Melissa Carmichael

Product Design & User Research | Former Growth & Monetization at SurveyMonkey

Portland, Stati Uniti (-08:00 UTC)Englishfrom Boston, Stati Uniti
$80 / hour
Venting frustration

Always happy to lend an ear and help navigate frustrating or hairy situations! Sometimes the hardest thing about a job is working with people - I can help break down problems and approach them by applying design thinking - first understand and empathize with the other person, then dig into the heart of the problem, what they value, and what their pain points are - in addition to yours. Then how do you come up with a mutually beneficial solution?

Technology and tools

My day-to-day software and tools cross Design software (Figma, Sketch, Abstract, Invision), Project Planning (ProductPlan), User Research (, User Zoom, EnjoyHQ), and Confluence/JIRA for ticket work.

Conversion rate optimisation

I have a background in A/B experimentation on a freemium subscription Saas product - with a heavy focus on converting free subscribers to Paid plans, as well as Individuals to Team plans. I also have experience across International Markets. I can help guide best design approaches & copy for best results, as well as how behavioral economics and psychology can come into play.

Idea validation

I can assist with idea validation with users by utilizing everything from guerilla and low-budget user research to formal studies. The most important thing is to break things down into smaller achievable learnings to get to insights faster. I can help you format your testing appropriately - from A/B experiments to user research.

Building a team

I have been a product design manager and functional head for design and user research for over 5 years, managing small teams comprised of junior through to senior levels. I have been through hiring process at several companies, promotion cycles, preparing to put employees on PIPs, helping others get off of PIPs, as well as a variety of culture-building activities including crafting team values.

User research

I fully believe that you can blend fast, iterative learnings between both quantitative and qualitative research. I have experience in both A/B experiments as well as a variety of primary research methods from generative to evaluative. I can help you determine who to test, how to recruit, assist in moderated scripts or task-based tests, as well as analyzing results.

Design / UX

I have over 20 years of visual, interaction, and product design experience. I can help guide you on appropriate design thinking approaches, Lead Product Methodologies, and User-Centered Design processes for your projects.

Mentor Toolkit
over 6 years of experience

I have used Hotjar in the past for screenrecordings, click maps, and heatmaps. I'm currently looking install again at current company, so will soon be more up to date to the software capabilities (and will also be vetting out FullStory to compare).

over 6 years of experience

I have worked across a variety of product teams and have helped determine the best way to integrate design and design processes (from design concepting, final ticket, specs, review of builds, etc.) into the JIRA ticketing system and engineering workflows.

Director of Product Design
Side, Inc.
San Francisco, Stati Uniti
- present

Helping to transform real estate agents into businesses.

Lead Product Designer | SurveyMonkey Audience (Market Research)
Portland, Stati Uniti

Led the design effort of the 0-1 product launch for a native respondent panel app (SurveyMonkey Rewards), which surpassed original engagement metrics by 3x. Increased conversion by 2.3% and increased AOV by 12.6% by optimizing the Audience buyer experience.

Lead Product Designer & Manager | Growth & Monetization
San Francisco, Stati Uniti

Hands-on work & oversight across four geographically distributed teams (US & Ireland) on the Growth and Billing/Payments teams. Led strategy and design work for A/B tests and product feature development releases on top priority projects. Growth efforts included Monetization strategy across the Core product (Self-serve and Enterprise), as well as Acquisition, Conversion, Engagement, and Retention. Facilitated, mentored, and guided cross-functional product teams, provided user-centered design processes & advocacy to enhance the quality of the design work. Led and conducted user research to identify customer needs, surface opportunities for improvement, and inform strategic decisions. Blend quantitative and qualitative methods to help drive decisions and measured outcomes. Promoted an inclusive design process through Design Thinking workshops with the entire product team and stakeholders, create a strong feedback culture by both giving and receiving constructive and actionable feedback. Proposed an in-product, mini-pricing and checkout experiment, which resulted in an 8% increase in conversion.

Reviews (3)
Erum Akhtar
1 session
27 May 2021

I was in a bout of analysis paralysis and Melissa really helped me break down what is logical based on my goals, how I can implement the steps, and provided really good resources during and after our call. Thanks again Melissa!

Peter Antonov
1 session
11 May 2021

Melissa has a brilliant mind for product! She saw and pointed to some congruency issues with the messaging on my onboarding screens. We also tested another important screen where she provided me with invaluable clarity about what A/B experiments I should try next. I really enjoyed my session with Melissa. She was very kind to me and I really appreciate that 😊🙏

Grupo Quincena SAS
1 session
6 May 2021

Thank you so much Melissa for helping us with your experience on Freemium models and the tactical tips you shared with us :)