Jessica Volbrecht

COO @ GrowthMentor

Glyfada, Attiki, Greece (+02:00 UTC)from Madison, Wisconsin, United States
Social media

Social Media- the necessary evil for all businesses. I'm happy to chat about your content strategy for social media and bounce some new ideas around. Please note that the word viral is not in my vocabulary, so if you'd like to talk about sustainable posting and realistic expectations, I'm here for you!

Customer success

I can help you come up with ways to ensure that your customers are talking about you. Of course in a positive way ;) You HAVE to win them over and make them love your product. If you can get them to love you as well, well then you are winning at customer success life!

Mindset coaching

You gotta think outside of the box if you plan to make it these days. Unless you have a million dollars. Then you can stay inside of whatever box you want. Speaking with someone else and bouncing ideas around is an excellent way to validate your existing ideas and make sure that you are moving in the right direction.

Mentor Toolkit
12 years of experience

I'm a firm believer in consistently posting on social media. As tedious as it seems, you have to show that you are an active organization and showing up. Programs such as Buffer are a lifesaver.

Athens Coast
Athens Coast
Athens, Greece
Jun 2014 - present

Wordpress site created to inform locals and visitors about the coastal area of Athens, Greece.

Sep 2010 - present

Website offering English lessons via Skype

Dec 2017 - present

Assisting those who are looking for guidance on the various tenets of full stack marketing and connecting them with seasoned growth marketing veterans. Enabling businesses/marketers to take responsibility for their marketing program and feel confident about the decisions that they are making.

Digital Agencies
Reviews (45)
Dan Gusz
1 session
6 Oct 2021

Learned a ton. Thank you so much for your time!

2 sessions
9 Aug 2021

Another great chat with Jessica. Always warm, friendly and full of great ideas. Hopefully, we can do it again. Take care.

2 sessions
26 Jul 2021

6 stars. I had a great chat with Jessica. She has great energy and in a world full of a lot of noise - her advice helped to cut right through it. Thanks again Jessica.

Peter Topercer
1 session
9 Jul 2021

Had a great talk with Jessica. 10 out of 5 stars for her. 30 minutes was not enough, and I definitely have to book a second call with her. She gave me great ideas and insights. Thank you for your time :)

Ben G
1 session
31 May 2021

Excellent chat with Jessica - very knowledgeable and friendly!

Niels Zee
1 session
31 May 2021

Jessica is a star and her experience in running several communities is greatly appreciated and helps me with wanting to start my own. Thank you Jessica!

Spyros Tsoukalas
1 session
13 May 2021

Most interesting meeting/chat/conversation of the day. Not only because of the content of the call, but also because of the attitude. I fell like Jessica can vibe at all frequencies. And when it comes at her expertise, she knows her stuff. Thank you for your help!

Sharmaine Tan
1 session
19 Apr 2021

Jessica's a super personable lady! She's an absolute jedi at conversation. It was easy to feel comfortable around her. If there was one takeaway that I took away from our chat, I'd say it would be if you're ever put in a funny spot and can't disappear from a chat, turn it into a learning session.

Edwin Abl
1 session
13 Apr 2021

Amazing practical advice :)

Jamal Johnson
1 session
1 Mar 2021

Rebecca was great! She was patient when listening to my business' goals and problem set. She gave good advice and was generous enough to help me network and find resources.

Isabel Ruiz
1 session
23 Feb 2021

I really appreciated Jessica's feedback and insights. Now I have to do the work and apply my learnings. Thanks again!

Johanna Böllmann
1 session
12 Jan 2021

Really inspiring and motivating call! :)

Peter Murphy Lewis
1 session
9 Nov 2020

Helped me walk through the pro and con of doing a virtual summit in what might be a play-out strategy for lead gen. Thanks Jessica!

JJ Huang
1 session
3 Nov 2020

Jessica was super friendly and engaging, and she gave us sound advice on handling social media. She also sent articles post-call to help us as well

Sophie D'Souza
1 session
2 Nov 2020

Jessica was fantastic to bounce ideas off of - she offered excellent insight and went above and beyond to provide thoughtful value!

Ruba Abu AlRub
1 session
28 Oct 2020

In 30 minutes Jessica was able to give a great tip for increasing engagement on instagram. She's friendly, helpful and makes you feel at ease. Looking forward to speaking again!

Etan Efrati
1 session
26 Oct 2020

Jessica is people person through and through. Off the charts EQ + clear communicator. If you're looking for advice on social channels including communities, just ask Jessica. It's never just about the post or the engagement -- it's about the people. And she'll help you understand how to get the message through.

Marco Munoz
1 session
12 Oct 2020

Jessica has a great personality and is very friendly. She helped me with my questions on Social Media and also provided me with an outline of short goals, which is great for me. Now I have a map that's going to get me started. I highly recommend Jessica.

johanna rustia
1 session
12 Oct 2020

Just had a great chat with Jessica, she gave me the action-able steps and goals that no article I've read could have told me to do because she adjusted them to exactly where I am on my Instagram journey. It was kinda like being lost, showing the person from that area where I wanted to go and she said, “A-ha. A-ha, make a left here, go straight up there, and another left at that stoplight." All done with a big welcoming smile and with a, “Come back again!”

Leslie Anne Vasquez
1 session
15 Sep 2020

Jessica was very accommodating and her aura was welcoming! It felt so natural to talk to her. I like how she asked questions that helped direct the conversation better. She even gave me a lot of helpful tips for content marketing and starting a blog! 😊

Bianca Hennessy
1 session
11 Aug 2020

Jessica was very helpful and informative

Lauren Lyttle
2 sessions
4 Aug 2020

Jessica is great! She used the meeting to really get to know me and my company's social strategy to make sure she understood what I needed. We had a great organic conversation during the meeting where I had a lot of takeaways, and then afterwards she sent me a comprehensive email that broke down all of the advice and strategy recommendations related to our conversation. She was incredibly friendly, patient, and easy to talk to. I would definitely use her again if I was in need to any content strategy advice!

Dom Scara
1 session
21 Jul 2020

Great advice! Thank you Jessica!

Weina Scott
2 sessions
7 Jul 2020

She did great! Great communicator! Great ideas. Very patient. Easy to talk to.

Weina Scott
2 sessions
29 Jun 2020

She was very helpful. Loved talking to her. Learned a lot.

Ed Wang
1 session
29 Jun 2020

Jessica gave me a fantastic follow-up email with other mentors to reach out to, as well as suggestions around a useful outreach strategy to find users to speak with :) Thanks!

1 session
30 Apr 2020

I was just at the very first step starting my Facebook page and group, and Jessica confirmed that I'm on the right track and gave me a few important advice, some generic, some targeted for my particular case. She helped me a lot with overcoming my fears and uncertainties. Jessica is super-friendly and super-eager to listen and understand your unique situation, you can be sure you're getting a piece of advice you won't find on blogs or generic courses.

Jorrit Baerends
1 session
18 Mar 2020

Jessica is a very helpful mentor. She focuses on content and gave me some good suggestions. The great thing: she sends over an email with summary notes after the call +1

1 session
3 Mar 2020

Jessica was very honest and shared great insights. She's also a great community manager, am I right? :)

Corey Cleland
1 session
7 Feb 2020

Spirited Call.

Hector Hughes
2 sessions
20 Jan 2020

Jessica is awesome! Lots of fun and super knowledge about all things content (and growth mentor!). Couldn't recommend speaking with her highly enough.

Mukil Ganesan
1 session
10 Dec 2019

Jessica was the first mentor whom I talked to on Growthmentor. She was very patient in listening to me and gave some valuable tips. And, she also recommended few other mentors who'd be of value to me. Overall, I'm happy that I had a conversation with her. Thanks, Jessica :)

Jordi Capdevila
1 session
9 Oct 2019

Great Session with Jessica. She got insights all along and even complemented the session with a follow up video! Kudos to her!

1 session
2 Oct 2019

My skype call with Jessica went great! She suggested a few IG tips that we've definitely taken note of and will be trying to find ways to implement soon. Thanks again!

Dani Hart
3 sessions
14 Jun 2019

When I told Jess I was moving to Europe, she immediately swooped me under her wings and connected me to people in her network. She's not shy to tell you how it is and is one of the most supportive people when it comes to getting you where you want to go. Want to brainstorm ideas, work through challenges, or expand your network? You'll get quick value from a call with Jess.

Mark Colgan 💰📈👍
1 session
9 May 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed my call with Jessica. Hearing her story of co-founding growthmentor and growing the platform was inspiring. Jessica also went above and beyond with advice about a non-marketing topic and I hope to meet her and the growthmentor team at an event in London soon!

Michelle Evans
1 session
9 May 2019

Jessica is a breath of fresh air. It was so insightful to hear her story and great advice. Thank you very much, Jessica. Michelle :)

Dalila Jusic-LaBerge
1 session
27 Mar 2019

Jessica was knowledgeable and helpful in providing me with suggestions on how to market my services. She also provided me with useful follow up steps.

1 session
22 Mar 2019

Jessica was very friendly and gave me some new ideas to consider.

Jamie Dana
5 sessions
21 Mar 2019

Jessica was very helpful. She went out of her way to review the information I provided prior to our meeting and followed up with a number of helpful suggestions following our visit. If you are looking for someone who is knowledgeable about social media engagement, online audience development and strategic planning, I would definitely recommend Jessica.

Mitch Kessler
1 session
10 Jan 2019

Jessica helped me identify communities and pockets of people that can lead to my first customers. She has a vast network and has a good strategic approach on how to creatively find and get in front of your audience. She was very helpful, kind, and was genuinely interested in seeing me succeed. She is a great person to know and will surely be valuable throughout the duration of my business! People like Jessica enable you to bridge networks and open up new doors that would take you much longer on your own. She is great.

1 session
20 Dec 2018

Jessica is great, super helpful and lovely and surprisingly has the patience of a saint to tolerate my yabbering and constant questions! Warmly recommended.

2 sessions
19 Dec 2018

Another great session with Jessica! I like having someone to talk to about this stuff because nobody in my social circle has their own business that they need to promote. I also like the accountability aspect of having a mentor. With our second meeting she asked if I actually did what we spoke about last time. I need that!

1 session
18 Dec 2018

Awesome session. Jessica identified lots of different wrong aspects of my social networks and came with great solutions and recommendations to solve them so as to grow my followers and likes.

2 sessions
17 Dec 2018

Jessica clearly has her finger on the pulse of the latest and greatest in the world of marketing and social media. Her ideas were extremely helpful and can be put into practice straight away! I’m excited for what the next chapter holds with my business. I HIGHLY recommend Jessica to anyone looking to ramp up there business on social media, if you need strategy around increasing sales or want someone to take a fresh look at what you are already doing. Money well spent!!