

Rafael Aldon
1 session
19 Oct 2020

Nathan is a great person to use as a sounding board and offers a calm voice of reason and support. Recommended

Supriya Agarwal
2 sessions
25 Sep 2020

Nathan was great and helped me identify the answer to a question, I have spent months thinking about! I am looking forward to future sessions. Thank you Nathan!!!

Sheila Donohue
1 session
22 Sep 2020

Nathan's a great listener and understood quickly the challenges I am facing as an early stage startup founder. His keen interest as well as his advice was much appreciated!

Andrew Kamphey
1 session
14 Sep 2020

Nathan is incredibly friendly. He's a great person to bounce big ideas off of and help walk the path through decision making.

Alicia Burke
1 session
9 Sep 2020

Nathan is really friendly and made me feel more confident about getting my freelance work off the ground. Good chat about pricing, resources, communities, workload management and travel. Look forward to speaking with him again!

Paul Grosso
8 sessions
7 Sep 2020


Sonya Wong
1 session
5 Sep 2020

Nathan's coaching approach is super friendly, yet allow me to share my concerns and worries in a very natural way. Love to positive vibe of Nathan, he also helped me to discover my hidden "anxiety-panic-stressful" pattern and offered me some resources to handle them. Having a coaching call with him have made my day!

Krzysztof Gilowski
1 session
4 Sep 2020

Had a very nice session with Nathan. We exchanged thoughts about various things concerning business, workplace culture and mindset. I found the call to be helpful and insightful. :)

Christian Heine
1 session
14 Aug 2020

Talking with Nathan was quite different from other calls I had on this platform. Even though it was the longest call I had here, it really did not feel like it. We had a wide-ranging conversation about meaning, goals, motivation, focus, entrepreneurial struggles, and much more. I was really uncertain at first, partly because I decided to share a few personal details, which I usually would not share with strangers. Nathan definitely helped me to see a number of things more clearly.

Andrei Tudose
1 session
13 Aug 2020

I appreciate this talk with Nathan! Speaking the same "language" having similar believes and it was very useful to see my issues through his eyes / opinion.

Gil Gonzales
1 session
12 Aug 2020

I paid for another session with another growth mentor and Nathan's session blew that out of the water. He knows his stuff but more important he digs deep to understand your problem(s) and he offers concrete solutions to addressing that issue. I highly recommend Nathan.

Walter Cullinan
3 sessions
7 Aug 2020

Had a great chat with Nathan, he has a really refreshing perspective and gives great advice. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their mindset

Christopher Rawlings
1 session
30 Jul 2020

I had a great call with Nathan. We discussed the strategies of scaling a business and what things I would need to consider in this venture. Nathan actively listened to everything I had to say and gave great advice, also suggesting other great information that will be of huge value. I would highly recommend.

Michael Hearn
2 sessions
19 Jul 2020

Had another good session with Nathan and we talked about the app I am creating. We went through the prototype of the UI designs of the app and Nathan provided suggestions for improvements.

Paul Grosso
8 sessions
16 Jul 2020

Every time it’s so great to see how far I come I been working with Nathan For about eight months and to see how far I’ve come it’s crazy to see my progress

Rahul Goel
1 session
13 Jul 2020

My conversation with Nathan was unreal, and I cannot thank him enough. His level of calm, understanding, and excessive generosity with his time (we went well over an hour) was inspiring in itself. It felt like I was talking to a long-time mentor, someone who I could just lay things out in front of and have a relaxed conversation about where I am right now and where things are headed for me and my company. Be sure to ask Nathan about resources he recommends looking in to. He went down an incredible path sharing countless gems which I have already began consuming. My conversation with Nathan was the perfect mix of strategic, tactical, and introspective dialogue. Thank you, Nathan!

Michelle Vodden
1 session
10 Jul 2020

Nathan was great. He had great insight and advice. He was able to come up with a solution to my problem within a few minutes. He really made me feel confident at the end of our call!

David Kellerman
1 session
19 Jun 2020

Nathan is a legend, as someone who has a pretty set system for dealing with AD(H)D, Nathan provided me some invaluable advise in how to further enhance my system. Very friendly and openminded and we touched on a lot of topics!

Arshia K
4 sessions
18 Jun 2020

I always look forward to my sessions with Nathan! I enjoy his approach to various areas of self development

Ashok Kola
1 session
13 Jun 2020

Talk to him and you will realise what you are missing in your life right now. Very Kind and Heartful Human Being.

Nathan Chandler
1 session
11 Jun 2020

Nathan was kind enough to share his insights on my approach to work. I recently started a new job and it's been difficult to find my place. He also chatted with me about his meditation practice. He's a wonderful guy.

Arshia K
4 sessions
4 Jun 2020

Always enjoy my talks with Nathan!

Shubham Sharma
1 session
1 Jun 2020

Really appreciated the conversation and the the time on the phone with Nathan. It was my my first mindset coaching and really glad it went really good. He has an amazing ability to understand the pains ! I recommend

1 session
31 May 2020

Really enjoyed talking to Nathan. There were some great lightbulb / aha moments during our conversation that helped to unlock powerful perspectives. Nathan is kind, open, attentive and an all-round wonderful person. The world should have more Nathans!

Andrei Vlasov
1 session
28 May 2020

I had a great session with Nathan. We spoke about productivity, finding focus, imposter syndrome, and more. Nathan shared his thoughts and experience, as well as gave me actionable advice on how to address those challenges. Nathan is an attentive listener and it was a real pleasure talking to him. Highly recommend if you're feeling stuck, unproductive, or challenged in any other way.

Michael Hearn
2 sessions
26 May 2020

I had a very good session with Nathan and I left feeling like I had some actionable goals to aim for immediately. Nathan provided possible solutions to several issues I highlighted which has provided further research for me to explore as I had not considered. Nathan also provided feedback on what he thought was good ideas and where he thinks I might struggle and have further problems. Overall I found the session really beneficial and would definitely have another session with Nathan again.

Arshia K
4 sessions
25 May 2020


Moritz Lang
2 sessions
18 May 2020

It was a great pleasure talking to Nathan, he really understood my problems and directed me on paths to find solutions. We talked about how to become a coach, how to feel less overwhelmed and be productive. Very nice and uplifting personality who radiates optimism and possibility

Arshia K
4 sessions
18 May 2020

My first session with Nathan was fantastic! He is very knowledgeable and friendly. Looking forward to future sessions!

Victor Seth Hansen
1 session
13 May 2020

Nathan was a fantastic listener that took the time to really understand my specific situation. After this he recommended simple habits that have proved very helpful to improve my mindset. Much recommended!

Niall Jones
1 session
8 May 2020

Excellent first session with Nathan. Very supportive and helpful with some great signposting and suggestions.

Evgeny Korolev
2 sessions
4 May 2020

Nathan told about his coaching practise, shared some insights about working with clients and launching a coaching carrier, answered all my questions. It was interesting to talk to him and get inspiration.

Krish M
1 session
2 May 2020

Nathan was a great person to talk to about anxieties. He was very understanding and gave us some great tips about how to manage stress and be positive in difficult situations.

Radu Benga
1 session
29 Apr 2020

Nathan has a really great combination of skills and he has a practical perspective when providing advice. We had a really good talk because we have a few similar professional experiences, so he was able to share his thoughts and provide advice that I can use in the projects that I am working on. I recommend Nathan to people that are looking for balance in their life between a piece of mind and personal and professional growth.

2 sessions
27 Apr 2020

I had a second with Nathan and it is always a learning while talking with him. I had a lot of confusion regarding current situation in my life and Nathan helped clarify most of it. Would definitely recommend him!

Dom Scara
1 session
25 Apr 2020

Great Insights! Thank you Nathan! Will talk to you soon!

Joanna Delaney
1 session
7 Apr 2020

Fantastic call with Nathan, it was really valuable. He gave me great advice and insights related to consulting and working with clients, which I am now looking forward to implementing.

Jon Santangelo
1 session
2 Mar 2020

My first GrowthMentor call exceeded my expectations. Nathan and I spoke in great detail on a variety of topics within mental health fitness and productivity. I gained a lot of helpful takeaways from our talks. The conversation could have kept going since it was going so well.

Nadir Zyat
1 session
20 Jan 2020

A very good session with Nathan, on time, and really patient. Listened to every topic and always answer giving constructive examples he or one of his acquaintance lived to create easy steps from the real life...not just theory, which what we are looking for as entrepreneurs. Let's see what will be the second session :)

Mukil Ganesan
1 session
10 Dec 2019

Nathan was highly motivating and asked me to pursue my interests without any second thought. He's definitely an amazing mindset coach! I got some good clarity on my next steps, both personally and professionally. Thanks Nathan! I'll connect with you again, soon :)

Robert Stockley
1 session
20 Nov 2019

Nathan was a pleasure to speak to and helped me realise the importance of celebrating both big and small achievements and also provided me with some additional, actionable advice on how I can get more out of some of the strategies I have already been applying. Since speaking I have been able to apply what we discussed and have gained great direction on my goals for 2020!

Liv Wu
1 session
18 Nov 2019

I really appreciated Nathan’s friendliness, he made me feel at ease straight away and comfortable to share my thoughts. He shared with me interesting perspectives which I have not about before and offered me actionable items which I can act on.

2 sessions
31 Oct 2019

Nathan was really helpful and provided me immense guidance on how to start with a coaching career. I would definitely recommend anyone who is looking for clarity to talk to Nathan.

Maya Kecha
1 session
23 Oct 2019

Nathan is, above all, great guy! We had an excellent talk about some issues I am dealing with when it comes to focusing on and improvement of productivity. I started implementing his advice, and I can already see some improvements. Looking forward to our next chat, where we can sum up what I have accomplished.

Liliana Ortiz
1 session
24 Sep 2019

The ssion with Nathan was great. He provided very useful advice related to consulting & gave me a lot of ideas to implement right away. Thanks so much for your time Nathan, I really appreciate it!

Vicki Alderson
1 session
31 Jul 2019

Our first mentoring session was unfortunately hindered slightly by technology (new 5 star hotel with WIFI problems :( ?!) but despite that, Nathan and I managed to conduct an introduction of sorts. He was interested to hear about my new non profit project and it's current state of progress. Nathan helpfully offered to approach his international network should volunteers be needed in the future. On a personal note, Nathan can relate to my struggles with executive functioning and everyday task prioritization/execution. We discussed how this affects the growth of business projects. He suggested a helpful book title that may be of assistance.

Foti Panagiotakopoulos
1 session
25 Jul 2019

Had a great session with Nathan and talked about how to deal with lack of focus when there's just so many things on the table. If you're on the ADHD spectrum, talking to Nathan's a must.

Tarik Qahawish
1 session
24 Jul 2019

Nathan is a great listener and very compassionate. He helped remind me of going back to basic when it comes to dealing with tough situations while growing a business. Thanks for your advice and ear Nathan.

Tom Figiel
1 session
22 Jul 2019

Nathan was patient to understand my issue in detail before offering any templated, off the cuff solutions. He spent a bit of time prior to the call researching my issue and the application at the center of that issue. He is thorough in his approach and methodical in his analysis.

Hugo Hamel
1 session
19 Jul 2019

I had a friendly call with Nathan who answered all my questions on cold emailing and being a digital nomad. He provided me valuable insights and made sure that my scope was well focused and oriented.

Bogdan Pol
3 sessions
17 Jul 2019

Nathan has a lot of experience in helping entrepreneurs find their focus. I am pleasantly surprised that after one session, we have found techniques that work, and I could immediately apply them in my daily life. I'm looking forward to our next session!

1 session
15 Jul 2019

Nathan was more than helpful with my issues of being stuck in progress and growth. He listened to my problems and event took the time after our session has finished to follow up with amazing new ideas for me to grow and reach more people, which I would never think of on my own. Sometimes it really helps to talk to someone that see your problems with fresh eyes and that leads to new paths we would never do on our own. So happy to have met Nathan and hope we will chat again! Best, Sanya