Laura Harrison, PhD

Chief Science Officer; Neuroscientist

Pasadena, Stati Uniti (-08:00 UTC)from Pasadena, Stati Uniti
Data science

Do you want to include data in your product pipeline? Do you have data and aren't sure what to do with it? Book time with me to discuss your data as well as potential uses and insights you can gleam from it. If you don't have data yet, I can also help guide you work backwards from what you want to accomplish to what data you'll need.

User research

If you want to conduct user research with confidence, I'm your girl. I am a Caltech-trained neuroscientist with deep expertise in online and in-person behavioral testing. I've overseen dozens of studies for both scientific and industry research. Whether you want to get started discussing study design, want to develop your analysis strategy or review your results I am excited to dive into your research application.

Remote work

I work full time at a remote-first company whose employees span time zones. Extending beyond our experience, I applied my neuroscience expertise in social interactions and stress to develop a Thriving Science workshop, helping remote employees find individualized strategies to overcome stress and burnout and remain resilient and fulfilled in their work. If you or your team are struggling with remote work, book a time with me to find a personalized strategies that works for you.

Mentor Toolkit
over 3 years of experience

I primarily use Python for data analysis, machine learning and data visualization. For client and collaborative work, I like to use Jupyter and Colab notebooks. I am working to develop dashboarding skills.

Reviews (7)
Robert DuBois
1 session
5 Aug 2021

Laura was so helpful! We dove right into the problems I was trying to solve, and she provided insightful questions and feedback that I'll be able to integrate into our product immediately. She is so smart and kind and I am so grateful.

Jonathan Fenton
1 session
28 Jul 2021

Laura has very extensive knowledge on data science, she is also very easy to talk to and understanding to all data scientists from beginner to expert, will definitely call again.

Narayana Varhabhatla
1 session
7 Jul 2021

Dr. Harrison and I had a very productive and insightful chat - she is an awesome resource. I came to her with a very fuzzy and vague set of ideas and she did an amazing job collating the information and offering suggestions on how to think about my problems. I'd recommend her without any hesitation.

Hamel Shah
1 session
2 Jul 2021

Great session with Laura. She gave insightful feedback on our overall research plan and shared some critical observations on some roadblocks we had not considered. Together we were able to sketch out a road-map in order to be in a position to conduct the ultimate research study. Furthermore, Laura was able to give detailed feedback on the contents of the research study highlighting some parts which were just not feasible and then helping us to trim the study to its essential parts. Thank you Laura for sharing your expert opinions with us.

Francesca Cadhit
1 session
30 Jun 2021

Laura and I had a great session. She asked focused questions and helped me see things from a tech/AI perspective. I really enjoyed her straightforward approach!

Peter Antonov
1 session
3 Jun 2021

Knowing Laura has published 9 scientific papers related to the functioning of the brain and certain disorders affecting it I was already excited. But it turns out there's actually no better person I could have spoken with on that topic! I'm such a nerd when it comes to personality types that in the past year I've been curious if we can use modern brain activity measuring instruments to find statistical evidence from my empirical observations. So she taught me how I would go about that. I then shared a deep frustration I see around functional medicine lab tests and how we could apply AI to help solve that problem for people. She sorted me out yet again, how she thinks would be best to go about it based on her rich experience in the body, computation, and research. Innovation in health is a passion of mine that I only hoped to work on it later in my life but Laura made it that much more accessible and exciting for me even earlier in my career! Thank you, Laura! :)

Maurice Sacco
1 session
2 Jun 2021

Great chat with Laura! She has a different approach to a lot of other mentors i've spoken with which i really enjoyed and found really helpful. Definitely recommend reaching out to her and organising a session.