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Hartford, United States (+01:00 UTC)French, Polish, German, Englishfrom Kassel, Germany
Remote work

I will be happy to coach on approaching remote work from a strategic perspective as this is a business model, not just a benefit that many companies rush into just because almost everyone does it. Implementing remote work without preparation can be very frustrating, make you lose resources, time, and money.

Social media

Building your personal brand in SM is a must these days. It's all about creating awareness in terms of your values, believes, mission and vision in order to engage audience and build credibility.

Technology and tools

As remote work is a business model, it is based on the the human factor that is smartly connected with appropriate software. That's why I specialize in creating remote infrastructures that embrace automation.

Mindset coaching

I will be happy to coach on approaching remote work from a strategic perspective as this is a business model, not just a benefit that many companies rush into just because almost everyone does it. Implementing remote work without preparation can be very frustrating, make you lose resources, time and money.

Mentor Toolkit
3 years of experience

I have used Trello to integrate it in remote work infrastructures as a tool to manage distributed projects. It smoothly connects with other tools, allowing to automate the majority of manual processes.

3 years of experience

I have implemented Dropbox in remote infrastructures, allowing distributed teams to keep a well-organized and secure database as well as a transparent flow of documents.

3 years of experience

Hosted numerous webinars and online events (for more than 100 participants), creating smooth flows and engagement with users by connecting it with newsletters and surveys.

4 years of experience

Project management in remote teams - I have successfully implemented Asana in companies that required an overview of their team's performance. Thanks to this, the workflow was handled efficiently, without unnecessary hassle.

Business Expansion Partner
Talent Place

- Being responsible for the expansion strategy to ensure growth, - Cooperating with the entire organization in order to expand the business (internal processes and procedures within the HR field, sales materials/presentations, marketing initiatives - both for onsite as well as the entire remote community), - Leading strategic change projects to ensure internal and external expansion.

Fonder of
- present

- Educating on remote work solutions - both employers and employees, - Providing remote work audits to companies in order to assess stages of “remote-readiness”, - Designing custom made solutions in the area of remote work (such as: internal communications, processes and procedures, tools, IT and legal risk elimination), - Performing workshops on successful remote work implementation for managers and teams, - Providing “remote-ready” behavioural testing for candidates, - Providing coaching services to candidates willing to find a remote job, - Strategic human resources planning, - Filling highly specialist skill gaps within existing teams in various companies, - Solving problems such as disputes/crises, - Designing and delivering change initiatives, - Creating of various recruitment strategies in order to ensure optimal standard and efficient talents flow, - Providing coaching to employees, managers and senior leadership to drive culture and overall business success, - Headhunting services for complex roles such as: Marketing Manager, Head of Digital, Social Media Manager, Performance Marketing Manager, Recruitment Manager, Talent Director, HR Business Partner, Managing Director, Technical Director, Supply Chain Director, Sales Director, Key Account Manager, Business Development Manager, Chief Commercial Director, Operational Director, Customer Service Manager, Chief Financial Officer, Project Manager, Head of Legal, Chief Accountant, Financial Director, PR Manager, Head of IT, M&A Director, Head of R&D, Production Director.

Fin Tech
Digital Agencies
Talent Acquisition Lead

- Planning and development of relevant strategies in order to guarantee top talent acquisition performance all over Europe in remote teams, - Advising on various hiring solutions, - Strategic HR planning and building talent pipelines for current and future job openings, - Performing analysis of HR data and providing recommendation for strategic directions, - Setting up human resources procedures that are in line with the company's objectives, - Leading the internal talent acquisition team, - Performing employer branding activities, - Participating in project kick offs with the entire team, - Advising on talent pools in various European countries (including but not limited to Germany, USA, UK, Benelux, China, Poland), - Conducting an evaluation of the company's position on the market in order to perform effective talent acquisition activities, - Active talent sourcing in order to fill open positions and anticipate future needs, - Interviewing candidates remotely (verification of hard and soft skills), - Assisting with employment documentation for employees hired all over Europe, - Leading exit interviews with employees leaving the organisation, - Preparing processes and procedures related to the performance of HR activities (such as the recruitment process, hiring process, onboarding, talent planning, training & development, rewards & recognition, culture cultivation).

Talent Acquisition Partner

- Planning of recruitment strategies in order to meet company's guidelines in a timely manner, - Cooperation with the HR department in terms of organizing various recruitment events (fairs, conferences and technical workshops), - Leading and conducting recruitment processes for the entire organization, - Coordinating the flow of information between candidates and company representatives, - Leading project updates as well as progress calls with Managers, - Building and maintaining relations with candidates, - Employer branding activities (social media, in-house, career website), - Interviewing candidates (verification of hard and soft skills), - Participating in the development and implementation of HR procedures and processes.

Fin Tech
Business Operations Manager

- Enhancing the operational procedure and principles in the areas of information flow, business processes and project management, - Preparing recruitment strategies in accordance with guidelines determined by clients, - Managing recruitment projects within the team in order to ensure client satisfaction, - Developing business plan and strategies to meet operational requirements, - Locating and proposing potential business deals, discovering and exploring opportunities, - Negotiating and preparing cooperation contracts with external partners, - Ensuring effective recruitment performance of the team, - Managing recruitment projects in order to deliver high satisfaction for clients, - Assisting recruiters in the performance of recruitment strategy, - Interviewing candidates globally (verification of hard and soft skills),

MBA in Managerial Communication
Clark University, MA

Master of Business Administration with strong focus on HR.

Reviews (9)
Peter Topercer
1 session
2 Jul 2021

I just had an amazing call with Nadia. Super knowledgeable positive person. Love her personality and working drive. I want to give her 20 stars out of 5 :) Thank you so much for your time and all the good insights and ideas.

1 session
10 May 2021

This session was really helpful. Nadia has guided me on how to improve my business model.

Spyros Tsoukalas
1 session
15 Mar 2021

Dear Remote Teams, Digital Nomads and anyone working from home. Nadia is your Go-To-Person if you want to improve your everyday life or your team's life and you are related to remote work in any way. I just got 30' of inspiration, best practices and ideas for my team. And I'd encourage you to do so, as well! She is AWESOME!

Denis Mccaul
1 session
8 Mar 2021

Nadia has a wealth of knowledge and can give you practical advice on successfully outsourcing work online. How to segment who you will need by skills, what platforms to use, the software to manage the work. Plus lots of tips on communicating with remote hires. She talks faster than a machine gun fires bullets, so you will get lots of great advice from a very professional and competent Mentor. My advice is to get her advice! Book now...

Andrea Nagar
3 sessions
8 Feb 2021

The call with Nadia was the best I've done on Growth Mentor. It's obvious from the beginning that she has a lot of experience as she immediately helped me see the pitfalls of my previous hire that took such a high toll on me. She pointed me to the DESC framework to have better conversations with your reports. If you are into hiring, she's definitely the person you want to talk to. Thanks so much, Nadia!

Laura Catz
1 session
18 Jan 2021

I was very nice to chat with Nadia. Besides being super friendly she is very knowledgable and was happy to share a lot of tips and tricks. Definitely the best experience I had so far in the mentor calls.

Hal Zeitlin
1 session
14 Jan 2021

I never thought of doing a full-time remote job until meeting with Nadia. With uncertain futures, it's great to see ways to find and access roles that may be right for me and my life.

Nikki Elbaz
1 session
13 Oct 2020

Such a helpful session! I have so much clarity on the different directions I can take – and what each one will give me. I even picked up so much just from Nadia’s phraseology! And, of course, more from the actual strategies and “whys” behind them. Nice dollop of validation too :)

Lucy Walker
1 session
7 Oct 2020

Thanks Nadia! Lots of areas for me to think about at this early stage of my business.