Kosta Panagoulias

Co-founder of Web4Realty. Not your typical SaaS founder 💯

Toronto, Canada (+00:00 UTC)Englishfrom Toronto, Canada
Remote work

Over a decade of growing a SaaS company from the ground up, I've done it all from sales, marketing, accounting, design, support, and everything else in between. We're still growing the company today, with a remote team of 20 people in eight countries around the globe. While remaining bootstrapped, we've grown to well past 7-figures in annual recurring revenue and climbing.


Most people try and get too fancy when it comes to sales. They automatically jump into paid ads and running campaigns, only to see their money go down the drain with no new sales. Old school outbound sales still work. I personally closed the first 500 paying clients for my company through cold calling and outbound email marketing.

Mindset coaching

The only thing stopping you from growing, are your own limitations in your head. Getting someone with an unfiltered view to brainstorm with, usually leads to some big "AHA" moments. These small conversations can help change the trajectory of your business.

Customer success

The most important yet overlooked department in a company is customer support. Similarly, the most important metric in the longevity of a SaaS business is churn. Some of the best ways to improve churn is to fine-tine your customer success processes. I have spent several years testing and fine-tuning several strategies that improve customer success, keep clients happy, and help keep churn low.

Venting frustration

Something I wish I did more of when growing my business, was bounce ideas off other people with experience. I've mentored and advised hundreds of entrepreneurs and startups about general business advise and direction. Sometimes, a fresh unbiased perspective is what it takes to get past any current hurdles and continue on your path to growth. I grew a company with no tech-knowledge, and no experience into a successful, turnkey SaaS. Believe me, I've been through it.


My company is 100% revenue-financed. Meaning we started with zero dollars in the bank, and never taken a dime from anyone. Maintaining a lean and disciplined ideology is what helped our company grow to +7-figures in annual recurring revenue.

Mentor Toolkit
9 years of experience

Buffer is a social media management tool. It allows you to manage all of your social accounts in one interface, analyze performance, and schedule your posts.

8 years of experience

Adroll allows you to create retargeting campaigns. Retargeting is a very effective marketing strategy that can yield great returns when done correctly.

9 years of experience

Intercom is a communication app that allows you to engage with your users in a very meaningful and impactful way. Extremely useful for any SaaS company.

8 years of experience

Trello is a product management tool that allows you to track progress on tasks in a visually appealing way. It's very customizable and has an endless amount of use cases.

6 years of experience

Customer.io allows you to send automated communication to your users and contacts. You can segment your contacts how you wish, and send triggered messaging based on events that you assign.

10 years of experience

Dropbox allows you to store, access and manage your files from any computer or mobile device. A great app to keep your team organized. Especially useful remote companies!

6 years of experience

Mixpanel is an app that allows you to get deep insights and analytics into what your users are doing in your app. This is a very useful tool for SaaS companies in particular.

8 years of experience

Every single business requires a CRM to manage contacts, leads, and clients. Salesforce is a very dynamic, customizable and extensive CRM with many capabilities.

9 years of experience

Mailchimp is a simple and easy email marketing platform. It's a great way to build subscriber lists, creating email newsletters, automated campaigns, A/B testing, and much more. Best of all, It's free!

Co-founder of Web4Realty
Remote, Canada
- present

Web4Realty helps real estate agents across the US and Canada, manage and grow their business through simple marketing tools.

Founder Views Podcast
Founder Views
Remote, Canada
Mar 2018 - present

Founder Views takes your through a bootstrapped SaaS CEO’s journey in real-time. In these raw and unfiltered episodes, Kosta picks the brain of some of the most successful and prominent people in SaaS about specific business situations he’s going through, thinking about, or just finds interesting. This show is hosted by Kosta Panagoulias, a SaaS founder who bootstrapped his company out of his parent’s basement with zero dollars and no tech experience, into a company doing 7-figures in annual recurring revenue.

Bachelor of Commerce
Ryerson University

Major in Accounting; Minor in Finance

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Reviews (99)
Sam Gilbert
2 sessions
8 Oct 2021

great session, thanks for the time Kosta

2 sessions
8 Oct 2021

Kosta was a great person to exchange ideas with about my thinking on customer success. He gave actionable feedback and was pro-active with follow up resources and further recommendations. Highly recommend having a chat with him :)

2 sessions
21 Sep 2021

Kosta gave great advice and feedback once again! Always a pleasure learning from him!

2 sessions
8 Sep 2021

Great mentor, gave advice that was very helpful for us at the time! Will book again!

Sean Olliver
1 session
3 Sep 2021

Really great call.... Kosta listened well and understand what I wanted to get from the session and shared valuable lessons and experience he has had that related to me. Discussion on how and when to bring in new team members was super helpful! Thanks

Lodewijk "Louis" Veldhuijzen
2 sessions
20 Aug 2021

Kosta and I talked a LONG time ago - but I just returned to the platform and realized this review was still open. He's incredible knowledgeable and at the time, was still deep inside the operations of his business and therefore, ready to give actionable advice on the growing on start-ups. Thanks Kosta!

Narayana Varhabhatla
1 session
12 Jul 2021

Kosta was fantastic to speak with and really helped me adjust my mindset and get out of my brain's echo chamber. I look forward to future conversations.

Harry Ng
1 session
27 Jun 2021

Thanks for being flexible on the call time. We talked about the mindset of growing a customer support team. Since his company focuses a lot on excellent customer service with super fast turnaround, it is very useful to get insights on how to achieve this.

1 session
18 Jun 2021

Superb! I'm rather impressed by Kosta's great mindset for a startup. I will follow his valuable advice for sure!! Thanks

Tela Andrews
1 session
11 Jun 2021

Kosta and I share a bias towards action, so it was helpful talking through the pivot options that I'm considering. He was able to zero-in on the approaches that resonated with him, and suggested a simpler approach to the business model for the leading contender that would shorten my path to market by months.

Victor Carpio
1 session
4 Jun 2021

Kosta epitomises what this platform is about. Great advice to help me grow and feel more secure going forward. Thanks Kosta!

Mussavir S.
1 session
1 Jun 2021

Kosta was able to understand the sales environment I am operating in within minutes of us speaking - it really helped to get the most out of the time we had booked together.

Rene Flores
1 session
26 May 2021

Just like he says, not your typical SaaS founder. Our talk was and eye-opener, because he can give you an advice that usually contrasts with what most people can give you. He was very friendly and I will highly recommend talking with him.

Hadi Curtay
1 session
21 May 2021

Kosta is one of the very few entrepreneurs who has had a journey that I can relate to. His feedbacks are raw straight shooters and driven from his experiences. The session with him was insightful and I feel a lot more confident about my growth journey than I did before.

Roger Yelvington
1 session
3 Apr 2021

Great conversation - and very engaging to hear from someone else who has been there, done that, and bootstrapped successfully! :)

Eric Acri
1 session
2 Apr 2021

Told me exactly what I need to do, straight to the point and I appreciated their feedback.

Michael Holmes
1 session
12 Mar 2021

This was my first call and Kosta was a great person to speak with. My current outbound strategy had kinda stalled. He both gave clarity and helped me overcome some of my fears regarding outbound sales and marketing. I'm excited to implement his suggestions and give outbound another shot.

William A.
1 session
5 Mar 2021

It was an absolute treat to discuss growth ideas with an experienced founder like Kosta. He was patient and went though the growth pains we were having and provided valuable feedback. Definitely looking forward to having more chats with Kosta in future.

Yishi Zuo
1 session
5 Mar 2021

First ever session - had a great experience!

Ruben Wolff
1 session
16 Feb 2021

👍 👍

Kenny Yeung
1 session
9 Feb 2021

Kosta is a straight arrow. Tells you how things are without sugar coating anything so that you are aware of any problem you're facing and how you can resolve it

Eyram Adjogatse
1 session
4 Feb 2021

My talk with Kosta was great - I left our discussion feeling energised! I really appreciate how he took the time to understand my challenges and he was thoughtful about how best he could help me. His perspective was really useful, and I'm looking forward to letting him know my progress. Thanks, Kosta!

Peter Antonov
1 session
29 Jan 2021

Great call with, Kosta! Straight to the point and no diluted beating around the bush advice. Just raw and honest feedback with specific examples based on real-life experience. Loved it.

Susan Goh
1 session
8 Jan 2021

Thanks Kosta for the precious time. It was an insightful session. Kosta shared about his views on how I should run my agency and what he says makes lots of sense. :)

Kevin Galang
1 session
6 Jan 2021

Kosta was great to speak with. In a very motivating way, he helped me focus on knowing what's important, keeping things simple, and emphasized that I should just keep pressing forward. Great person to meet up with.

Alkarim Shamsy
1 session
18 Dec 2020

Kosta was amazing. Super helpful. He had lots of insights and he was quickly able to show me the core of the challenge.

Michael Deng
1 session
18 Dec 2020

Kosta gave me concrete advice on outbound marketing and bootstrapping, but more importantly, motivations and insights about the right type of mindset. Highly recommended!

Andrew McBurney
1 session
20 Nov 2020

Awesome insights from Kosta - feel more focused and confident in the action I am taking in my startup.

2 sessions
20 Nov 2020

Kosta is a very down to earth mentor who cares. Fantastic insights on outbound marketing without the arrogance sometimes common amongst accomplished business professionals and industry experts. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Mark Taylor
1 session
16 Nov 2020

Kosta was great to speak to, we only had 30 mins, but in this time he gave some valuable insights for my business.

2 sessions
6 Nov 2020

Kosta shared some very helpful tips for outbound marketing campaigns in today's crowded marketplace. A very patient, calm and encouraging mentoring approach in my experience. Thank you.

Islem Rekik
1 session
6 Nov 2020

Thank you Kostas for sharing your insights with me! It helped me gain more clarity on what I need to focus on first before I make my jump with no plan B.

JJ Huang
1 session
31 Oct 2020

Kosta was great! he took the time to review our linkedin outreach and messages, as well as went through our targeting etc. Really helpful, thank you so much

Rishabh Bhandari
1 session
25 Oct 2020

Kosta gave really good tips for outbound and how to bootstrap. I've started implementing one advice on how to create microfilters for my prospects and personalized messaging. It has doubled my response rates. Thanks Costa for your time

Jon Medlock
1 session
23 Oct 2020

Great chat with Kosta! Lots for me to be going away to work on and think about as a result!

Lucy Walker
1 session
10 Oct 2020

Enjoyed our chat & took away lots of useful things. Thanks Kosta!

Joseph Pigato
1 session
5 Oct 2020

Very thoughtful and helpful of my particular situation. Had a couple tangible ideas that I followed up on. Very good session with Kosta!

Tam Nguyen
2 sessions
11 Sep 2020

Kosta inspires and motivates me to keep going with my ideas and make it happen. He also helps me to confirm some of my concerns and what I could do further to expand my idea. Very inspiring :)

Kevin Martin
1 session
8 Sep 2020

Kosta was very knowledgeable. He provided me with strategies that worked for him and I believe because I am bootstrapping my company as well will be effective for me. He is friendly and really took an interest to my startup. The help he provided was priceless. Looking forward to speaking with him again in the future.

Moritz Lang
1 session
4 Sep 2020

Had a great chat with Kostas about starting my own business and how to go about it, which mindset to adopt and what to do. He was able to give me real examples of his own experiences that applied to my situation. I liked that he's very down-to-earth, knowledgeable and friendly

Ronald Ricardo
1 session
14 Aug 2020

Kosta's insights were direct, grounded in truth that helped me flip my mindset and get out of my own way.

Marty Cornish
1 session
14 Aug 2020

Kosta is awesome. Highly recommended. Our conversation was a great collaboration. He understood our product and market very quickly, and together we came up with some action items that are easily testable in the next week or so.

Geoff Lilienfeld
1 session
11 Aug 2020

Super helpful! Thank you!

Austin Ollar
1 session
9 Aug 2020

Kosta was really helpful for us in getting a better understanding of the beginnings of entrepreneurship. Thanks for the help!

Deborah Sharpe
1 session
7 Aug 2020

Kosta helped me enormously with an issue I had about an equity split by making 1 small suggestion. Additionally he helped me with other questions .. but this one was a hurdle we were unable to get over.

Dom Scara
1 session
6 Aug 2020

Thank you Kosta!

Ashok Kola
2 sessions
5 Aug 2020

Great session as always.

Sammy James
1 session
31 Jul 2020

Kosta was great to speak to. He listened and understood the situation quickly and provided sagacious advice and direction. He has a proven track record to draw from. I am going to speak to him again soon. Highly recommended! Thanks again for your time Kosta.

Ed Wang
1 session
23 Jul 2020

Kosta was absolutely fantastic. He's had founding experiences in the trenches and knows the right mindset to power through them. Some fantastic insights on competition, thinking about markets, and execution. Great motivation boost after this call.

Guillaume TAIEB
1 session
14 Jul 2020

Great call with Kosta! As we both have the same clients (realtors), it was very interesting to exchange on the way to approach them. If you need some help with an outbound marketing strategy, Kosta is definitely the person to speak to!

Jordan Baker
1 session
10 May 2020

Really enjoyed speaking with Kosta. His enthusiastic spirit helped turn around the overwhelm I was feeling. He shared some great ideas for my company around outbound market strategy and techniques. Thank you!

sarah beardmore
1 session
7 May 2020

Kosta was super helpful and raised some really important points that I was able to take onboard. It’s awesome to know I was speaking to someone who managed to bootstrap a very successful SAAS company. That knowledge is priceless. Thanks Kosta.

Rob Quatela
1 session
30 Apr 2020

Kosta has a ton of experience, and it definitely showed. He gave me some great ideas to begin filling our sales pipeline to grow our business.

Evgeny Korolev
1 session
30 Apr 2020

Kosta gave me a scheme of building outbound marketing for 2 companies I work with. He showed a way how to do it more effective and helped to change my point of view about this marketing approach

Ali Alshehri
1 session
28 Apr 2020

Honestly, things got stuck in my mind with the SAAS I am building, talking to Kosta, who have been in my shoes before, cleared my next move and cleared my vision forward!!, Thanks Kosat,

Kyle Cureau
1 session
1 Apr 2020

Kosta knows the essence of marketing at heart

Spyros Tsoukalas
1 session
27 Feb 2020

Great discussion, very inspirational and to-the-point. Kosta gave me some new angles to approach the issues I'm facing, and inspired me to keep pushing my boundaries. I highly suggest him!

Fraser Millband
1 session
14 Feb 2020

Really appreciate the time Kosta took to discuss things with me. He had a much different perspective that made a lot of sense. I'm going to implement the changes he suggested.

Ashok Kola
2 sessions
13 Feb 2020

Humble. Kind. Had some very valuable insights.

Adam Levy
1 session
27 Jan 2020

I found the time to be really well-spent and I'm glad I chose to reach out to Kosta. He was very supportive and enthusiastic but also had some specific suggestions and ideas on approaches. I'm looking forward to continuing to speak with Kosta going forward.

Hector Hughes
1 session
23 Jan 2020

Kosta's a great guy! Had a really useful chat, covering starting a business, podcasting and mindset. Such a nice guy and has had some pretty amazing experience. I'd definitely recommend a call!

Radu Benga
1 session
16 Jan 2020

I had a great talk with Kosta, about things like building a remote team, how to start a company and about some of the things that he went through in the early stages of building his startup, and about doing sales for a startup in the early stages.

Tomasz Braja
1 session
15 Jan 2020

Kosta is a great person with tremendous experience as a startup founder. Our discussion was helpful and very inspiring.

1 session
27 Dec 2019

Kosta was a great listener and able to zero in on exactly what I need to work on to achieve my long-term business goals. He is also personable and I felt comfortable speaking with him. I highly recommend him as a mentor, especially for SaaS bootstrapping!

Liv Wu
1 session
18 Dec 2019

Kosta was very candid and generous in sharing his knowledge and experience, thank you!

1 session
3 Dec 2019

I had a 30-minute call with Kosta in which we talked about the technical and marketing stuff of building, launching and growing a podcast. It was super helpful as I was able to learn all the lessons he has gained from running the two podcasts he has been running for the last years, in just half an hour.

Paul Prudden
1 session
28 Nov 2019

On point! When asked 'What would you do if you were in my situation', Kosta had extremely solid advance, particularly understanding the bootstrapping situation. A pleasure to talk to and get specific actionable next step advice!

Benjamin Liger
1 session
21 Nov 2019

Kosta was a great sounding board when I was running him through some monetisation ideas for my website. He offered the more specific path of getting to where I want to be which is exactly what I was after. Looking forward to catching up with him again.

Kartik Sharma
1 session
19 Nov 2019

It was an amazing call with kosta, he has a really refined and unorthodox point of a view on a lot of things which i liked. His suggestions will be really crucial! :)

Edward Babbage
1 session
5 Nov 2019

I really enjoyed my call with Kosta. It was helpful and inspiring to talk to somebody who's been in the trenches building a profitable SaaS company. He friendly, knowledgeable, and caring.

Stephanie Houng
1 session
4 Nov 2019

Kosta had some really insightful tidbits about scaling a startup with just b2b calls. He also was very generous about staying updated on my progress and giving me feedback on my call/email marketing scripts. I'm looking forward to staying in touch with Kosta.

Tyrel Johnson
1 session
31 Oct 2019

I really appreciated Kosta's insights and tactics for growing my business. He got straight to the point, and explained why sales is such an important skill for a founder to develop. It goes hand in hand with growth. I highly recommend speaking with Kosta if you need help with growth.

Ayhan K. Isaacs
1 session
18 Oct 2019

Kosta is super knowledgeable within the growth space. We spoke about outbound and new channels to explore in the B2C space. Really enjoyed speaking with him!

Vito Margiotta
1 session
18 Oct 2019

It has been great to get to know Kosta and to ask him suggestion regarding out outbound process. Wonderful vibes, and hope this to be the first of many conversations. Thanks again!

Duncan Hamra
1 session
10 Oct 2019

My partner and I had an excellent chat with Kosta. He gave clear and actionable advice that was focused on moving the needle. Great chat!

George Avgenakis
1 session
27 Sep 2019

Kostas was an excellent mentor! Really great insights!

Abhishek Ekbote
1 session
26 Sep 2019

Loved speaking with Kosta! He gave us great ideas on how to start selling it to our audience and what channels to use. He was very patient in answering my questions and helped me strategize my marketing outreach. It was really great connecting with him :)

Trevor Sullivan
1 session
13 Sep 2019

Kosta helped me come up with ideas to work on my biggest client. He was very calm spoken and easy to follow. He has almost 10 years working on his remote business and it shows. If you need insights into the modern global business landscape you should book a session with him.

peter elias
1 session
7 Sep 2019

outstanding experience

Matthew Henshall
2 sessions
5 Sep 2019

Kosta is a brilliant mentor, everytime I meet with him he has a brilliant way of cutting through the noise, taking the time to understand our problem and then leaning on his experience to point us in the right direction. Ultimately saving us a huge amount of time and giving us a higher chance of success - thank you Kosta!

Stan van Workum
1 session
31 Aug 2019

Absolutely great conversation, helping me understand a few critical things to keep in mind for bootstrapping our SaaS business.

Anja Jeftovic
1 session
21 Aug 2019

It was a great chat with Kosta. He shared some interesting insights. Kosta was prepared for the meeting and addressed all my questions.

Thomas Raef
1 session
19 Aug 2019

My session with Kosta was phenomenal! He has incredible insight and knowledge. He really thinks "outside the box" and considers all possibilities. His concept of "Don't have a plan B" really struck a chord with me. I fully enjoyed my online consultation with him and will book more in the future. Definitely give this guy some time - you'll get a lot of his experience and knowledge.

Saket Bhushan
1 session
12 Aug 2019

Kosta listened to me patiently, what separates him from others is the fact that he has himself bootstrapped and scaled his business. His questions and advice are to the point. He is willing to help founders and has an overall optimistic and encouraging tone. Look forward to learning from him.

Jan Kuzel
1 session
11 Jul 2019

Kosta helped me review marketing strategy for my SaaS company and opened my eyes to new possibilities I didn't think of before.

Tarik Qahawish
1 session
8 Jul 2019

Kosta is one of those mentors that would ask all the right questions, listen attentively and then give you the advice that you need in one sentence. Thank you Kosta for helping me identify the bottle neck in my outbound sales method.

2 sessions
19 Jun 2019

The mentoring session with Kosta was one of the best ones I ever had. I really appreciated his talk with his rich experience with his B2B SaaS service. He gave me lot of useful feedback and he will be a test user for our new product which will be launched soon!

Maithili Sagar
1 session
30 May 2019

I enjoyed speaking to Kosta. He gave me some specific tips that will help me launch my beta and focus on the right things (sales!). I will stay in touch with him and keep him posted on my beta launch.

Maithili Sagar
1 session
29 May 2019

I enjoyed speaking to Kosta. He gave me some specific tips that will help me launch my beta and focus on the right things (sales!). I will stay in touch with him and keep him posted on my beta launch.

Lucas Mondora 💰
1 session
14 May 2019

Had a great talk with Kosta — I came to him for some insights around an acquisition marketing campaign that I was building out, but was having some second thoughts on. He gave me lots of clarity and some valuable insights that could have only come from an objective, 3rd party perspective. Really helpful speaking to him!

Kirk Deis
1 session
7 Mar 2019

Kosta is friendly, patient, and understood our marketing goals for our new Saas. He offered a unique approach to get the word out about it - traditional sales - which I thought was brilliant. He had valid ideas and mentioned some data to look into that approach. He was very easy to talk with and said I could reach out whenever to share our progress. If you get the chance to bounce ideas around with him, I recommend it.

Jeff Gates
1 session
5 Mar 2019

Kosta helped me with suggestions for retention (1) Better target audience in sales funnel, (2) Use user events to customize emails (3) Use user events to congratulate Aha moment success (4) Tighten response times on customer support - He was very helpful, and I could recommend him.

Foti Panagiotakopoulos
1 session
2 Mar 2019

We're thinking of hiring for various remote roles and Kosta gave some awesome advice. His team is fully remote, and he has a bunch of experience in how to hire and manage a remote team without breaking your company. Many takeaways from our call. Not to mention, the last 5 minutes, where Kosta randomly dropped a nuclear bomb of an idea on something completely unrelated which could potentially have a massive impact.

Angelo Sorbello
1 session
1 Mar 2019

Kosta helped me get more clarity about my target customers and customer acquisition. He patiently replied with in-depth answers to all of my questions. Truly a fantastic conversation. Thank you, Kosta!

Lodewijk "Louis" Veldhuijzen
2 sessions
28 Feb 2019

Kosta and I have had a practical conversation about the nature of entrepreneurship - if there's such a thing as going "too fancy" with tools, and the grind of getting initial customers. Prior to the conversation, I had prepared a list of topics. I thought it would be too large of a list to cover, but during the first 20 minutes of the call, we already had gone through most. A very useful conversation where he dropped some unexpected wisdom-bombs on how to keep people engaged with your organization. Much appreciated. Thanks, Kosta (Y).

Silvan Krähenbühl
1 session
2 Feb 2019

Kosta delivered really great value and amazing insights. Got many take aways and ideas to work on. Thank you for the great session!

Corey Hubbard
3 sessions
28 Jan 2019

Kosta is a supportive and jovial mentor. He is passionate about helping others succeed, and I would refer him to all of my aspiring tech operator friends.

Daniel Levelev
1 session
26 Jan 2019

Thanks for sharing your story and growth advise for my startup

Matthew Henshall
2 sessions
21 Jan 2019

It was an absolute pleasure to meet with Kosta and hear his relevant insight. Well appreciated that he made the time for me. Thank you Kosta - I'll keep you updated on progress!