Linda Le Phan

Content Creator & Strategist 🔥| 8+ years doing content & SEO at lean startups 🚀 | Indie Author ✍️

Boston, United States (-05:00 UTC)from Boston, United States
Content marketing

I was once hired as the first dedicated content role at a startup with the task of "doing content". At the time they had ~10 blog posts and 100 visitors / month. Within 2 years I turned that into 100s of articles, 200k visitors / month, and a finely tuned editorial process and system (without needing to hire more headcount). I also built sales decks, one-pagers, case studies, ran social media, etc. If any of that resonates with your content challenges, I can help.

Mentor Toolkit
over 9 years of experience

There are a lot of CMS's out there but Wordpress is one of the most powerful and flexible ones out there. As a writer, it's also one of the best for blogs specifically. I've used WP for my own hobby websites as well as for several startups and so I'm very familiar running content marketing with Wordpress as your main platform.

over 7 years of experience

I spent 3+ years in my early marketing career at an SEO & content marketing agency (doing full website audits, keyword research, meta data & site architecture recommendations, internal linking, etc,) and Semrush was one of the tools I always used then, and it's till a go-to for me now when planning out content and optimizing websites.

over 6 years of experience

Trello has been in my go-to toolset for a long time since it's super simple to use and the kanban method is perfect for project tracking your own work, as well as in a team setting.

Reviews (3)
Mussavir S.
1 session
21 May 2021

Linda was great to chat with - it seemed like we just jumped right into the problem space and she was quickly able to affirm/provide guidance regarding content strategy. I had a list of action items both in the short term and long term after our initial meeting. Looking forward to connect with Linda again!

Eyram Adjogatse
1 session
13 May 2021

I had a great session with Linda. She has a lot of experience in building out and scaling content marketing functions in startups. She was able to listen closely to my situation and gave me great tips that would work for my business. For someone like me who's just getting started, I found this super helpful. Thank you, Linda!

Sophia Benhaddou
1 session
11 May 2021

Great session with Linda. She had previously reviewed my landing page before our session and gave me good tips on to improve its copy. Thanks Linda!