Jan Kuzel

💡 B2B SaaS Strategy ⚡ Head of Growth at SatisMeter

Brno, Czechia (+01:00 UTC)Czech, Englishfrom Olomouc, Czechia
User research

If you want to kick ass with customer interviews, I am the BEST mentor on the platform for you. As a Head of Growth of a customer feedback tool, I am naturally obsessed with User research. I craft advanced frameworks using surveys and interviews to learn as much as possible. Customer feedback is absolutely one of the most critical things every SaaS company should be obsessed with. The type of things you ask, how you structure your results, and extract patterns are crazy important.

Product market fit

Without PMF, everything feels like pushing a boulder uphill. You can have a super polished turd of a product with a fantastic design, excellent customer support, a nice set of features, but slow growth numbers. On the other hand, with high PMF, you can operate SaaS with many flaws and still grow like crazy. It is not just PMF, but the whole Product-Channel-Model-Market Fit, and it's tough to figure this out. It's a challenge I love the most in the entire SaaS business space.

Growth marketing

Growth marketing is what marketing used to be in the past, a full-funnel approach, including all the high-level strategy above, not just obsession with acquisition, retention, and lately, Product-market Fit. I believe that the correct formula for unlocking growth is The Product-Channel-Model-Market Fit.

Pricing strategy

I have read 50+ books, ebooks, articles, and other resources on SaaS pricing and have written content on the topic. I also analyzed and revamped SaaS pricing before. The bad news is that most companies dramatically overlook work on pricing. It's a common blind spot. The good news is that a systematic approach to figuring out the correct pricing strategy to support your goals exists. It's not simple, but it is pretty straightforward if you bite into it hard enough.


I know how to operate without a team, dealing with both strategy and execution alone, and I know how to juggle between being a performer and being a manager to a small team while also hiring and building the team. That's the reality of every bootstrap company. Knowing how to switch roles, learn new things fast and on your own, and always try to do things that actually work. Because there is not much leeway to do weak work with the minimal manpower available if you want to achieve results.

Building a team

I am pretty opinionated about modern hiring methods and criteria for a fully remote company. So far, I've been able to hire for every role in one (intense) month. But, hiring is a tough challenge no matter how much you try to optimize it, especially if you want to hire only self-driven minds who will pioneer or improve the processes and build foundations for their departments. A much-needed characteristic for every early-stage startup employee, as there is no time to hold hands and manage.

Technology and tools

I am exceptional with productivity tools (documentation, visualization, team communication), MarTech tools - (customer feedback, marketing automation, website management), and analytics tools (product, marketing, subscription).

Mentor Toolkit
3 years of experience

Another product analytics platform, it's pretty good and used to be my main choice, but I switched to Mixpanel when they updated their UI and never looked back.

2 years of experience

Chartmogul is my favorite subscription analytics tool. It's a pretty powerful tool if you put in the work and import your user properties into it. You can look for value correlations in various customer segments and their product usage.

3 years of experience

Mixpanel is my favorite product analytics tool. I am pretty skilled with the basics, but in the end, the quality of reports depends on the quality of the tracking plan.

Google Analytics
8 years of experience

I have a love/hate relationship with Google Analytics. It's free, but it's not meant for a SaaS product, and there is a ton of manual setup needed to get it closer to usable. Oh yeah, and most things are not retroactive. Still, it gives you seriously valuable data if you put in the hours.

3 years of experience

I have more of a surface level expertise with Segment. As a marketer I don't really integrate it within the SaaS product itself, I just manage the destinations and the scripts I need. I have external consultant to help me with Segment troubleshooting.

Bare Metrics
3 years of experience

Every marketer needs to stay in touch with the actual financial numbers. I find Baremetrics to be very clean platform to learn what I need, sometimes the calculations for some metrics are bit weird if you don't have a ton of data, but if you really know what you're looking for, you can use some tricks and get it.

3 years of experience

Well, pretty much as in every SaaS company that uses Intercom, I work with Intercom almost daily to learn more about our customers. If you ask me, as a platform it's far from perfect and I always have some issues with it, but at the end of the day, I kind of manage to do what I need.

3 years of experience

General use to help with keyword analysis for new blog content and tracking performance of a website. Ahrefs really is the best SEO tool on the market for this.

17 years of experience

Despite what some haters say, WordPress is a good platform if you set up the right hosting for it and avoid doing silly things with it. I usually happen to be the best guy to operate WordPress within every company I work at, so that's what I do. I know quite a bit about security, speed, design, ease of management, and SEO.

Head of Growth
- present

Ownership of growth, marketing, and partially product. Full-funnel orientation and holistic look at strategy. Building and managing a small marketing team. SatisMeter is a customer feedback platform that helps SaaS companies learn more about their customers and accelerate growth.

Marketing & Pardot Consultant

Marketing production and automation. Pardot implementation and consulting services for clients. Mooza is a Salesforce partner providing implementation services for startups & SMBs.

Digital Agencies
Salesforce Certified Pardot Consultant

The Salesforce Pardot Consultant credential is designed for those who have experience implementing Pardot solutions in a customer-facing role. Candidates should be able to design and implement Pardot solutions that meet customers’ business requirements and contribute to their long-term success.

Salesforce Certified Pardot Specialist

The Salesforce Pardot Specialist credential is designed for those who can demonstrate skills and knowledge in designing, building, and implementing marketing workflows through the Pardot platform.

Reviews (19)
Viren Thakrar
1 session
19 Oct 2021

Had a very productive session with Jan. Jan was very open with suggestions and feedback and I've walked away with practical next steps to help me develop my strategy and approach further. Overall walking away with a lot more clarity - thanks Jan!

1 session
15 Oct 2021

Jan was very generous with his time and his insights really hit home in a very logical way. I now am clearer in the direction I need to head towards.

James Rose
1 session
14 Oct 2021

Amazing session. Jan had loads of suggestions and ideas of how we can adjust our pricing model.

Brian Li
1 session
15 Sep 2021

Loved Jan's super direct feedback. He helped me think differently on how to approach my business that will definitely reap results in the future.

Dan Giovacchini
1 session
4 Aug 2021

Jan was great! We talked about our self-serve pricing strategy and went through a number of the tradeoffs together. He had lots of relevant experience!

Balazs Farago
1 session
3 Feb 2021

Jan is a very nice person. He listen to you, ask good questions and just give the answer what you were looking for! I can recommend to anyone! thanks Jan!

Joost de Kok
1 session
6 Jan 2021

Was a pleasure to talk with Jan!

Filip Pabisek
1 session
20 Nov 2020

Good NPS talk

Roger Yelvington
1 session
14 Oct 2020

Great conversation, thank you for the time!

Tony Talamas
1 session
12 Oct 2020

Jan was great at delivering constructive feedback on both my messaging and the presentation of both my website and landing page. He shared with me some actionable tips that I will work to implement today.

David Vete
1 session
26 Jun 2020

I booked Jan to give me his feedback on my new SaaS project. Very friendly and knowledgeable guy. Highly recommended! :)

Peter Saghegyi
1 session
4 Mar 2020

Jan is a young and aspiring guy. We chatted about a few great ideas how to progress in my journey. He shared some useful links with me to help framework our ideas.

Lodewijk "Louis" Veldhuijzen
1 session
27 Feb 2020

Really enjoyed my conversation with Jan. Learned about some new valuable tools that will help me in the future and gained some additional perspective on my website, which I can act on and will definitely improve the image of my business over time. Jan, thanks a lot. It was a pleasure.

Abhishek Ekbote
2 sessions
7 Jan 2020

Jan was really helpful in understanding the key issues of the problem. A really good session.

Foti Panagiotakopoulos
1 session
3 Jan 2020

Had a great call with Jan. Great guy to talk to about how to create some order in your workflows as a marketer.

Filip Firkal
1 session
31 Jul 2019

Great feedback on our service and new channel ideas.

Patrick Thompson
1 session
24 Jul 2019

Jan was helpful in describing the ways that they're solving the problem currently at SatisMeter and gave me a few tidbits to think about when working on Iteratively.

Bogdan Pol
1 session
14 Jun 2019

Jan​ brought me one step closer to solving a difficult problem. And, on top of that, he showed me resources that help in my professional development. Great meeting you, Jan!

Faheem Iftikhar
1 session
9 Apr 2019

We discussed growth hacking strategies and within 15-20 mins Jan was able to give me 4-5 really solid solutions. Had the right knowledge of things and understood my challenges like a pro. I would recommend him for discussions related to B2B lead gen and outreach strategies.