Kenny Hoang

E-commerce & Education Marketing Strategist - Generated $20M+ Revenue Through Facebook & Instagram Ads

Los Angeles, United States (-08:00 UTC)from Los Angeles, United States
$99 / hour
Design / UX

The first website I ever created was when I was 9 back in 2001 on Geocities. At that time on my website I put a lot of things that I liked. Photos of Family and Pokemon. Today I better understand great Design UI/UX comes down to serving your audience. It's not what you want, it's what will help your audience.

PPC strategies

Facebook and Instagram Advertising is my bread and Butter. I've spent over $10 million dollars on these platforms and have learned what to do and a whole lot of what NOT to do. Charlie Munger says, “All I want to know is where I'm going to die, so I'll never go there.” All I want to know is where I'm not going to lose money on Ads so I minimize losing money on ads.

Growth marketing

I'm a geek when it comes to Growth and Strategy. I believe it's important to keep an eye for asymmetric opportunities and being adaptable. Timeless insights are so simple but no always so obvious. "When they zig, you zag!"

Mentor Toolkit
over 6 years of experience

I've been media buying on Facebook since 2015 and have spent over $10 million dollars on Facebook and Instagram Ads. Back then you could utilize tactics to hack your way to success, now it's the opposite. The intangible side of Marketing, the art, is more important. Product, Offer, Creative.

Social Welfare
University of California, Berkeley

Multidisciplinary study of public policy, sociology, psychology with the aim of solving complex challenges in improving the lives of vulnerable individuals, families and communities.

Reviews (7)
Kai Warwick
4 sessions
23 May 2021

Always giving me good advice highly recommend mentor

Kai Warwick
4 sessions
21 May 2021

Great mentor

Kai Warwick
4 sessions
19 Apr 2021

Very good mentor highly recommend

Walter Scalzone
2 sessions
18 Apr 2021

Kenny went above and beyond! after brainstorming about my service we figured out the best strategy to go after, realizing that what I was doing was wrong. He really impressed me during the call by caring at the cause more than the time and he provided valuable insights on what I have to do to get more leads! highly recommended!!

Robert Todd Hurst
1 session
12 Apr 2021

Kenny was very helpful! He is clearly experienced and gave me some valuable insights. Highly recommend!

James Dunbar
1 session
11 Apr 2021

Kenny was very helpful and kind and easy to talk to. I got some really valuable insights into the question I was most interested in as well as some new ideas.

Walter Scalzone
2 sessions
10 Apr 2021

The conversation with Kenny was a eye opener and helped explore a new funnel for my facebook ads. I will definitely give it a try with his valuable guidance!