Ferdinand Goetzen

Director of Marketing & Growth

Amsterdam, Netherlands (+01:00 UTC)Spanish, French, German, Englishfrom Cologne, Germany
$99 / hour
Marketing automation

The key to successful marketing automation and email marketing is setting it up so it meets your business' needs. I often help companies tailor their marketing automation to their business' means and needs.

Product market fit

There is no point in focusing on growth until you have product-market fit. Validating the need for your product and iterating towards it is the first step towards growth but can be a painful process.

Content marketing

What is content marketing? Have you ever seen any marketing without content? Story telling, communications strategy and copywriting are at the core of any marketing campaign. I help growth specialists develop strong strategies to ensure their content is strategic, consistent and effective.

Mindset coaching

Success in a growth role at any organization requires the right mindset and internal processes. I help growth leaders and executors with mindset, decision making and stakeholder management.

Growth marketing

I help companies of all sizes develop and execute coherent strategies for growth, from building the right team, to developing the processes, experiments and playbooks required to grow.

Mentor Toolkit
Google Analytics
12 years of experience

I first started using Google Analytics over a decade ago. Whether GA, GTA or any other Google app, I've got extensive experience with the entire Google suite of marketing and analytics tools.

5 years of experience

I have led the SEA efforts at several companies and revamped the entire Google Ads setup at Recruitee when i first joined there in 2017. I've been working with Google Ads since well over a decade.

6 years of experience

I've been using Hotjar for years. Unless I use a tool like VWO that has multiple features, Hotjar is my go to for mouse tracking and screen recordings. Great for UX research.

5 years of experience

I used both Hotjar and VWO as my CRO choices at Recruitee. Both tools do the job. VWO tends to be more comprehensive and better value. Greta alternative to Optimizely.

6 years of experience

If you work in a smaller company, Zapier could become a lifeline. The 'duct tape of the internet', Zapier is a very handy tool that if set up incorrectly or improperly maintained will cause you a lot of growing pains in the future.

5 years of experience

I currently use HubSpot Marketing with my team at 3D Hubs. I've set it up for many companies over the year. It has some great features but can also be an nightmare if not set up and maintained correctly.

6 years of experience

One of my favourite automation tools. If you can afford to properly set it up and integrate it with your stack, it can be a gamer changer for marketing and sales teams.

12 years of experience

In the early stages of my marketing career I worked as a web developer. I've been working with Wordpress for almost a decade and use it for my own website.

5 years of experience

Geckoboard and any other tools that allow data dachboarding tend to roughly work the same way. They are quite limited though. Can be very useful for smaller teams or teams with limited technical or data skills.

3 years of experience

I currently use Looker in my current role and if you have it set up properly, it's miles better than most other BI tools I've used. It can be a pain to set it up right, but it's a powerful tool that allows you to properly work with data.

6 years of experience

If you do a lot fo events-based tracking, Segment is likely to be an analytics staple of yours. Setting it up effectively can make a lot of things easier in your data tracking. I've used it at virtually every company I've worked at.

5 years of experience

If you want to effectively track metrics for SaaS, especially in B2B SaaS, ChartMogul is great. I used it every day while leading growth at Recruitee.

5 years of experience

I actually gave the Pipedrive team multiple trainings while working at the Growth Tribe Academy. Ideal for smaller teams, Pipedrive definitely covers the bases but also needs proper setup and use.

5 years of experience

I currently use HubSpot Marketing with my team at 3D Hubs. I've set it up for many companies over the year. It has some great features but can also be an nightmare if not set up and maintained correctly.

7 years of experience

One of the most classic email marketing tools. This has been my go to for automating marketing comms for my personal purposes since a few years. I also used it at several companies.

4 years of experience

If you have limited technical skills in your team, ConvertKit can be a great option; though it has its limitations. I built and entire automation stack around ConvrertKit at Recruitee in 2018.

6 years of experience

Not the biggest fan of Active Campaign but I used it extensively while working at the Growth Tribe Academy and later when leading growth at Recruitee.

Reviews (8)
Jean-Patrick Bisson
1 session
17 Oct 2021

Ferdinand is fast-witted and knows growth activities like the back of his hand. He gets to the core of the problem quickly and provides valuable insights quickly.

Tara McQuaide
1 session
27 Aug 2020

Ferdinand's advice has yet to be matched by anyone else. Clearly a very experienced growth marketer, and had nothing but great things to advise on, especially given a difficult and complicated topic such as lead qualification for a startup. Patience is unmatched as well - he was able to explain certain topics and questions from multiple angles without frustration, even when I seemed to ask the same question repeatedly haha. Hope to connect with him again in the future.

Laurens Kersbergen
1 session
28 Jul 2020

Great talk with great insights. Ferdinand really helped me allot with this knowledge and practical tips. We ended the call with a clear action-plan for the discussion items I had: just what I was looking for!

Grupo Quincena SAS
1 session
17 Jul 2020

Ferdinand gave us years of value condensed in a 1hr session. He guided us with patience through our content strategy diving deep on SEO, and also helped us with very valuable advice on other matters such as marketing automation and SEM. Hopefully, we will find Ferdinand here again for a follow-up sessions in the future :)

Ed W
1 session
6 Jul 2020

An extremely, extremely helpful call. It's easy to share generic advice ('send cold email outreach'), but Ferdinand gave highly-targeted, relevant advice. My biggest challenge at hand is finding new users, and he provided a detailed cold outreach plan, along with example copy and framing of benefits. It would be difficult to find any of this on blogs/youtube/forums.

Andrei Tudose
1 session
2 Jul 2020

Realy valuable 60 minutes with Ferdinand! He brought a lot of clarity and gave me insights on how to move on in the growth decision I am challenged with. I highly recommend Ferdinand for his openness and efficiency in understanding the challenges and for his valuable advice based on his experience.

Michael Mark
1 session
16 Jun 2020

Mind blowing! The session with Ferdinand was way beyond my imagination. He delivered such valuable insights and the time just flew by. Thanks to him, I have a clear vision how to move forward with my company.

Alex MacMillan
1 session
20 May 2020

Thanks very much for a great session - and cheers to Foti for the recommendation to connect. In our 60mins, we covered GTM, research, prioritising resources through to key questions to ask to expedite growth in both the short and long-term. Lots of food for thought and really useful actionable grounding for me to approach my current marketing challenges. Cheers!